Monday, November 08, 2010

Today's Flowers: T for Thankfulness

Eyes seized its beauty
Hands clasped it so tenderly
My heart swells with joy.

And I pause for a moment, to say a prayer of thankfulness....

Thank you my dear Lord
for these beautiful flowers
and for the bountiful showers!

Thank you my dear Lord
their beauty adorns every bower
and not leaving  even the high tower!

Thank you my dear Lord
for your awesome amazing  power
and one that none can overpower!

Thank you my dear Lord
for your presence in our midst ever
gracious is your love withdrawn never.


Posted for Today's Flowers

Written for One Single Impression

Prompt: Pause

Prompt: Clasp

Also written for Leo's Z to A Challenge for the month of November.

T for Thankfulness 


  1. I join to your thankfulness wish!

  2. Here's my chance to express my thanks too..

    Thanks, Amity for being so nice and good and generous with your comments on my page.. Thanks for spreading happiness and also constantly practising happiness... its happiness reading this post..
    God bless.. keep inspiring.. by the way you asked a question to me once and I had truthfully answered.. how old are you?

  3. Hi it? well it's nice to venture into some new green pastures....i would also do if I am given the chance... :-) Enjoy your new job! Thanks for reading again my poem! :-)

  4. Thanks so much Melanie...glad you loved it! :-)

  5. Wonderful may flowers the flame of the forest!! Beautiful prayer too and loved the way you rhymed it.

  6. Thanks again Nanka... :-) Z-A is really a wonderful challenge til one like me would be at a lost for ideas, like now, my N not yet up... :(