Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Life In the Farm

I want a simple life
A life in the farm
That would suit me, I would be fine.

I can rest in my cottage
When I am tired and alone
Though it's not at all a life of bondage.

I will wake up in the morning
Thank God for the wonderful nature
And talk to my plants adoring.

I'll take a walk with my dog
And visit each animal I care for
And tell how good are my fat hogs.

I'd check on all flowers
How pretty and lovely they are
Glad of the misty showers.

When harvest time comes
I will be as excited
I am really a green thumb.

I'll walk on rice paddies
Enjoy each step I take
Until my feet get muddy.

I'll climb up a lemon tree
Gather its luscious fruits
And mix it with my hot tea.

Life in the farm is simple
Happy and peaceful
I'll be contented and no trouble.

Photos were taken from my farm at Farmville!


  1. I love your farm. It is so beautiful :)

  2. Preety,

    oh wow, here you are my dear Pree,

    thanks so much...:)

    see more of you soon here at bloggerville!

  3. Seems that we're on the same feelings and same thoughts,..hahahaha. I love farming,..I am happy to see the fruits blooming around the fields.

  4. Lena dear,

    thanks, and like you i also admire your farm, guess it shows how creative our mind is, or how we're endowed with creative minds...:)

    i love you last post! you made me laugh not only smile!

  5. Hey Windel,

    good riddance, seems i have seen a ghost! where have you been all those months...oh my gosh! i've missed you here really!

    thanks, you're back...:)

    my next post is about life in a Paradise Island, wait till it's posted up here, okay?

  6. hi dear,
    such a nice post..i could really imagine you walking happily in your farm..and the way u have described nature makes me also to lead a life like this.. :)

  7. Dear Amity,
    I was busy n missed a few posts,here.this post on your dream A LIFE IN A FARM is amzing,dear!the sequence of farming n the spring shown are wonderful!images are too lovely.
    you reminded me the fields,the lake,the ducks,the water,the kacha road between the fields in my Father's place!I do miss that beautiful nature!
    Thanks,dear,for taking me for a peaceful ride!
    Jeevz is my sister's son!the engagement was in DUBAI!Please pray for Jeevz n Sandy's happy life!

  8. i haven't yet tried this..every one seems to be talking about it..lol!

  9. HI AMity, soooo cute dear.. missed u alott..:) aany ways am back..:)

    Hw r u ??? ")

    The farms were very nice by the way..and well written tooo..:)

    Thank You.

  10. Sounds like such a nice place, such a nice way, to be!

  11. Snow White;

    thanks you feel the same way I do!


  12. Hello Anu;

    thnaks you liked my post and sure more of this kind will be up soon...:)

    yes, i wanna wish Jeeves and Sandy a happy future married life....:) God bless them!

    guess you will be attending this momentous affair...enjoy and have a good time!

    good afternoon Anu!

  13. Hemu,

    hello, up to now, why can't we be friends at FB? maybe beacuse both of us has settings restrictions...?

    i gave to Priya my email add so please add me if you can...:) if not, i will see you online at gmail, however, gmail these days seems so slow i can't even log in except during the wee hours of the morning!

    good afternoon Hems!

  14. Shraddha,

    yeah, everyone does, so you better join the bandwagon!

    have you noticed i am a facebook fan of yours?

    regards dear and to the twins, too!


  15. Hi Prams,

    me, too, i missed you babes!

    farming is fun at farmville, try it dear and you will love it! and get hooked with it and much more, get addicted with it!

    i had been able to influence other blogging buddies you know! secret!!!

    have a nice day!

    P.S. this FB is jeopardizing my time here at bloggerville!


  16. Hello Sandy,

    yes dear, it is!

    good morning!


  17. yaa dear...tats wat i always think while farmin in FB!! :)...nice one

  18. oh really? oh. can you be my neighbor at farmville? please add me as one of your friends, please?

    good morning dear!


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  20. woww..woww..wowww..Amityy..a fantastic wrrite dear..so sweet..i missed it..was away from blogging since last few dayss...luvly poem it is..i wish to read it again nd again..well done dear..!!!
    luv n hugs..to ya..!!!