Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Couch Potato

Chips and soda
On hands
Utterly lethargic
Calmly resting
Hating activity

Painful back
Obese beyond limit
Too lazy to move
Addicted to tube
Till wee hours
Of the morning


  1. but isn't that a nice way to go? :-). Not having a worry in your head? I'd take that :-)

  2. An apt description of a couch potato.I can see one in me sitting for hours before lappy instaed of the tube without ofcourse the chips and soda.
    Nicely written

  3. Wondersul Amity !! Simple-y apt !!But its ok to be a couch potatoe and enjoy life rather than runing a mechanical one daily ..ryt ?

  4. Raaji;

    Yes dear, we'd want to, once in a while! We're on the same ship!..lols...:)

  5. KP;

    There's no couch potato infront of lappy, only in tube and of course, you need chips and soda to complete the scenario!!!

  6. Dreamy girl;

    Yeah, right dear! I am one and so I am with you...:))

    I hate mechanical life at all...kills the joy!

  7. simple yet realistic acro..you described it very well.