Monday, April 26, 2010

The Gut Instinct

Eyes closed
tired mind
stealing some 
needed sleep
then those shouts
startling everyone 
inside the bus
I opened my eyes
and saw death's 
stare too close
too near
just a breath away
that would send souls  
soon  flying on their way...

"God, help us"
I prayed
a few seconds
of cliff hanger...

then God in His mercy
spared everyone through
driver's gut instinct
that could divert bus
into a small fissure
in just a split second
enough to save everyone
from mass grave!

After spending holiday with my kids in Baguio City, on my way back home last night, I had a kiss with death together with fellow passengers in the bus. The bus I was in, almost rammed into a big vehicle carrying logs which also crashed earlier into another vehicle. It would have been like a domino-effect had the driver not been alert enough to do the best he could to divert the bus away from its rightful lane! It was just a small gap that saved us from a big, deathly collision. Thank God, He saved us!

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Fissure)
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  1. That must have been scary. glad you're okay.

  2. OMG
    it sounds very scary :(
    Its a horror story !!

    I think you all
    had a GREAT guardian angel !!!

    ;) Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly ..... ;)

    You all had Luck :)))
    I'm glad you are okay ......
    I hope for you
    that you slept well
    and without a nightmare ;(

    ((hugs from us))
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  3. I am so glad you are safe. Thank goodness for instinct and the shelter of fissures!

  4. Hi Amity, welcome home! This is a nice one. Isn't our God great!

    When reading your poem and got the the fissure part I thought the fissure itself could have been a mass grave for everyone.

  5. oh, I am glad you are alright. I had a similar experience once, it really shook me.

    Count your blessings my dear :-)

  6. I am so glad you are safe! thank goodness for instinct and the shelter of fissures.

  7. Frightening ordeal. So glad you are safe!!

  8. wow! that is one experience that will be hard to forget

    I wonder in that split second, what were everyone's thoughts

  9. Anthony;

    yeah, so scary!

    thank God am still alive!

  10. Anya;

    Nightmares? I do have after the incident, I always want to sleep but seems could not!

    It was really scary an I was so nervous!

    Thanks deaR!

  11. Gabrielle;

    Thank you so much! God is so good!

  12. Jim;

    yes Jim, God is so great!

    Thanks so much!

  13. Raaji;

    That's very true my dear!

    THis is a new life you know!

  14. Sandy;

    Yeah, you said it so!

    Thanks God!

  15. Lissa;

    Others were shouting while I kept calm and uttered a short prayer!

    If God would have taken me that moment, I am ready but it would be a pity to my three young teenage kids!

    Thank God, He saved us!

  16. good time for a fissure.. well said...nice poem...

  17. Leo;

    good time? nope! but the gap saved us!


  18. a split second between life and death. Why? Why do we escape while others do not? God? Luck? Maybe both? who knows, but when it happens you do not take life for granted any more. Great poem. thanks for sharing this experience. It gives us all reason to stop and explore our lives.

  19. Such experiences are often life altering. Good write.

  20. Your poem gave chills! Well done and so glad you're okay.

  21. Your poem gave chills! Well done and so glad you're okay.

  22. sg beatty;

    God? Luck? Maybe both...but I believe that it was more of God's intervening...maybe it was not my time yet to return to His loving arms and maybe I still have yet to fulfill my unfinished mission here on earth!

    But whatever is the reason, I am thankful to God for saving me and all the made me realize that life must be treasured and death could just come in any moment !

    Thanks so much!

  23. Aayushi;

    Yes, dear! It will make us think of so many good things we should do before death should claim our lives!

    Thanks so much!

  24. Hi Tammy;

    Yeah, it's really a frightening experience i could hardly sleep after that moment.

    Thanks so much!

  25. A good poem, though it must have been an awful scare,

    Thanks for the visit and joining my followers, I return the compliament.

    Have a good day.

  26. Hi Yvonne;

    Thank you so much for being I am your regular follower!

    Have a nice day!

  27. How very scary! I am glad everyone is ok and unharmed!!! It is a good poem though...

  28. Hi Patti;

    Good morning here in the Philippines!

    Yes, thank God we're all safe! And thanks to you, too!


  29. It was miraculous escape for you indeed.
    The Lord must have heard the fervent prayers and gave the gut feeling to the driver.
    We can see His invisible hand in every little thing

    The moral is to avoid night trips as most drivers are drunken,sleepy and rash

  30. KP;

    Yes, it is, God saved us!

    And to avoid night trips, yes! Thanks!

  31. KP;

    Yes, it is, God saved us!

    And to avoid night trips, yes! Thanks!

  32. KP;

    Yes, it is, God saved us!

    And to avoid night trips, yes! Thanks!

  33. Hi Amity, I guess I am late this week, just coming back from Shanghai. Your poem is indeed scary. I can remember a few close calls in my life as well. I am glad you are okay! Scary indeed.

  34. Hi Rob;

    You're not late at all, even though you've still come a li'l later!

    You just came from Shanghai? Wow!!! You must be a most and well-traveled man...:))

    Close calls, kiss with death, we are so very thankful we survived them. Maybe God still wants us to spread some more human kindness to the needy people!

    Thanks for coming by...:)

  35. Amity,

    What a powerful share, and I understand exactly how you feel.

    When driving to Portugal with my parents as a teenager, sometime in the mouintains of North Spain on the motorway we also came across a truck filled with logs and it was zigzagging on the road in front of us. No matter what, we could not get past it and the logs did look like they were going to topple over us, but eventually the driver pulled to the side as my father kept beeping.

    All these experiences do put life into perspective, and eventually take the fear out of death itself once accepting how it really makes us feel underneath it all, and that it is an essential cycle of life.

    I'd like to share with you an entry I have on my blog, about life and death that perhaps can reasonate with you or help in some way:

    So good to be here on your blog.

    I am thoroughly enjoy it! And I'm so glad you are enjoying my shares too.

    Have a wonderful day!

  36. Hi Ana;

    Good morning!

    I could see you are going into my past posts and I am so glad you are enjoying your visit in my place!

    Thanks for your kind comments, it made me realize more how precious life is for us!

    And yeah, I will be there in your place and thanks for sharing your posts, too!

    Have a nice day, good morning!