Friday, April 09, 2010

~ The Miracle of A Shooting Star ~

Seated on a bench in a park, one late evening, Hannah felt her world was crumbling. She wished that the earth would swallow her up and be gone in this world in just a snap of the fingers. In any way she would think about what has been happening to her lately, she thought she had been cursed. Life has became so harsh on her the past couple of weeks. But how could fate be so callous on her? She didn't know or was not aware that she had done wrong against anyone?

Reality check. But Hannah felt saturated with all the odds and ends in life. A failing marriage, friends leaving her one by one, financial chaos and the list seemed endless. She felt there's no one to run to. Her struggles were beyond compare. She wished to have a shoulder to cry on. But it seemed there was none good enough.

Now she wished to deviate from reality. Can she do it? Alone in the park, like a thunderbolt, she suddenly realized she has to finally prepare for her dissertation in her Ph.D degree. Tomorrow she will be scrutinized and her thesis dissected by a panel. After finishing her doctorate degree, she will assume as Campus Executive Officer in a prestigious university.

Then she prayerfully looked up the sky to identify any star that would twinkle and smile at her. A star that will give her hope and strength to face the coming days ahead. And suddenly, in a twinkle of an eye, she saw a shooting star. She knew even as a child that once you see a shooting star, you can make a wish and it will come true. Without hesitation, she closed her eyes and made a wish.

After a few moments, she gathered her bag and books in hand, stood up and made a last wish. She thanked God  and left for home with a spring in her walk in that cool, misty evening, armed with a new hope, courage and optimism that everything will be alright with her soon. She realized that  God answered her prayer through the miracle of  a shooting star and that  He is the best shoulder to lean and cry  on.

Written for Thursday Tales (Tale #2)
Linked to 3WW (Prompts: Deviate, Identify, Saturate)
Also posted at Monday Poetry Train Revisited
Photo Courtesy: Luca-de-Bellis


  1. submission for two prompts....lovely..!!

    and dear..tale is good..nicely written..!!!

    see you next thursday...!!!

  2. Thanks dear...:)

    Sure, I will always look forward to new tales...:)

  3. Dear Amity,
    I love to see a shooting star not to make a wish for me but for someone else.:)
    You made my eyes wet!
    Nanda always tells me,surrender at the Lotus Feet!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  4. Dear, No Words To Tell How Much Wonderful & Touching Story It Was :) :) I Really Loved Each & Every Phrase With Its Own Emotions Drawn From Indepth of The Heart, Soul & Mind :) :)

    Really, Extremely Loved It Sis :) :)

    Keep Writing :) :)

  5. This has a really good feel to it, expressive, draws the reader to the emotions she's feeling.

  6. Wow!!
    A story :)))
    You can write W_O_N_D_E_R_F_U_L_ !!!

    I thought you was only good in poems ;)
    You are very talented ^__^

    Have a fantastic weekend
    (I have a cold :(

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  7. Lovely page dear Amity,nice thoughts expressed here :)

    Marinela x

  8. Found you through MBC and now following your blog!

    I am becoming a mother soon, and would love any advice other moms have who have already experienced what I am currently experiencing. I would love to hear from you! :)

    Have a great Friday!

  9. very nicely narrated. A refreshing story..

  10. Absolutey.."He is the best shoulder to lean and cry on."
    Great one !!!

  11. Nicely written story bringing out the moral that an abiding faith in God can do magic to one's attitudes.Yes, He is the best shoulder to lean on

  12. Hi Anu;

    Wow...making a wish for someone else? Well, that's romantic Anu...:)

    Thanks for your sharing your thoughts in my blog!

    Happy weekend....:))

  13. Sahana;

    Thank you so much dear, glad I touch your emotions...:)

    And thanks a ton for loving it!

    :) ^.^. ;)

  14. Hi Anya;

    If we try, we can, isn't it? And I do try, and yessssss, I can!

  15. Anya;


    Try it and you'll love it!

    Thanks so are as wonderful as a dear friend...:)

    HUgs to you and Kareltje.. :)) ^.^

  16. Marinela;

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    That's true!

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  19. Gautami;

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  20. Good job combining 3WW and TT! That must've been hard.

  21. Hi Bunnygirl;

    Thanks so much...yes, quite difficult!

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  22. Beautiful story and great use of both prompts!

  23. Dee;

    Thank you so much...:)

    Good morning and have a great week ahead!

  24. It's been a long time ago when I am here enjoying reading your blogs, and now here I am again with great surprise and amazed that you make your blogs great and wonderful...I miss you and your blogs.... Amity dear.

  25. Hi Windel;

    Glad your back after such a long time. And for sure you missed a lot of my posts already.

    Thanks for your kind comments!

  26. Your right Amity dear,..I missed a lot of your blogs and it seems that some of your dreams becomes realized. I remember the first time I was here you only have five followers that includes me, but now it multiply a hundred folds..what a great accomplishment Amity dear,..its awesome.

  27. Lovely! I like how you wove the prompt words into it.

  28. Thanks Windel, better yet, be a regular in my blog!

  29. A message from Yousei;

    "I tried to leave a comment on your site, but no luck. I love this line "felt saturated with the odds and ends of life." Nice story and use of prompts. Thank you for sharing it."

    Yousei Hime