Wednesday, November 24, 2010

F for Fireworks...!!!

I am happy to celebrate
Just another memorable date
It's my "Dreams" milestone
Two years since it was born.

It had been a happy journey
For a fledgling poet like me
In the challenging field of writing
Inspiring prose and poetry.

There were trying moments
Quitting was all I contemplated
But I am grateful for the push
From supportive friends and faithful muse.

Blogging had become my passion
Every time I am left alone
By kids who'd pursue their careers happily
And a hubby far away to keep a roof for his family.

I wish to stay for good in this blogging world
To keep boredom away from the fold
And to gain more blogging friends so true
Anya, Nanka, Amias and Diana, to name a few!

So let the fireworks begin today
Of my blogging anniversary on the 28th day
Guest bloggers will grace in a happy way
From the 26th til the 30th day!


Written for Leo's Z to A Challenge for the month of November.

F for Fireworks


  1. Wow!! Amity and more wow!! wow!! and wow!!
    Such a wonderful start to your blogoversary!!

    Truly a fire-work start, such color, beauty, sparkle and radiance :)

    The vibrancy and resonance is lively and resounding; bright in your dear little poem.

    Thank you for the mention and finding me worthy of being a friend to you!!

    Lots of love hugs and Mwahhs!!

  2. congratulations for reaching this milestone and hope you can continue for many more.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Amity...

    What a way to start your celebrations Amity.. Wonderful fireworks for the 2nd.. Wow.. Wow.. Wow.. I love to hop in to enjoy the Celebrations for the 2nd Anniversary of this wonderful space.. I wish you more more more happiness and smiles..

    --Someone is Special--

  4. Wow Anya...what a very nice tribute this a bonus from your guest post? Yes, it is...your guest post will be up on the brace for yourself... :-)

    Hugs and mwahs my dear and also to Kareltje... :-)

  5. Oh are so sweet my dear Nanka..thank you so very, very much...:-) You are like Anya...:-) Someday soon, I wish to see you both and give you the same big tight hugs to both of you... :-)

    LOve you Nanka... :-) hugsssssssss....and mwahssssss............

  6. Of course you are aboard the celebration...your guest post will culminate the celebration SiS! An ending to a beautiful journey of Amity... :-) And a commencement to another year of blogging journey... :-)

  7. Congratulations sis. i know there are many many many more milestones waiting to be achieved.

    love and hugs

  8. you are my dear Preety...:-) Thanks so much for being around... ;-) Your presence on my anniversary means a lot...much more with your love and hugs... :-) Don't you know I have missed you so mucho???

    Hugs and love to you too!!! Mwahssssssss..... :)

  9. i love u n miss u always sis. but it seems that you have totaly forgotten me and my window :'(

  10. Thanks my dear Big Sis...and am happy to have met an equally wonderful person like you through blogosphere!!! :-)