Friday, April 16, 2010

Off to the Cool City of Pines....:)

I long to spend some time
In the cool city of pines
Where the temperature is just fine
To ease my tired body and mind

I will take a leisurely walk
With my loving kids as we talk
Adore flowers galore protrude from their stalk
Watch birds fly and soar like a hawk

I would love to soak myself in the cool, misty morning
Would love to witness the sky in every sunset adorning
Sleep in the night with the sound of cicadas deafening
Wake up to the sound of birds on my window sill merrily chirping

This city of pines seems to me a heaven
While I enjoy the cool breeze, I would listen to Beethoven
Savor delicious food from the oven
Wrap myself with a blanket finely woven

Come to the City of Pines
A beautiful and wondrous place
Where everyone can enjoy
And have an exciting holiday of their life

 Side notes: 

Tonight, I will be busy packing for a week’s holiday (I will take a week’s leave from office work) in the City of Pines (Baguio City, Philippines) where strawberries abound and where you could enjoy a very cold atmosphere. Early morning and late afternoon, the place is blanketed with thick fog, at times there is zero visibility. It is a small city, highly urbanized and suspended in the atmosphere as high as 5,000 feet above sea level!

To fellow OSI writers, I may make an earlier post as this Sunday is my prompt (Mask) contribution for OSI. Just feel free to leave your comments and I will try to find a way to publish your comments as soon as possible. I activated comments moderation coz I was a victim of spammers whose doing the rounds last week!

My two college kids are studying there in its biggest university. Definitely, I will be absent from blogging for a week. And would be more than happy to get back soon! I will miss you all folks!

See you soon…Ciao….:)…;)


  1. Seems a paradise on earth.Sylvan surroundings,tall trees,ascending roads,low clouds,verdant hills and the chirping birds all make the place a wondrous one indeed.Enjoy the cool climes and bring out more poems of beauty.It is an ideal setting for a poet
    Well done Amity

  2. hey wow... thats soo cool.. so u gonna enjoyyy the dayss... grt re.. enjoy well and come back with lots of stuff to tell us . hehe// :) .. take care and keep smiling.. will miss you..

  3. I wish you a wonderful time :-)
    We will miss you !!
    It looks beautiful there,
    enjoy with your kids ....
    you need that sometimes ;-)
    I have strawberries in my garden
    they are YUMMIE.......
    E_N_J_O_Y_ :))))

  4. Hi Dear,

    Thanks A Bunch For Such Sweet Compliments :) :)

    Dear, Share Some More Pictures of Pines With Us :) :)

    Have A Great Trip :) :) Enjoy Your Stay :) :)

  5. u off to a cool place ..thats cool to hear :) Happy and safe journey ..wishing you have a great tym ther :)

  6. Your photos are gorgeous! I came here to look at your 3WW post and was swept away in this one. LOVELY squared!

  7. I hope you have a wonderful vacation with your children. I enjoyed your poem and imagined the walk with you.

  8. Baguio City is also my dreams to be visited next time around,..never been before since I am a kid. Maybe in my next vacation I spare that place to make my dream comes true...I heard a lot of fun, memorable places, and a cool place where you can feel and smell the fresh air....Amity dear, enjoy your vacation out there.

  9. What a wonderful trip you'll have!

    Would love to visit your part of the world sometime--

    Thank you for the prompt and your consistent community-building, Amity!

  10. Ciao, Amity. I had that word on my brain. I have used it often in Spain, Guatemala and just around.

    Your poem at OSI is great. I think many of us will be trying to get behind someones mask.
    Have a nice holiday with the kids.

  11. Feeling jealous on hearing that you are one a week's leave from office...uhmm..Lucky u...wish I had some leaves to enjoy...but then its long away still...

    Enjoy your short break...

  12. Kp;

    Thanks so much! You more than described the beautiful place than I did in my poem!

  13. Hi Prams;

    Thanks so much dear!

    Bonding with kids in a very cool and beautiful place is a real treat na!

    Hugs! Miss yah!

  14. Anya;

    Strawberries in your garden? Wow...yummie really!

    Thanks so much, and yes, I will surely enjoy and I did!

  15. Hi Sahana;

    Wish I could share some more pics but too bad, all I could do was stay home and only time we went out, t'was raining so hard!

    Thanks dear!

  16. dreamy gal;

    not so cool these months but far better than in my present place!

    thanks a ton!

  17. Hi Julie;

    Oh thanks so much! Those were really cool pics!

  18. Sandy;

    Oh wow! yeah, taking a walk with a dear friend would be nice!

    Thanks so much!

  19. Beth;

    Yeah, the place is really nice, and thousands of tourists come every year especially during summer months like this!

    Do visit sometimes!

    Thanks so much!

  20. Jim;

    Thanks so much! Ciao...well a very good expression!

    And glad you like my mask poem, too!

  21. Anamika;

    yes, it is! that's the goo side of having to work for so many years now and one can earn lots of leave credits we could use anytime we wish to take a vacation, provided no work is prejudiced!

    Thanks so much!