Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Gloomy life's stage
Reaching old age
Oh the inevitable
Wishing it's beatable
Incessant are pains
Numbness of veins
Giddy goes brain

Outlive I wish
Longing more bliss
Dying is nightmarish

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only


  1. What a gripping and powerful acrostic on growing old. You've certainly captured all the emotions in this piece. Nicely written.

  2. Thanks so much write girl...:)

    Have a nice day!


  3. "giddy goes brains"
    Now that's a new one.
    Nice take on prompt.

  4. Celebrate never a birthday
    and we stay forever young

    Your lines are very well written!!

    (It is not length of life, but depth of life ...... ;)


  5. Hi Anya;

    ...thanks a lot for your kind comments!

    that's true, to stay young, there's no birthday....lolz...:)


  6. That is how you grow old beautifully..

    Great work Amity..

  7. Dev;

    ha ha ha, not really, I dread that day....but I want to grow old gracefully and not beautifully...:) wish it could be possible.

    no acros till now?

  8. Love the rhythm in this one. You have grown so much as a poet! :)

  9. aww..Amityy..wht a reality u casted here..i dnt wanna grow old nw..hehhe..vry nicely written acro..m luving yr takes..u rock..!
    nd ya dear thnx a zillions for dropping some of yr pacifying wrds at my space, i dnt hav much to xpress, bt ya sumtimes it happens, mite b a goin phase, nd m blessed to hav ppl like u around me..luv ya dear..hugssss...!!!

  10. Lena;

    ...thanks a lot dear...:)

    yeah, i wish to grow more and become like you...:)

    good evening!

  11. Mads;

    ...I know and I feel that I have become so close to you now...:) I am not only a Big Sis to you but also a Mom...:) and more often than not, I try to consider you as my lil daughter and I feel hurt when you are hurt...there is that special feelings that bind us together, though not as visible...:)

    thanks for loving some of my unsolicited pieces of advise that I give you!

    c'mon, face the world bravely, true we oftentimes become weak and feel isolated and also feel like we're not getting any better than what we would have wished to...but that is life!

    hugs to my dear Madhu!

    g'nayt sweetie! love you so much!


  12. Nice post :)
    Its sad that all of us to go through this..
    Even the thought of it seems dreadful..
    sad but inevitable..

  13. @Amityy.. oh..again m left wid no wrds nw..hw much i owe to u..yeah, dre's a special bond among us, n m thankful to god for that, i kno m so stupid to b sad inspite of loving ppl like u always beside me..thnx fr all yr luving wrds, they mean alot to me, n yr caring n loving advices, i rlly wanna take them all..luv youuu...hugs 2 uu..!

  14. Good one.. loved the rhythm entwined in words.. :)

  15. Old age is scary. :) but my friends say it is all in mind. So I let myself believe in them. :)

  16. Shasank;

    thanks a lot...:)

    ur new here, isn't it?

    btw, thanks for dropping by...:)

  17. Bluemist;


    well, that's positive thinking, everyone wish that we can go past it...:)

    thanks dear!

  18. Mads;

    as always, remember that you have a Big Sis in me...:)

    cheer up girl...:)

    "naan unne kaadalikkiren" mwah!

  19. wow! Where did you pick up those lovely words from "Tamil". You have been busy, Amity! Excellent acrostic, Loved it.

  20. Hi Saras;

    good morning....those Tamil words? Oh got a bunch of Tamil-speaking buddies over here at blogville...:)

    I already read all your acros yesterday, seen them?

  21. It's so fitting that I read this today...I'm turning..."The BIG 40" next week, and I feel old!! But isn't 40 the new 30 :) Let's hope so!

    Have a great night!


  22. Hi Shelley;

    Wow...congratulations in advance, well for me, am turning 43 excatly 32 days from now...of course it's inevitable...we must have to come to terms with reality...:)

    And 40 the new 30? yeah, let's hope it is!

    Happy birthday in advance Shelley!!!


  23. I love this. You really did good on the acrostic marrying all the right words together considering the 3 words/line limit. Good one!

  24. Sharla;

    thanks a lot, and I really need to break my head, he he he...in doing such stuff as this...:)

    have a nice day!!!