Monday, November 29, 2010


Leo... the Rhymer without reason. Leo hardly needs any introduction to bloggers particularly to my readers. Any attempt  to introduce him would be akin  to carrying coal to Newcastle. He is a well known and popular  figure in my circle of bloggers  and surely beyond and held in high esteem for his poetic ability. I strongly feel  that the title of his blog I Rhyme Without Reason is a misnomer for he writes each time with reason and with profound common sense. His poems are invariably works of art and great charm serving  as benchmark for me and many budding poets to emulate and reach. He is himself  a prolific writer in various platforms besides encouraging various bloggers  through his succinct comments. I know he has been a mentor to many promising poets who approach him, guiding them  into  the nuances of various forms of poetry and prose. I have personally benefited by my association with him in the field of writing and blogging. I would proudly share with you the secret  that my beautiful template is his creation

He hosts a handful of memes from Thursday Tales, to Haiku Heights, to Lots of Laughter and lately the Z-A Challenge in 26 Days for the month of November, which will be ending tomorrow and which I had actively participated that made me a prolific writer for this month as a blogger. Do we need a proof to show that he is a versatile writer and blogger very well known in the blogging community around the world . Name a meme, and he's there with his splendid poems, e.g Monday Poetry Potluck, Thursday Poets' Rally, Writers Island, Sensational Wednesday Haiku and many more. 
Lest I give more *talks* with his guesting here than he would do...let me now give the floor to the Rhymer ................. opppsss... he opted this time for a long prosaic lullaby for me but it still rhymes, hiding the poet in him na... :P
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the Amateur Poet who Rhymes Without Reason..:D 


I frankly don't know what I'm doing here :P Wasn't I here just a year back? I'm sure I said a lot and most of what I know about this Filipino auntie Amity ;) What more could I add on to that, I wonder! I said she puts a lot of effort into her blogging and she still does. I said she had a talent in Acrostics, she still does, and she's even got a bucketload of award badges from Amias at Acrostic Only to prove her talent was recognized by one of the best writers of Acrostic  poetry I know! I said she's a passionate friend, and she is. What more do I add on about Amity? Awwww shucks, no wonder I "nearly" backed out of this guest post agreement. See Amity, I'm finding it so difficult to write about you. :P
I'll give it a try nevertheless. In the past one year, Amity has taken a serious commitment to writing. The fact that she has won two Blog-A-Tonic badges in successive months itself shows she's putting more effort to fine-tune her writing. Kudos to her for that. She's also got better and better at writing Haikus and is a regular at my haiku meme, Haiku Heights. She's now past 200 followers at her blogspace, which should be a milestone too. Not that it would end there, a thousand looks on the cards soon for this extremely sensitive blogger, who tells she'll take "breaks" when she gets irritated. Good thing her plans don't take shape though, I'm sure many would miss her words. She doesn't like her other blog All Acrostics that much, and even after its creation, she's continued to write her acrostics at Dreams are my Reality itself. She's going to heights in blogging, so I think on her anniversary, I'll gift her a nice jacket, so she doesn't feel the chill up there... maybe I can join her there sometime soon! :)
I think that's all I've to add on, since I already mentioned that Madhu mentioned she's stealing hearts in my previous guest post here last year! Hope to see her writing a lot of different forms, win more and more awards and appreciation from her peers, and maybe get to meet her sometime.
Signing off,
The Amateur Poet,


  1. Hi Leo,

    Sorry for the late posting of your guest post...It's too hard to introduce a versatile and popular blogger like you...and yes, I was waiting for you to tell me what title of your guest post would i place but could not wait here i just put "Amity...Who???' Yayyy.....what a title to your guest post...never mind, the essence is in the contest of your guest post itself! :P

    Thanks for the kind guest post son...;-) I hope to meet you soon as promised and don't forget that jacket....oh, could you make it a fur coat na so I can also use it when I will meet Anya in The Netherlands...he he he...thanks once again... :-))) Looking forward to meeting you soon...:P

  2. "content" not 'contest"....sorry... :P

  3. Applause Leo!! That's another description and an account of an old friend of your's Amity!! What a mystery you create around yourself Leo, that she finds it hard to introduce you, despite all your multitude of talent, and now she has managed to put it so well :) Bravo!! to her and Kudos!! to you!!

    Aaaww shucks Amity!! Leo has done a nice prosaic lullaby which is still melting with Rhymes second time around and who else could have done this better :) than your long standing blogger pal :)

    I will see that you get that fur coat Amity :) though it could be synthetic as you well know animal furs are a taboo for environmentalists and Green social activists, and awareness freaks like you me and Leo :D

    Leo I do hope you are counting yourself in too in this peer group !! We have a party to attend when she's here!!

  4. hahah now i don't for whom to comment....on leo's description of amity or on amity description of leo...because both are in for an applause...

    amity i second you for this, I myself have benefited from leo' only teacher and friend :)

    as for what to say for you amity.....this is one place that makes me wanna come back and read again and again.... :) god bless you both...

  5. Amity, congrats once again..

    Leo, as usual he is the best in helping people and guest posting.. You are a gem found in this blogosphere. Yet another great guest post by you..

    --Someone is Special--

  6. Wow!!
    Leo its a wonderful description about Amity and her AMAZING blog
    You are also a great poet :))))
    My compliments also for you :-)

    Yeahhhhh..... Amity
    everybody loves your blog (and you...)
    what do you want more ;-)
    You have sooooooooooo many friends
    and you deserve it all......
    Congrats with your blog
    its now 2 years and one day old ......................... lols

    (I hope you are feeling better now ??
    the flu is also in my home :(
    Suzanne my youngest daughter
    is in bed now with the flu
    but I will take care for her :-)

    Hugs Love

  7. I do not wear real fur Amity
    I am an animal lover
    you know that !!!!!!!!!!!
    There are plenty of other nice coats :-)

  8. @Leo....Looks like you have done and finished your duty here. Why is it so difficult to write about poor Amity?? :( Especially when she has had a glorious year...and the past two months specifically have been fabulous for her writing!! She seems to be surging ahead from strength to strength and we have only you to thank for introducing Amity to us. :) She is a wonderful friend for the long run indeed. :) I think everyone echoes Amity when she says you've been a great mentor coz we've all been there and you've done that :) Can't thank you enough for that... :) Cheers and Peace!! :D ;) :)

    @Amity....Yay!! Another fun day here at DAMR!! :D The title of your guest post frightened me in the dashboard because I knew it was Leo's day today and I was surprised by the title itself. Thank gawd it was you talking to yourself up there ;) You've written a lovely introduction to your long standing friend...and what is with this AUNTIE business?? :O Never seen it before....I thought we were all FUN LOVING TEENS here!!! :D ;) Having a BLAST together!!! and wicked LOL's too!! :D

    Have a great day Amity!!! :D

    PS: Haven't been online much lately so will catch up with your posts at your other blog asap!! :)

    Cheers!! :)

  9. WOw :) :) :) :) Congratulations Amity :) :) Love you so much :)

  10. yes, yes, pls that fur coat, never mind if synthetic, thing is, I have something to keep me warm... :-)))

    leo??? where are you boy???

  11. Hi Miya,

    Wow...thank you so're here...:-))) LOve you too...:-) how's your blog? Stopped writing na???

  12. Auntie? yeah, he likes me to call Auntie Amity or when I am feelin' so blue...he'd naughtily call me 'Hi Mrs. B'... 'wicked grin'... :D

    Ha ha ha, I wish Nanka and I am as young as you are all guys...but no...we're almost there...'you know what'... :D ;D

    Thanks my dear Rumz...Cheers to your presence here... :-)))

  13. Then Leo can give me that jacket na...let's go environmentalist na this time... he he he.. :D

  14. I am feelin' better now, after almost three days with the bug...yayyy...I missed you guys with all the fun you're giving over my place... :-)))

    Thanks dear Anya for being around Leo's gp... :-)))

  15. Thanks SiS...and I couldn't thank Leo more for being my mentor for quite a time now...:-) I tip my hats off to him!!!

  16. True Tweety...Leo is one of the best mentor over here at blogville!!!

    Kudos to him too!!!

    Thank you for your sweet words... :-)))