Monday, November 22, 2010

H for Harmony

Man lives in enduring harmony
In the wonderful vast universe
With all its creatures, varied and  diverse
Some big and some tiny.

Some hostile  and many gentle
Some rugged and a few fearful
Some harmful and many helpful
While many are simply beautiful.

The colourful  butterfkies and the humming  bees
The mighty forests with the giant trees
The tall mountains with snow clad peaks
The flooded rivers coursing the countries

The turbulent seas staying within  shores
The seasonal rains unfailingly falls
The sun, moon and stars making regular seasons
The nature's fury is restrained always.

Man in peace manages to reside
With all of God's creations side by side
Grateful to the Lord for blessings countless
Basking in His love that is ever boundless


Posted for Today's Flowers

Written for Leo's Z to A Challenge for the month of November.

H for Harmony


  1. Well written tribute to Nature Amity!! You have juxtaposed ideas, words and images side by side and their closeness has created an original work so harmonious and ironic with insightful meaning. :) We do have to learn from Nature how to live peacefully!!

  2. your words and your images creative a true harmony here.
    lovely poetry.
    keep it up.

  3. Your poetry is fabulous...
    Always, your support is valued and your efforts are counted...We love you as a poet, we love your poetry as inspirations to all of us.
    Hope to see you at our week 11 potluck.. it is open now.
    Keep your talent coming.

  4. you have a beautiful treasure of flowers there amity and this is one poem that seems to flow so naturally!!! Well done..:D

  5. Really nice, Amity!

  6. I like dropping in and reading you, your posts are very thought provoking, and that is a good thing in my opinion. I love the positive direction you took man ... living in harmony, that is. I don't always agree, but I, like many have hope that this will one day come true ... because we are all a part of the whole and depends on each other for our survival. Take care Amity ... you are indeed one of my favorite poets, and you touch my heart beloved one.

  7. This is wonderful poem Amity..

    --Someone is Special--

  8. A nice one here Amity..
    Beautiful flowing words filling me with nice feelings.. :)

    Sweet and yet true.. Wonderful piece of poetry..
    Love xx