Sunday, April 18, 2010

~ Invisible Mask ~

We each wear such an invisible mask
To hide the true self, disguise the real thing                         
Some good, some pretty, some ugly, we bask

Behind the smiles hides she in angst
Yet projects herself a cheerful, happy being
We each wear such an invisible mask

She talks so bubbly, keeping all aghast
Yet conceals in her shell her mood upswing
Some good, some pretty, some ugly, we bask

She pretends to do a happy task
Yet sulking at work, eager in fleeing
We each wear such an invisible mask

She talks of romance and love that last
Yet bereft of love in act that is contrasting
Some good, some pretty, some ugly, we bask

She acts so strong, brave in such vast
Yet deep inside, a vulnerable timid thing
We each wear such an invisible mask
Some good, some pretty, some ugly, we bask

Some notes on this post:

This is my 26th week at One Single Impression, hosted by Andree of Meeyauw and Sandy Carlson of Writing in Faith. Wheww....what an accomplishment...! Thanks to Leo of Symphony and Impromptu  for ushering me here...:)) I had a great time here in that span of time and hopefully will stay for another 26 weeks and more...:))...;)

Thanks to the hosts, too, for considering one of my prompt suggestions. This week's prompt (Mask)  is mine. I wish a great participation from all OSI writers. And I wish to be here for as long as nothing would hinder me.

Have a great week fellow OSI writers! Have fun!!!


Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Mask)


  1. You've captured our dual character perfectly. Something always bubbles below.

  2. Amity, I agree with Anthony. We do hide behind the mask. Is it because of insecurity, wanting to fit in, the obscurity of the internet, or possibly project a false sense of success? I guess it is a question we all need to ask ourselves. Because, we all wear the mask to a certain extent.
    Thanks for the great prompt this week. It's driving introspection for me.

  3. This prompt has had me thinking of why we do this. Why we complicate the truth. Thank you for bringing us this prompt!

  4. amazingly superb Amity...gr8 job done..i jus go along wid yr wrds..nicely written..:):)keep it up..!!!

  5. I concur with your previous commentors...we all wear masks at some point if not all the time and we all know this and yet still pretend we don't!

  6. You always do so well at capturing ideas such as this one. We always hide some part of ourselves behind a mask I think.

  7. Amity, I like your invisible mask idea. I tried doing that when I started blogging but pretty much the 'whole me' is hanging out given the time I have been writing(since December 2005).

    Thank you for the prompt, it was fun. You did right well with it here.

  8. This is quite beautiful, dreamlike, and so very true. The masks we wear in daily life. Certainly your writing reveals something true beneath the mask. Thanks for the inspiration for this week's OSI.

  9. What do we do without our masks? We need them to hide constantly behind them.How well you have brought out this human frailty ,Amity, in this beauiful poem.

  10. I visited OSI. Looked a much fun place. I realized the new site I have inspired works on the same lines. Well, we can't have enough of writing websites, right? More the merrier!

    Loved your poem. Like others have commented, these masks are a part of our lives, whether we like them or not.

  11. hie Amity

    m here for requesting you. would you like to write a guest post for my blog ?

  12. Your poem talks about all the masks we wear all the time, really good work. And great, thought provoking, prompt.

  13. Yes we have all a invisible mask for our face to hide our real face
    So so true ;-)
    How are you
    is it nice to be with your boys :))))
    Have fun and enjoy ....

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  14. Amity,
    lovely to get to work with your post.
    I enjoyed your poem, very much. I love how the lines of most stanzas end with 'bask', somehow that really worded for me.

  15. Congrats on all of your posts and I loved this prompt and you poem. Masks are all around us, aren't they?!

  16. Hi Amity, it is nice to read your poem again. It makes me wish I could hide my true self sometimes but then I am too honest (LOL) to do that. :)
    Those masked critters in costume are Mrs. Jim and me taken by a friend at a Halloween party.

    I hope your holiday went well and you had a nice visit with the big kiddos. It is nice for us to have you back.

  17. Masks... Don't we all use one or another at different times in our lives.. for many different - diverse reasons. How good or bad that mask turns out to be depends on those reasons :-)

    I like this piece.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. beautifully written dear:)....well captured:)

  19. Anthony;

    That's true Anthony... :)

    Thanks for your comments!

  20. Rob;

    Thanks for your wonderful impression on my work!

  21. Sandy;

    I was quite intrigue with so many things around hiding in a mask, so this thought I want to share!

    Thanks for considering my prompt suggestion!

  22. Hi Mads;

    I missed you and I am so glad u tried to drop by!

    I did my best with our Cognizance prompt but was sad u were not around!

    Thanks dear!

    Hugs!!! ^.^

  23. Melissa;

    Yes, very true and i guess one is a hypocrite if he says he doesn't wear one at any one point in his life!

    Thanks so much!

  24. Gavin;

    Yes, it is!

    Thanks a ton! :)

  25. Jim:

    Is it? So you're one of the pioneer in blogging ha!

    Yes, our true will always come out though how hard we try to hide in a certain mask!

    I enjoyed writing the poem, too!

  26. The Write Girl;

    Thanks to you too!

    Yeah, what you said is true!

  27. KP;

    Human frailty in a mask? That's true!

    Thanks a lot!

  28. Aniket;

    "long time no see"...lols...:)

    glad u like it! why don't u join OSI?

    have a nice day!

  29. Hi Riya;

    Am so sorry dear for being so late to notice your request, but I will try, just tell me when...I will visit yours soon!

    I miss yah lovely girl!

  30. Gautami;

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no!

    Thanks dear!

  31. Aayushi;

    Thanks a ton, glad u liked it!

    Have a great week ahead!

  32. Hi Anya;

    I really missed everyone here at blogworld...:)

    It was fun being with kids for ten days to be exact...:)

    Wonderful moments of bonding with them is just as priceless...:)

    Thanks dear! Glad u like my poem!

    Hugs to Kareltje!

  33. Tammie;

    Thanks so muchoooo...:)

    Glad u like my poem and enjoyed the same!

    Have a great week ahead!

  34. Patti...

    Thanks a ton!

    I am happy writing them you know!

    Have a wonderful week ahead. Will catch up soon with everyone's post and this week's prompt!

    Have a nice day!

  35. Hi Jim;

    I am impressed! Only you could come back read again and comment again! Lols!

    You've got a nice masks with Mrs. looks like a lampshade, is it?

    Hide? Oh you cant, coz someone as popular as you can't do that!

    Have a nice week ahead!

  36. Jim;


    Yeah, I had fun with my big kiddos, and I just arrived this morning from their place!

    I have a lot to catch up with here now!

    Hope i can make it soon!

  37. Ellen;

    Yeah, true! We all do I guess, only we don't tell others about it and there's no need of telling coz it can never be a mask anyway, if we do tell!

    Thanks a lot for sharing your views!

  38. Yellow Tulip;

    Thanks dear for your visit...glad u like my poem!

  39. after long time on a beautiful post :)...


  40. hie Amity,

    came here to inform you that u can still write a guest post for my blog. It is not late at all. drop ur e-mail id at my place so dat i can send you blog invitation and it will be my pleasure :)

  41. Hi Hems:

    Where have you been? You've been out for quite sometime! You must be busy I guess!

    Thanks for dropping by...:)

    See you in your space soon!

  42. Hi Riya;

    Do check your mail, i sent you a message and pls let me know about your request for a guest post!

    Have a nice day dear!

  43. Thanks Jingle, glad you find it beautiful... :-) Sure, will be there soon!!!