Thursday, December 03, 2009

My Island, My Paradise

Come to my beautiful island
I call my paradise
Though far from the main land
It's such a beautiful isle.

I have grown fruit trees
Apples, pear and lime
I regularly harvest these
At an appointed time.

I also grow colorful flowers
Roses and daisies, too
For every rain showers
They got beautiful blooms, too.

I brought with me animals
Chickens, goats and sheeps
I feel like aboriginals
But I am their kindest keeps.

I made a unique landscape
And placed rest chairs and umbrella in it
In such attractive colors and shapes
To be free from sun's direct heat.

Early in the morning
While the panorama is still misty
I'll take a touring
And enjoy the beach so pristine.

I love the wonderful feel
Of sand in my feet and skin
And the refreshing cool breeze
That helps me relax within.

There's no such life as peaceful
As happy and as blissful
Than a life in my island paradise
Far from the chaos of city life.

Photo is from my Island Paradise at FB.


  1. can i be there it looks soo nice..the poem is so awesome..:).


  2. yes, i am inviting you can play and thereafter enjoy it and get addicted to it also!

    like all the others! but first, try farmville before island paradise!

    good evening Hems!


  3. How I wish I were there in the beautiful paradise made much more alluring thanks to your superb poem, simple and yet elegant

  4. KP;

    good morning!

    thanks you liked my poem!

  5. hey dear..i wanna visit ur place.. it appeared beautiful with ur words..well written..;) hw r u ??missed u fr long time..

  6. hey dear Prams;

    of course I miss you too!

    thanks for reading my work and thanks you liked it too!

    of course, you can visit it by being my friend on facebook...:)

    good morning!


  7. awsome poem!!

    i want to be there too!!

  8. That is a wonderful poem. Island as place and as metaphor--heaven!

  9. Shrads dear,

    you are cordially invited!

    good morning there!


  10. lovely poem and though not as perfect our island of Malta is quite like that :)

  11. wow..soo cute:)...lovely paradise to live there with loved ones dear:)...beautiful

  12. hi amity,
    thats such a fabulous post :)
    seeing ur paradise i too want to be a part of it :)its really beautiful :)

  13. what all can FB doo :) ... ha ha...farmville effect..true indeed..far from the chaotic world!!.. need to add yu up on FB first :) at least for yur island!

    hope to cya around


  14. lovely poem... seems your are really hooked on this Island... looks beautiful by your words :)

  15. Thats my dream to have a small place by the sea.

    But just don't ask me to spend so much time on FB. :)

    Lovely, lovvely poem indeed.

  16. Wooohooo <3 another game??

    After u add me, invite me to this!

    I like the poem :) sweet!!!

  17. woww..yr island seems to be rlly a paradise on this earth..lovely poem Amity..!!!

  18. Hi Melissa;

    ...thank you so much...i am curious how Malta looks like...but I know it's a beautiful paradise also!


  19. Hello Snow White,

    ...thank you so much you liked my paradise...:)


  20. HaRy;

    yes, of course, just add me up and i am more than willing to be your neighbor...:)

    a very interesting game you know!


  21. Hello Rajlakshmi;

    can i call you Raj? yes, it's really beautiful, come and have a try at playing it...:)

    thanks for stoppin' by my site!


  22. Aniket,

    ...I know, most of us wants a place like this because it's free from pollution and disorder...:)

    good, you've got not intention of being hooked with it! I admire you!


  23. Hello Princess,

    sure, I will add you my dear...:)

    and i tell you, you will have a great time playing it...:)

    simpler than farmville anyway!

    good evening my Princess...:)


    Mom Amity

  24. Hello Madhu;

    ...yes, it is...nice and peaceful it is! I covet to have a place like this!

    good evening...:)