Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catch Up Sunday

I Missed X, K I.... :-) Now got to catch up with the following posts...Thanks Leo for giving leeway for bloggers like me... :-) And here are my Haiku treats for my readers this Sunday... ;-)

I for I Am Awarded

Stranger I am
Awards accorded to me
Do I deserve them? 

An award from Jingle at Thursday Poets' Rally, Week 33. 
I nominate Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason.

P.S. I do have other awards from Jingle.

K for Kiss

Cats have feelings too
Jiffy, or so they have thought
Magical moments!

X for Xylographer

Apprentice he is
Xylographer of angels
Beautiful woodworks.


Written for Leo's Z to A Challenge for the month of November.

To catch up with the letters I missed (I, K, X).

Also written for One Single Impression

Prompt: Apprentice

Prompt: Stranger


  1. Hey, Nice blog. i liked its contents. If yu could take a look at my blog too and do leave a comment and tips about how to develop it.

    and follow it on Facebook too.

  2. Congratulations for Award. Whop can deserve it better than you, Amity?

    Beautiful Haikus.

  3. Beautiful Ku's .. Amity .. you deserve these awards..

  4. awesome,
    lovely nomination on leo,
    what a smart combination of makeup.

  5. Such beautiful lines have been etched here Amity!! and you wonder if you deserve it!! OMG!! you are a perfect poet and a good writer too!! Lovely takes on the various prompts that you have put up today :) All good wishes and keep that winning spree going :) you are just doing great!!

  6. Enjoyed those. Went well with the pics.

  7. Great poetry! I love the cats kissing.

  8. Nice Haiku's Amity, I missed I and H :-(

    --Someone is Special--

  9. You should have done it on Catch Up Sunday...I did it! :-)