Monday, December 14, 2009

What A Beautiful Morning....

I woke up today
Said a prayer
Thanked God for this beautiful morning!

On my way to the office
I saw smiling faces
Maybe they're thankful, too
For the great weather today.

As I sat on my table
Inside my office
I looked out the window
And saw the swaying of leaves.

I let my eyes roam
And saw giant trees around me
I heard the birds chriping
And hopping from branch to branch.

What a wonderful world
God has given us
The chirping birds are music to my ears
The green foliage refreshes my tired eyes.

Thank you Lord
for this great morning
Thank you Lord
for this new day of my life.


  1. You have started counting the many blessings around us all.You will find life a great and rich experience.A beautiful poem that I could read in the morning to boost my spirit.Thank you

  2. loved it sis. wowww..wat spirit. :)

    i pray that u have one wonderful day everyday.

  3. woww...:).. amazing words and pics dear..

    :)..nice work re..

  4. i wish every morning be so beautiful for u ...:)..


  5. i felt the same today when i went out for a bit to the swings with my son :)

  6. Dear Amity,
    I enjoyed your poem,
    A day begun with prayer is well begun,
    Taking time to enjoy,
    The wonderful nature is soothing to mind,
    The sea.the sun n the sparrows.
    Make my mornings wonderful!
    And the best part is there is silence!
    wishing you a wonderful week,

  7. I agree with anupama "A day begun with prayer is well begun." Bless you.

  8. Everyday is a Gift of God. We shall be grateful for His blessings and enjoy the Day as rightly pointed out by you.

  9. hiii amityy...nice to read you after a long gap..was actually away..hav missed a lott..will read dem all nw..luvly post it is..beautifully captured dear..:)luved it..!!!

  10. KP;

    thanks for the appreciation...

    good morning!

  11. Hi Preety;

    thanks a lot dear, that's what we always wish for, isn't it? but there are times when life is such a sorrow!

    oh forget about it!

  12. Hi Princess;

    yes, we all wish the same but that's not about life, it's just how we treat things in life that makes us happiest!

    good morning dear! miss yah!


  13. Hems;

    me, too, but that's not what's really happening or it's not such a reality!