Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Symphony Called Amity.....

Nanka Quills. No, no, no, no, no! I mean she owns Quills, the name of her blog. Cute isn’t it? The first time we met, it was over Leo’s place… J We were like the prim and proper teenage girls who could only write fine-tuned comments. Then later on, we got to know each other better (through FB) and then we started commenting each other’s blog with *evil laughs, evil grins*… ha ha ha…We are like the perfect partners in crime. In short, we clicked in so short a time since we met each other….like soulmates na… :D 

The moment of ‘no-holds barred’ came soon. Then she started to offer her home, making her door wide open for me to barge in anytime I want to....:D However, I should have done that even during their Diwali celebration. It’s too bad I am not a millionaire so that anytime  I can gate-crash her party… he he he… :D I guess, I need to start saving money for that matter na… :D And don't forget to prepare that superlicious gooeeeeyyyyy cake of yours....:D

This is too much of an intro Nanka, I have said so much na about our ‘relationship’…ha ha ha… I guess it’s your time now to quill……*evil laughs*….. :D….. peace!!! Btw, why did u divulge our top secret, 'my real name'? Hopefully our readers will have memory lapse for the time being... :D

My friends, please welcome my very own Indian friend from Mumbai, Nanka of QuillsJ



Friend of mine
Has reached a milestone
Very original posts she writes
Her dreams become reality, conquers obstacles
Successful trend in career
Kind helpful nature
Charming grace

I was delighted to be invited by Venelyn more popularly known as Amity by the blogging world, to do a guest post on her reaching a milestone, her 2nd anniversary in blogging. A beautiful mother of three children, she hails from Phillipines. A truly international Blogger she is followed by a large number of people from all over the world. It is to her credit that she has endeared herself to all age groups and is perfectly at ease with each and every one of them. 

Every morning I am pleasantly welcomed by Amity's cheerful "Good Morning!!" and never has she failed to leave a comment on anyone's write. Her rich vocabulary and eloquent words are a sheer delight. Her art of using the English language with fluency and aptness is a pleasurable experience whilst reading. I must add here that she has mastered every form of writing, be it prose or poetry. Her gentleness and quiet nature is very evident from the photographs she puts up of herself and her country, from time to time. Always her camera captures serene sceneries or radiant and colorful rare flowers, as dear as herself. She is a serious writer always highlighting a cause and standing up for it. I must include here that Venelyn also has the finer touch of humor which she reveals in her posts as well as in her comments back.

When there are days you know you have not done a perfectly good write, when that zing is missing, there is always someone who shows up, and the first one is usually Amity, my good dependable friend, who finds the intended communication which was not directly expressed. It is such a pleasure to read her comments.

When a message is sent from a distance, you cannot see the face,
You cannot see the Smiles,
But you can sense the care that truly comes from the heart.

We may walk on different paths of life but no matter where we are or go, we will take a little of each other everywhere.. 

~ Nandini


  1. Happy 2nd Blogoversary Amity!!! :D

    How thrilling it would be if we could all meet up someday in the near future.... We have lots of friends here to catch up with... ;) What a ball we can all have!! :D Evil Laughs included.... :D ;) We're all riding our broomsticks in a black coat and a pointy black hat too ;) LOL :D Get yours too....

    Have fun and keep well to entertain us at this little space of yours for a long long time!!! :D

  2. Anya & Kareltje =^.^=Sunday, November 28, 2010 2:55:00 PM

    Well well...
    Today it is " THE DAY " :-)
    Congratulations my dear AMITY !!!!

    Its a very special FANTASTIC guest post from Nanka :-)
    She deserved the first place Yeahhhhh......
    She told many things about you ....
    and all so so true.......
    I know : people from India are very wonderful people
    I have meet also many and they are all fantastic great friends :-)

    Hehehehe..... I knew your real name for a long time
    but now EVERYONE knows it :))))) hahaha.....
    My real name is Anja but many friends know that
    because Dutch friends are often write my real name on my blog ;P

    I wish you today a happy 2nd blogoversary !!!!
    Enjoy with all your blogging friends.........
    and I hope you will blog many many more years :-)

    ( I go shovel outside,
    many many ...... snow :(
    Hard working woman ............ lols

    Send you Love hugs
    have a lovely sunday
    and a big cuddle from Kareltje =^.^=

  3. She did Alex, more than I deserve it... :-)

  4. Hi Sahana,

    I am so glad you;re here...thank you so much...:-) Do check also Anya and Vee's guest post if you have time..:-)

    Yes, will be collecting soon dear... :-) Thanks again for the awards...:-)

  5. Hi Nanka,

    I am supposed to be first over here, but my health did not permit me to get up early, I know it will come up as scheduled...and much to my desire to come here ahead of others, I have this throbbing pain on head...:(

    Yes, yes, I pray that we will meet each other soon...I know how we will be enjoying those evil laughs... :D

    Thanks for the good wishes and thank you so much for accepting my kind invitation!


  6. Yeah Rumya dear, I am all too excited...hope this feeling will not ebb at all... :D We will host a party and invite all our blogger friends there and raise the roof...:D Costume party? Call!!!

    I will sport a lady vampire attire...Lols... :D

    Thank you so much Rumz...:-) Meantime, check my other blog for the OSI offering today and for the completion of the Z-A challenge of Leo...:-)

    Here is the link:

    See you there... :-)))

  7. Thank you my dearest Anya...:-) You and Nanka are a bunch to me...I love you both!

    Thanks for being around Nanka's guesting time..:-) Yes, I will try my best to blog and make my readers happy...:-)

    Let me help you shovel out those thick snow...lols.......... :D

    HUgs to you and Kareltje...:-)))))

  8. Nanka, dear...sorry for being late here...I should be the first one to greet you on your special moment here like what I did to Vee and Anya..but anyway, I am here now.. ;-)

    Thanks for the very kind words you've etched here, it will forever be painted in my heart and mind....the poem is if I don't even deserve it...but will try my best to be like the one you've described me here...:-)

    May someday soon, our paths will cross and make the moment the best for friends like us...:-) Thank you and please invite all your other friends over here so I can meet them too!!!

  9. Never mind that Amity as it is health that needs first priority :) More when you get well!! :)

    More ~* ~* ~* FIREWORKS!! :D *~*~ *~

  10. I´m waiting
    where are you Amity
    its very heavy work here with so many snow ..........hahahahahaha...
    silly girls !!

  11. amity you coming to India???? :D :D if you are would love to meet you...I find it so fascinating...and as rightly nanka puts....we all are at such distance but we all unite under the roof of words...

    Nanka, couldn't have put the work of amity in a better way...loved it...

    God bless ya both...

  12. Nanka has described you so well... I cherish some of you comments on my posts with lots of wisdome and humor put in them.. Amity keep writing and get well soon.. Congrats!!! again.. GOD BLESS! AND YES,i AGREE WITH WHAT TWEETY WROTE: we all unite under the roof of words...

  13. btw now i know amity real name and i am not going to forget amity :D :D :P will track her down on fb soon :P :D

  14. Anya and =^^= we do not experience snow here at all, :( so the grass seems greener on the other side i.e I love the snow and pictures showing heavy snow. Never realized how difficult it is for people living there. :( Wish we could all help you to shovel it :)

  15. Thanks SiS....Nanka is super nice like all others and that includes you... :-)))

  16. hi
    Iam 1st time here verywonderful writing as u said though there is distances but we will take soething from others and feel the presence
    nice post