Tuesday, November 16, 2010

M for My Stepmother Is An Alien

Stressed? Tired from a day's work in office? Sleep elusive??? Watch a movie, a funny, feel-good movie with a main cast as beautiful as Kim Basinger and a one-not-so-popular hero playing opposite her, named Dan Aykroyd.... :P Add to that a hilarious John Lovitz...lols...:-)

A sci-fi movie, with too many elements of humor, well, it will surely take away your stress and I assure you, is even much better than an expensive whole-body massage in a parlor.... :P

This must be a dumb post from a very stressed alien...lols...:P See you with a better post in the coming days and hope this damn flue will divorce from me soon... :)


  1. Firstly Congratulations Amity on winning second consecutive Gold at BAT !! That was a stunning post on Celebrations :)
    Amity this post cannot be dumb coz I felt you were talking to me and said some nice things here :) you even put in a few lol's :D Any way get well soon and be back with another stunner!!

  2. This was wonderful Amity.. Nice colors.

    Congrats on winning BAT for two times in a row.

    --Someone is Special--

  3. Thanks Larry for taking a look at it...I learnt, it has a thousand and one variety/colors...so that must be so many and these are just the popular few... :-)

  4. Thanks SiS! Nice colors of what? Yeyyy....what is it?

    Thanks for the warm congrats! :-)