Wednesday, November 10, 2010

R for Rain...

I hear the patter of an unrelenting rain
Drenching the trees and bending the branches
Bathing the carpet of shivering flowers
Soaking in full the parched brown earth

In a little while the rain seems slowing
The dark clouds were seen lifting
Out of pall of gloom the sun is showing
Soon the sky was bright and shining

The roads  are full with water  flowing
Bringing out  the  urchins smiling and  dancing
Soon the paper boats in plenty  are seen sailing
And the people on the  road to homes scurrying

I love to play in the rain
I love the cool it gives
I love its touch on  my skin
I love the muddy smell it gives
I love  the droplets falling on my head
I love the spattering noise on my roof
I love to watch it falling outside my window


Written for Leo's Z to A Challenge for the month of November.

R for Rain


  1. hi Amity.. evn i wrote on rain.. u know my name means rain(varsha)

  2. enjoyed it thoroughly

    howz ya sis?

  3. I want the rain now too, Amity.. nice one! :)

  4. Like you, I love the smell of rain. Right now, outside my window, we have rain turning to snow. It's kind of slushy. And cold!

  5. Hi Di, you can try walking once again in the rain Di with your, too, even when i was a kid...and yes, hubby is with me now, he's on work vacation... :-)

  6. Thanks Lost.... :-) Will read yours too!

  7. Yes , it is kp..but too much causes flooding...and of course a rainbow would also add magic!

  8. Hi Rani,

    Really, now I know what ur name means...haven't seen you in my Celebrations post for BAT... :-) will read your rain too!!! :-)

  9. Hi dear Pri...missed doing fine...guess u must be busy...:-)

  10. Hi SiS! Thanks for giving me the link...would be easy now for me... :-) Work? That's life...:-)

  11. everyone i guess Tweety...:-) and inspiring subject to write about... :-) Thanks dear!

  12. Everyone does I guess... :-) Thanks Leo... :-)

  13. Thanks Victoria...yes, it's soothing to the nerves, th smell of rain...Snow? Oh how I wish to see it myself and touch them! Brrrrrr................... :-)

  14. Hi Sandy...missed yah here...thanks you're back...yes, you are right! Thank you......... :-)

  15. Good description of the Rains which only our countries identify with it so completely :D Loved the poem and we just had a wonderful drench on our vacation :D loved the walk in the park, enjoyed the cool and the droplets falling on our heads till we were soaked. :D :D

  16. Hi Nanka...oh glad you enjoyed the drench while on vacation...:-) I would enjoy it too, it's moonsoon here now in our country but sad thing is, ricefields get flooded....:(