Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh, Men!!!

Folks, before I will go on a holiday a couple of days from now (wish me luck and happiness buddies...*wink, wink*:)......I would like to post a kilometric blog and I hope I will not lull you to sleep reading this. It is a mixture of some thoughts that may make you smile, that may make you hate me, especially the guys (peace!) and that may give you second thoughts (for the young at heart) especially the ladies....:)!!!

It took me several days to pen this, and then I found out that I can go on and on writing about men, (Oh, Men!), but I may be harboring ill-feelings if I won't stop just for the right period!!!Lols!!!

So here buddies, fasten your seatbealt and let's have some kind of fun...(not really) coz' I know every other guy who'll read this will start bawling at me helplessly and in silence (I am out of reach, you know!) and if it would be possible for them, may start cursing me under the sun! Lols!!!

To the ladies, I admonish you that you must heed to me if you wish to have a happy life, because I wish that you must not or should I say:

Don't love a talkative man
he always feels he has
the gift of gab!

Don't love a boastful man
when all you have to do
is take the winds out of his sail!

Don't love a mean man
when all he has to do
is embarrass you infront of his friends!

Don't love an elusive man
he will keep you guessing
when he will come to you!

Don't love an old man
he will be too happy
he found the best homecare in you!

Don't love a poor man
you will always feel
hunger pangs in your stomach!

Don't love a silent man
when all you have to do
is put words into his mouth!

Don't love a bespectacled man
your beauty is useless
as he is blind as bat!

Don't love a broke man
he will always keep
a tight rein on your expenditures!

Don't love a brainy man
he will only have
an endless debate with you!

Don't love a masquerading man
his character could only
stir up a hornet's nest!

Don't love a poet
if he writes a poem for you
it will just be pure fiction!

Don't love a moron
you will only regret
how foolish you are!

Don't love a desperate and irritable man
small words you say would always seem
like a red rag to a bull!

Don't love a naughty man
he would be whistling at the sight
of the beautiful girl next door!

Don't love a young man
you're just as good
as a sugar Mom!

Don't love a pretentious man
you'd be surprised
he's just a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Don't love a bemedalled man
he may always have the
tendency to blow his own trumpet!

Don't force your man to love your blogging world
you can't make a silk purse
out of a sow's ear!

Don't love a Scrooge man
he has no right
to treat you less of a person!

Don't love a romantic man
he will only promise you
the moon, the sun, the stars above!

Don't love a thoughtful man
he might think
you're a gold digger!

Don't love a good samaritan
once he bumps his head on a wall he would realize
it was just his spur of the moment decision!

Now, what's left for you to choose from? NOTHING!!! But hey, I have no right to keep you from your happiness! Lols! You have the right to choose the best and before you plunge into the abyss of pure bliss (as what you think), please don't forget to leave a suicide note! He he he!!! Peace to all!

Happy reading! Hope I made you smile even for just a fleeting moment!!! See you in two-weeks' time! Hope to be back soon, earlier! Promise!!!



  1. Haha...that was great. It could easily be shifted and made the same for women. XD

  2. My parents are the best in this world.. They will not get me married for another 3 years minimum :P.. So, I can be without headache for 3 yrs.. But after 3 yrs if they are gonna start the marriage talks, I 'll show this post and say "momma & Pappa, I don't want any marriage cuz no guy in this world is good :P"

  3. hahah...since i am married i dont think i really should worry lol :P...nicely written amity i think i should link this up in my next post :)..


  4. n i always find the one with wit and talk the chamin one. foolish me!

  5. That was good, there's something wrong with all of us, that's for sure. Clever post.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. To answer your questions, yes that is a picture of me and yes that post was real. Some things are probably better left unsaid but I have never been good at that, someone asked me to elaborate on a past post so I did. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. Great stuff. My e-mail is in my profile if you ever have questions or want to chat.

  6. Amityy...lol..:P wht was dis..indeed a kilometric post..bt had fun reading it.instilled wid advices..hmmm..bt dear, u shuld hav left atleast one option to chose..hehe...:)
    ya, saw ur message at my post, wish u hav loads of fun during yr vacations..njoy, nd do click loads of picss for us..hav a gr8 time dear..take care..luvv ya..hugss...:)

  7. I always go after the witty, mean men what to do? But hey, i love a debate, so no complains..

    Hope you are having fun holiday-ing...



  8. Very lonnnnnngggggggg post .... LOL
    But funny written !!!

    I wish you a wonderful vacation
    enjoy and take the time to relax

    (I need also a vacation to a hot country, its freezing here :(
    I'm not a winter lover !!

    Have a nice time....

    Anya :)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  9. Interesting poetry..
    you've summed up men pretty well.. But are you sure all men share at least one of the above traits?
    I'd love to check your take on women too :)
    Happy holiday....
    Have fun this vacation

  10. There is something left. Its simple. You be with the man who loves you. And everything else falls into place. :-)

  11. I'm with your reader who said that this could easily go for women as well...

    Loving what we got, since that's what's in front of us, is a lesson in learning about how flawed we all are and how much love can make any of us blossom...if just a little!

    Thanks for this, it did make me smile, a lot!

    Happy holiday--I'm going to Mexico in a week or so, pretty stoked! Have fun!

  12. wow! that was a long one! I hope you are enjoying your time off :)

  13. Amity dear,...seems I couldn't step out of this men's traits you mentioned...because I see I am one on it,...hehehe,..but if love comes to womens heart these traits is nothing and meaningless...

    Share your happy momments in your vacation hours,..Amity dear.

    Your Idol...

  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes

    Kareltje =^.^=

  15. lol loved it amity hope you enjoy your holiday

  16. oh well, i know u enjoyed holiday...
    i enjoyed the poem too! :D

  17. @ Amity

    Loved your narration!lol!
    Came directly from lena's colorful magazine!

    Yeah...is'nt it true to beleive that there is no such Right Man on Earth but wonder what happens when we find a Perfect Man despite of all the imprefections! Yep! Thats the Right Man for me is the Voice of the Heart..and Nothing better could have I deserved:)

    This was my rection when i actually found my hubby! An i enjoy being with his imperfections as I'm there to contribute and complete and Compliment the Being!

    Perhaps, I loved your poem..it reminded me of the song "that dnt impress me much" of Shania Twain...however..feel as your poem is an extention to her Song!

    Keep the saprk Alive..