Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It Does Hurt

Eyes closed
But sleep is elusive
The mind keeps drifting
Back and forth
To sad thoughts
Hurt feelings
Ruined emotions
Disappointed expectations
And lost dreams.

Why does love hurts?
Does it really have to be this way?
It comes and you thought
It's the best
But it isn't
It comes, but only to hurt you
To realize later that
You were just a fool
And sooner or later
You will fall out of love
Against your will?

Because of narcissistic behavior...
Because of egocentric personality....
Because of selfish motives....
Because of failed expectations....

This is a nightmare
I'd rather wake up now
Because I am not a doormat!!!

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  1. It is so wonderful when we can own our power! Great post and fantastic message.

  2. I soooooo like this!

    Yes, Love.. A pain (:

  3. ooo leav me from the love part :( !! ll lose my humor then

  4. love is painful..expectations make it so..and u hav so very beautifully, touchingly said tat dear :)

  5. its a beauty with the awesome words u used :)..


  6. ohh..i must say twas a lovely poem from you..nicely written wid b'ful message..gr8..!!!

  7. I believe love does not hurt, it is people who do.

  8. Hi! Amity,

    Wow! its well written,
    When its about love-the feeling that has power to make you feel you are in the heights of happpiness at the same time take you down deep into the valley of sorrow.
    Uve asked- Why does love hurt?
    the reasons uve mentioned i think are reasons that has to stand out in real love,but yes love hurts as in true love too we have expectations & thus it may hurt,but this pain has a crust of happiness in it as the pain will not stay long rather it cant as the weeping heart is always one not two- in true love

  9. stopt thinking for a while.....it will condensate....:)

  10. So truly and nicely expressed
    It is very good