Friday, November 19, 2010

J for Joie de Vivre

Shower me with your  sweet li’l kisses
Pamper me with all thy loving care
Imprison me in your warm sinewy arms

Let our eyes speak a thousand words
Let me melt in your warm embrace
Tell me of your true love and devotion

Oh, a penny for your wild thoughts
Yes, a nickel for your honeydew kisses
This isn’t a dream, this is real

If moon and stars are silent witnesses
They would only approve our love divine
And proclaim we’re a match made in heaven!


Written for Leo's Z to A Challenge for the month of November.

J for Joie de Vivre

Also submitted to Thursday Poets Rally - Week 33

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  1. Love is a wonderful thing, is there anything better? Love how you bridged the stanzas with an old cliche' (a penny for your thoughts).

  2. very true feelings Amity ... liked it!!
    this is mine

  3. All we need is a little romance :)

  4. Ha ha ha...yeah Nanka...sometimes, we are kind of tempted to pen verses on romantic thoughts... :-) I sometimes try to avoid but then, it comes...:D

  5. Yes, that's true Amias, love makes the world go round... thanks a lot! :-)

  6. Thanks dear...glad you loved it! :-)

  7. Yes that's true Neha... :-) thanks dear!

  8. Yes that's true...thanks dear... :-)

  9. A lovely happy poem - really sweet and heartfelt!

  10. Hi Amity,
    Thank you for commenting on my Skywatch entry. Sure I saw your beautiful photo when I participated in Skywatch.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


    week 33 perfect poet award notice,
    Happy Saturday!
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    you can do it later if too busy.
    Thanks for the support.

  12. beautiful Joiedevivre, Amity :)

  13. lovely picture with great accompanying words.

  14. Romantic Poem Amity..

    --Someone is Special--