Monday, December 28, 2009

A Gift from Shraddha...this New Template...:)

I am speechless...I dunno what to say...I am just so thankful, with this new template I have now, compliments of Shraddha of The Self-Love Project, a wonderful gift from her ...and it's the same feelings I felt when Preetilata Sarkar made a new template for me, four months ago...the blue one...:)

Jim commented on my Wanderlust Post if Shraddha and I am on a template-making business, that I could only smile...of course not, Jim! Shraddha I guess, fell in love with me, ..*wink, wink*, and so this is her labor of love...:)

Shraddha, my dear, what can I say? How can I repay you? I just wish to be a nanny of your twins so we can be ever closer then...:P....I will forever be indebted to you...:)


From the bottom of my heartfelt thanks for this new template...:)



  1. you are welcome dear...

    you want more people on blogroll? you know how to add..
    or i can teach you...

  2. Dear Shrads,

    thank you so much...:)

    i mean, is my old blogroll can be placed in my left sidebar? if so, pls do so...if you still have the list...

    or anyways, i know how to add them..i can just work on it later...again, thank you dear...:)

  3. you want to me to shift the blogroll on to the other sidebar?

    sorry dear...your old blogroll is lost!! very very sorry..

  4. amity

    let me tell u that ur blog rocks look is amazing

  5. I like this one much better! Good job Shraddha.

  6. Shrads.

    thanks so just's alright in my right side bar...if lost, i will just find those blogging buddies of mine and add it myself...

    it's too much of a burden for you my the rest would be my work already...:)

    just teach me how to add some more my novelette, i want to it to be added after the acrostics tab, just don't know how to do it!

  7. as i said in my previous post comment this template is so wonderful :)..nice work by ur friend :)..


  8. which novelette?

    this template allows only 4 tabs on top...

    so you choose which 4 you want on top..

    also adding blogroll takes only 5 minutes ...just go to blog you follow option on the widget and choose..

    i chose the few that are seen from my following list...

  9. Just lovely! Shradda did such a great job...

  10. Its looks very beautiful
    really a unique piece of art :-)

    Happy Holidays
    and a Happy 2010 !!

  11. I don't know what your old one looks like, but I love this one! :)

  12. Nice template.. I just followed your blog.. Happy New Year!

  13. It looks great! A new template can make all the difference in the world. :)

    I'm following from the MBC. I'm at

  14. That's so wonderful that Shraddha did this for you! It looks amazing!