Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Journey

Tunnels come in different forms and shapes
in different designs and architecture
Some are beautiful and a joy to behold
Still others are dark and gloomy

Trials and victories in life 
Are likened to traversing a tunnel
My tunnels seem endless
Sullen with no light at the end

Dark, lonely, forlorn
Full of discomforts
Anxieties and untold pains
Not an easy one to
Navigate through

Struggles of getting out
Seem so daunting, arduous
Painful, hurting and frustrating

I wish to traverse a beautiful tunnel
Where blissful peace and boundless joy resides
Making the traversing a happy experience

Can you my friend help me
Pass through this tunnel
Do firmly take my hand
Show me thy way

Guide me how to pass through them
Help me live joyfully this life
Make this journey through this long tunnel
A wondrous and unforgettable experience
Tell me now, I cannot wait!


  1. A wonderful poem, I was onece in a dark tunnel without a sign of light. I'd lost my mother, 3 days later my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and 2 months later he too had left me. Although I had 3 adult children I felt for the first time in my life utterly alone, it took years to come to terms, but as soon as I accepted that was my fate I began to see that light and to day am a very positive person.
    I don't know whether your poem was a personal expereience or not but there is always a light somewhere in the tunnel.

    Take care

  2. I will help you....
    we will walk our drive together through that tunnel ..... LOL

    (I had in the past car troubles in a dark tunnel :(
    I was so afraid :(((((
    Áfter this, I hate tunnels !!

    But your poem was FANTASTIC Amity:))

  3. Simply Beautiful...Found you through Welcome to my world of Poetry with Yvonne! Following you now and if you have a button will take it! Hope you hop on over to my humble blog sometime!

  4. Life is a tunnel of darkness only if you let it be. The old saying "happiness is where you find it" is only true if you look for it. The morning clouds, the sun or a breath of fresh air are all tunnels of happiness. There is only one person with a magic wand that can say "poof, you are happy" and that person is you.

  5. wonderful....remember its darkest befoere dawn

  6. HI Yvonne;

    It's totally a very sad experience on your part! But glad you've become a very positive person now after those dark tunnels in life!

    Thank you so much!

  7. Hi Annya;

    Oh sure...come walk with me and traverse that dark tunnel...and in that way, I wouldn't be sore afraid, instead, I would be brave enough to get going because you took my hand and together we walked!

    Netherlands must be a wonderful place taking a walk with you...:)

    I love you...Hugs to kareltje! ^.^

  8. Hello Shannon;

    Thanks for coming right there soonest!

    Thank you so much and will return the favor!

    Good morning from the Philippines! :)

  9. Hi SG Beatty;

    Thanks so much for those encouraging comments...yeah, you are true, only ourselves can say or make us happy...:)

    I will try to remember that!

    Good morning! :)

  10. Hi Melissa;

    Yes, dear, at the end of the tunnel that we're gonna negotiate is light!

    Thank you so much, good morning! Must be night there in Malta!

  11. Life is a mix of joys and sorrows with different proportions to different poeple.Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.The life's struggles can be certainly lightened with wise guidance from a caring companion.

    A beautifully wriiren poem

  12. KP;

    Thanks so much! Glad u liked it!

  13. For whatever reason, I read this line:

    >>> I wish to traverse a beautiful tunnel

    and what popped up for me was, "It is within you."

    Enjoyed reading and thank you for your comment on my 3WW poem!

  14. Hi Julie;

    I could only smile when you said "it is within you"...yes, I know...:) but sometimes we could not veer away from the thoughts of some dark tunnels also in us!

    Thank you so much...good morning and have a beautiful Sunday!