Saturday, April 10, 2010

Up for Grabs

Unwanted pet
Pleading attention

Free, get it
Or it gets killed
Right now

Grab if you want
Rascal it looks
Afflicted with lice
Bet you’d like
Such a bitch

Some notes on this acrostic:

Thing is, I hate dogs. I don't even have one. But neighbor's dogs love to lounge in our porch/veranda. I hate it! They even try to pee and all? Gosh! I wish I could kill them, then I'd be a criminal on the loose? Scot free? Lols! This idea came in mind I want them Up for Grabs as if I own them... :D Oh, but the pic in here? The dog looks lovey-dovey... :P

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only
Photo Courtesy


  1. I Love Dogs. My Room Is Full of Dog Posters :) :)

    Good Poem!!

  2. aww.... why do you hate dogs? They are such adorable creatures once you get to know them :-). Try it some time :)

  3. Take a cat Amity :-)
    ~ everyday a good mood ..
    ~ males cats are the sweetest ..
    ~ always sweet to you..
    ~ smells always fresh...
    ~ you have always someone to cuddle
    ~ its wonderful company .... :-)

    I have a allergy for dogs.
    Very heavy (I can not breathe..)
    Thats the reason that we have sweet Kareltje :)))))

    But your poem is GREAT :))))

    Have a Happy weekend
    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Uh..U hate dogs...???U r ON for a fight with me...I loveeeeeee dogs...and I reall feel sad that I can't have one in don't even think of vanishing them from!!!

    I couldnt see the picture for some strange unknown reason...Just found a cross there..haha!!

    btw, Ur background is really confusing and bright..really makes it difficult to read...and also all mixed up...Pls do smthing on tht...

  5. I share with Amity an aversion for the dogs possibly due to a bite suffered as a young boy.I fear street mongrels that are owned by none,uncared for and unattended by any ,eating all rubbish.I have no objection to dogs kept in houses under tight leash.
    Nice acrostic

  6. Hi Sahana;

    Good for you..:)

    I may also love dogs, but only in posters...:))

    Have a great week ahead!



  7. Raaji;

    I wish too but not so sure I would love too...:)

    Coz health-wise, I have allergies that triggers my asthma.


  8. Hi Anya;

    I have allergies to hairs of animals, it triggers my asthma attacks!

    How I wish I can have one.

    HUgs anyways to Kareltje! ^.^

  9. Hi Anamika;

    Something might be wrong with ur pc or lappy, maybe it does not support some programs, like that, so u don't see the pic.

    Definitely I hate dogs, and that feelings won't change, lols!

  10. KP;

    Thanks you also hate dogs, particularly mongrels. Mongrels or not, I don't want either!