Saturday, November 27, 2010

From The Netherlands with LOVE!!!

A Few Tidbits About Dear Anya: She is from the beautiful tulips country, The Netherlands. She has been my blogger-pal for almost a year now. Though she seldom writes lately in her blog Kareltje N' Ikke, as she's still in the stage of recuperating from a very sad loss of her beloved hubby a couple of months back...I am so happy that she's trying to get back on her feet now and would like snowballing with me already...Cheers Anya, I admire that strength in you and your positive outlook in life. Remember, the symphony will continue to play happy tunes as there are still few strings left in your beautiful violin and they are your lovely daughters...:-) and of course your cuddly Kareltje... :D....I love you Anya and hugs to Kareltje... :-)))) Now take the baton and let the orchestra start playing.... :-) 


Dear dear Amity,


on your second blogoversary :-)

Its soooooo FANTASTIC to meet you
and to have a friend at Philippines !!!
Your blog is so different from other blogs
you write always such a wonderful poems and stories.
It sounds always wonderful in my ears...... lols

A song for you:

♩ ♬ Happy Birthday to your blog ♪ ♫
♩ ♬ Happy Birthday to your bloggie ♪ ♫
♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to Dreams Are My Reality ♬ ♪
♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to youuuuu ... ♩ ♬ ♪♬
AMITY your blog (and you)
are ~ incredible ~

Dear Amity

Everyone should have
a friend like you
You are so much fun to be with
And you are such a good person
You crack me up with laughter
And touch my heart with your kindness
You are a wonderful friend

Hugs Anya
Cuddle Kareltje =^.^=

Kereltje's Photo, I stole from Anya's blog... :P


Thank you so much you...and hugs to Kareltje..:-) May our friendship last a lifetime!!!

P.S. Do read my take on D-Destiny and C-Cottage for Leo's Z-A Challenge HERE in my other blog. And Please follow if it's your first time there. Thanks... :-)


  1. Good Morning Amity!! though it is nearing mid-day here!!

    A warm 'meow' to your friend Anya's Kitty!! Love Tulips and have been to Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Have great fond memories of the place too!! This was the first for me outside India :)

    Love the warm Dutch hospitality I experienced .
    I treasure the mementos and curios I gathered there!!

    Have a great day and the celebrations are in full swing I can see!! :)

  2. Goodmorning Amity !!
    Yeahhh...... my post ....
    Oops .... :P

    Your sweet words overwhelms me Amity ;-)
    And also lovely words from Anu
    she is also early .......... lols
    my great friend from India :-)
    you are both very special for me !!!!

    A best friend is someone
    who knows what you deeply feel and sees the inner you :))))))))
    and also soooooo true ....
    A best friend shares the good times
    and help you out by listening during the bad times !!!
    So so true words :-)

    Thanks Amity for this lovely post
    and Yes.... I have tulips in my livingroom :)
    And I wish I could give you fresh flowers
    you deserved a big..big..bouquet
    for your 2ndblogoversary !!

    ♪ ♫ Meow..meow.. ♪ ♫
    ♪ ♫Meow..meow..meow..♪ ♫
    ♪ ♫Meow..meow..meow..meow..♪ ♫
    cuddle and hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

    ((hugs)) and Love
    and kisses (on your cheek... its normal in Dutch ;-)
    for you Amity


    (see you tomorrow on your BIG 2ndblogoversary DAY :-)

  3. Thanks my dear :-)
    Afcourse I say YES for a guest post
    but I was almost forget it YOU KNOW ............... lols

    Miss you outside in the snow ;)
    Today I go make a snowman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah.. there is always a little child in me :-)

  4. Hi my dear Anu.

    Thank you so much for being around especially on Anya's moment here in my blog..:-)

    You are both good and wonderful friends to me...I am happy to have found a true friend in you...:-)

    Love and hugs,


  5. Hi Nanka,

    Good evening here. I am down with the flu again...trying to catch up on all of you at this moment..though I feel dizzy and hurts... :(

    I am green with envy you've been to Amsterdam and Rotterdam and oh my gosh, even in the Netherlands already??? Wow wow wow... !!! :D

    I believe they are a bunch of hospitable people, proof of that is no other than Anya...:)

    Happy for you that you have lots of treasures with you on your visits... :-) Keep them for posterity!

    Love n hugs,


  6.'ve got another surprise are such a wonderful friend...your words of love and affection for me keep flowing like spring of living water... :-) You are so loving and thoughtful...:-)

    Know what, I am excited to come to your place now and start snowballing with you, afterwhich have a big mug of cappuccino coupled with your delicious strawberry cake in your veranda while we watch snowfalls... :-))))

    My tight hugs to you and Kareltje...meow...meow...meow... :-)

    Love you both,


  7. Me, too I always have that little child in me...okay, c'mon, let's build snowman outside..he he he...:-)

    Now i realized you really came and knocked on my door today.. :-)

    I would love that bunch of tulips too my dear!!!

  8. Take care Amity!! You sound unwell :( and in need of some well deserved rest.

    Wish you good health and bounce back onto your blog :)

  9. Take care Amity
    we need you healthy
    please take all the rest you need !!!!!!
    Stay in bed tomorrow
    its maybe better for you .....
    Send you healthy hugs :-)

  10. Oops.............
    i was on the wrong post
    (silly Anya ......... lols)

    Take care Amity
    we need you healthy
    please take all the rest you need !!!!!!
    Stay in bed tomorrow
    its maybe better for you .....
    Send you healthy hugs :-)
    Take all the rest you need !!!!!

  11. Hi Nanka, yeah am indisposed, but trying to feel am okay, I don;t want to miss you my dear on this special day... :-)

  12. Thanks dear Anya...yes, I will try my best to get better soon..thanks for your concern...:-) I love your concern for me, both you and Nanka and the rest of my friends. May this make me get well soon! :-)

  13. Thanks, thanks Anya for the healthy hugs... :-)

  14. Take care Amity!! Will not say more here :(

  15. Evidently it is a measure of her mental strength and great regard for Amity that Anya had accepted a guest post despite the stressful period she is passing through.
    Considering the circumstances she is placed Anya has contributed a lovely post in her inimitable style highlighting Amity's admirable personal traits as also the specialities of her blog.
    Amity's introduction of Anya is musical very much like the symphony she was talking about.
    Well done Anya and Amity

  16. THANKS ...... KP :-)

    I try to get back to normal life !!
    it's not always easy but I do my best....

    Thanks for your nice comment
    it gives me the strength to continue blogging ......

  17. i am in love with karletje anya....
    Hope you recuperate soon from your loss...

    and I sang along with you for amity...i am in love with celebrations here amity...and just read your down with flu...sigh..same here and that too with my university exams on head...get well soon darling..loads of warm hugs :) :)

  18. Thanks Tweety for your nice comment :-)

    Do you have also a blog ????
    I know only Tweety that yellow bird
    with his compagnon Sylvester hehehehe......
    ( So funny cartoon :))))

    Its not Karletje
    his name is KARELTJE ;-)
    and he send you a cuddle
    meow..meow.. =^.^=

    Greetings from The Netherlands
    Anya :-)

  19. Hi SiS!!!

    Better late than never...:-) Thanks for being part of Anya's guest post...:-))) Keep smiling too!!!