Friday, November 26, 2010

Amity...A BAT* Pal~

A Little Introduction: Vee of Psyche's Visage had kindly accepted my invitation that he will do a guest post in celebration of my 2nd year Blogoversary, come the 28th of the month and will be joining others who wholeheartedly accepted my request. I have known Vee through Blog-a-Ton, 12th Edition which won for him a Silver.

Now Vee, take it away.... :-)

I've known Amity ever since I got back from my year long hiatus from the blogger world. And, for someone like me who goes through frequent mood swings and much more frequent writers blocks, she has been a constant inspiration and motivation. With this motivation I write my first Acrostic on the person through whose words my eyes have seen places, my mind learned of things and my heart underwent lots of emotions -

Acrostic or Narrative
Magical your words are
Indelible their impression is
To my blogger pal
You are an inspiration!



* BAT means Blog-a-Tonic


  1. Hiya pal!! A great start to your Blogoversary and aptly described here by fellow blogger friend Vee in a beautiful Acrostic style poem which you so much like to write yourself. May this swinging start continue in the days to come. We are lovin it here and enjoying the party!! :)

  2. Thanks are always here for some pretty surprises...:-)

    Yes, this is Vee's greetings to me and to all readers like you on my blogoversary...and you added some more glitters.. :-) Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks SiS...yeah, Vee is first to be around...and others including you will follow suit...yours will be on the 30th... :-)

    Thanks SiS!

  4. Yes, dear, it culminated today na... :-) thanks so much...Vee started the ball rolling na.. :-)

  5. Yes dear, Vee started with a beautiful acrostic na... :-) Yes, til the 1st of December... :-)
    Btw, I am not ending the challenge...Leo said a big I will continue it in my other blog...:-) D is now up, and here is the link dear... :-)

  6. Found it and I'm following it now... :) The host really has his way around and he gets his way too naa?? ;) Hehehehe!! :D

  7. Yeah my dear, hard headed in a nice way...but I like this boy...he sure always gets his way around.. :P

  8. Following you there from today and have left a few words but cannot see it :( Hope it has come through :)

  9. Wholeheartedly agree with you Amity!! My blog wouldn't have existed if it was not for friendly ghost....oops host!! :D heheheh!!

  10. Let me check dear...I have activated comment moderation there coz of spammers...:-) I will approve your comment na...going there now... :-)

  11. Thanks again for following my dear!!! :-)

  12. Dear Amity,
    Hearty Congrats On Your Blogoversary!You guest Vee has described you so well.Your posts are a delight to the readers!
    Keep rocking!
    Wishing you a grand day,

  13. Hi Anu;

    Thank you so very much for being here today...:-)

    Yes Vee is first to guest and I asked you one time but did not hear from you then..., however, should you wish to have a guest post, you can have it on the 2nd of would you like it dear?

    Please let me know...Thanks again and have a great weekend ahead!



  14. Anya & Kareltje =^.^=Friday, November 26, 2010 4:04:00 PM

    You must be very proud
    to have so many real blog friends :-)
    You deserve it all Amity ...

    My " Acrostic "
    is not so good
    but I try it ........
    What do you think :

    A ~~ from Anya your friend in The Neherlands
    M ~~ Mother " in heart and soul"
    I ~~ I ..... ????? I don't know (just awake .... helpppp !!)
    T ~~ The best "Poet " in the whole world ;-)
    Y ~~ You are AMAZING hehe ....

    Listen carefully,
    maybe you will hear tomorrow your doorbell
    and you will have visiters from The Netherlands
    Yeahhhh... Kareltje is also flying with me ;)
    See you later .....



  15., we're having so much fun here now...:-) I wish your coming here is real...Oh no, I must be the one who will come there to experience winter and snow with you and can't come here now coz it's moonsoon season at this time of year...let me be the one to knock your door... he he he... :-)))

    I am really so happy with your acrostic of AMITY: especially the I- ha ha ha... :-)

    Just wake up? No, if this is a dream, let me continue dreaming and wake up later...Lols...:-)

    (((hugs, hugs, hugs))) kareltje... :-))))

  16. Anya & Kareltje =^.^=Friday, November 26, 2010 4:24:00 PM

    Its snowing here !!!!!!


  17. Really? Oh that would be more fun... :-) Let's go play outside and build a snowman, with a big cigarette on his mouth... :-)

    I want to experience real snow Anya... :-) snowflakes, etc... :-) over a cuppa hot tea or cafe latte'... :D

  18. Anya & Kareltje =^.^=Friday, November 26, 2010 7:30:00 PM

    For me Cappuccino please or hot chocolate ;-)

    But before we throwing snowballs at each other :))))))
    Like two little girls ;-)

  19. are like Nanka...who wants some good fun like kiddos... ha ha ha...i am dying to be there soon Anya...why not...soonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

  20. True words! Amity is very talented with her words!
    Love Di ♥

  21. Amity richly deserves the tributes paid by Vee and other bloggers on her successful completion of two years.I could discern a few elements that make her blog highly popular and enjoyable.They are the variety in fares in different genres/forms,the unfailing regularity in the posts,the lucid style of her writing , the creativity shown in her presentation and above all the spirit of warmth that runs through as a thread in all her posts.I wish her all success in the coming year and beyond.

  22. This is an excellent acrostic.
    They are not easy to do at all

  23. it's an absolute bang on!!!! :)

  24. You are well descrving with this tribute by Vee. I personally enjoy your blog because you have unique personality that brings out in each of your post and make it truly enjoyable with so many creativity things. The way you show show respect for others and have a bond with your blogger friend , it's an amazing gift and we love you more and more of you. Congratulation for completing two years and With God's blessing continue to the blogger world and wish you all the best for upcoming years. I am so blessed to have you as a friend.

    Sabi Sunshine

  25. Thanks dear Di...please read also Fireworks, I mentioned you there... :-)

  26. Thank you KP and may you continue to come and read my posts.... God bless!

  27. Thanks so much Sabi Sunshine...:-) Me too am blessed to have a friend like you... :-) With you around, sure I will continue to write... :-) Love lots, Amity