Sunday, December 20, 2009

Junctions in Life

As we journey through life
We go through many junctions
Some are good, some are bad
Some challenging, some encouraging
Others disappointing and still others frightening

I wish a journey where the junction
That I will pass through
Would do me good instead of bad
Would challenge me and encourage me
Instead of disappoint and frighten me

May every journey gives us a junction
Where we learn to be good
Where we learn to share
Where we learn to love
And where we learn to realize
That life is not a bed of roses
Instead, these junctions
Will make us a better person.

P.S. These were instant thoughts while I was busy cooking at Cafe World and at the same time harvesting at Farmville. Mark Zukerberg, what have you done with facebookers? I am in a junction where it's givin' me an addiction to the detriment of so many important things in my life! Wish my addiction will wane in due time. For my own good....:)

Written for One Single Impression prompt
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  1. Life is beauty ~~ admire it
    Life is bliss ~~ taste it
    Life is a dream ~~ realize it
    Life is a challenge ~~ meet it
    Life is a game ~~ play it
    Life is sorrow ~~ overcome it
    Life is a struggle ~~ accept it
    Life is an adventure ~~ dare it
    Life is luck ~~ make it
    Life is life ~~ fight for it....

    Enjoy your sunday


  2. Dear Anya;

    Oh, I almost broke down with your comment...

    that part in sorrow and struggle...yes, we need to overcome it and accept it, because that is life...

    Life is love...what should we do with it?

    Thanks so much for this enlightening comments Anya!

    I love're great and awesome!!!

  3. A deep and thoughtful poem. nicely done.

  4. Life offers many gifts, though the givers are sometimes unpleasant. Life is learning.

  5. Life is full of junctions and decisions. Some known, some unknown; but all filled with choice. Life also is not always fair we know. I guess in the end it is all about how we react to make the best of our junctions, whether a good one or not so good. All we can do is make the best of where we are, trust in God, the support of our loved ones, and take the next step forward. Your poem invokes many thoughts for me this morning. Regarding the addiction, the best way to overcome it is; "just stop". :) My best, Rob.

  6. woww..amityy..nice thoughts and morover presented vry b'fully..yes,you are very right, life offers so many challenges to us, which indeed makes us a better person..lovely poem..:)

  7. Your poem had such wisdom...thank you for sharing your beautiful words.

  8. I think the junctions in life could be compared to the shelves of books in a library.

    Each teaches us in one way or another and helps us learn as we grow in knowledge of others and self.

  9. Nice, You are a very hopeful person. Some of us are less peppy. Well done.


  10. Dear Amity,
    Good Morning!
    Life is not a smooth journey,
    Our actions,thoughts n prayers,
    Give us strength to move on,
    Experiences teach us a lot.
    The sign boards at the junctions,
    Help us to take the right directions,
    They come in the form of,
    Parents,elders n friends;
    Be strong n spread love n kindness;
    You will enjoy life!
    Life is simply beautiful!:)
    Wishing you A MERRY CHRISTMAS,

  11. I second all your thoughts. Let us become wise, kind, better, and mostly let the peace begin.

  12. loved your thoughts and Anya's uptlyput way of viewing life

  13. lovely thought...

    and it's quite strange that you got in while you were in facebook haha :)

  14. Passing through those junctions, choosing which fork in the road to follow... that's life.

    Hopefully we choose the right fork -- for us -- more often than not.

    Regrading your comment, yes, Suzanne was a wonderful, beautiful human being. And I regret I didn't know her better. I regret more that I'll never have that opportunity now.

    Oh, and regarding your last paragraph, this is why I don't FB!

  15. Challenges are so necessary for a growing life, but sometimes it feels like too many come at the same time. Better people, for sure!

  16. I think you beautifully describe how each junction shapes us... In this world of duality, it could be no other way. Well done.

  17. Hi~ I loved your poem and thoughts. How true- we face junctions all the time and hopefully make the correct choice. Love the FB comments- I am SO with you on that one- a fun diversion isn't it? Happy Holidays

  18. Hi Ami, you have written of a time we all need to think about. We will keep on coming to this junction and need to be prepared to better ourselves.

    Isn't it nice to think poetry while working! I do hope you are able to take a few notes.

    I will leave that up but I Googled and found out what Cafe World is. I do hope you won't get addicted.

  19. a lovely junction! :)

    ur talent in poetry is very flowing Amity, like a river it is! :)