Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Lucky Chinese Tag: Eminent Eights

If it was not for Leo who tagged me with this, i'd be damn lazy doing it...of course, the year isn't a good start for me here, doing some tags, but again, the title says: The Lucky Chinese Tag: Eminent Eights, and am positive it will really do me good...:) Should I be consistent with the title?

I was number two in his list, (hit list, lolz...) so I am ashame if I do not give in to his wish/whims and caprices...lolz...peace to you son!!!

Pardon me though if I am kinda answering this in some humorous ways...I want to take life on a lighter side more bungee-jumping of done with it...:)...;) I am a happier creature now...:)

So guys, the eminent eights....dyarannnnnn.....:)

8 TV shows/news channels i like to watch:

1. CNN
2. Star Movies
3. Fashion TV
4. Lifestyle
5. Discovery Channel
6. National Geographic
7. HBO
8. Sci-Fi Channel

8 Favorite Places to Eat and Dine

1. Kenny Roger's
2. Mc Donalds
3. Jollibee
4. Greenwich Pizza
5. Yellow Cab
6. Cordillera Coffee
7. Goldilocks Bakeshop
8. Red Ribbon

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Get that elusive promotion, duh! impossible dream...:)
2. Meet some virtual friends, again, an impossible dream, nah!
3. Own an Apple lapi...compliments of my hubby...:)..:P
4. Receive Amias' gift of two books...(Wow...Big Sis is just so thoughtful...:)
5. Have some of my acrostic poems included in Amias' Anthology Book for!!! She promised I have a spot in the Anthology Book....:P
6. Improve my craft in writing....;) (needs some more hard work though!) Big Sis again promised a few minutes back that she'd help me, work with me to realize my dream of writing a book....CHEERS folks!!!
7. Write more poems....:) try some new forms...:)
8. Gain new friends at blogsville...XD

8 Things that Happened Yesterday

1. I bumped my head on a wall inside my bedroom...:(..."poor wall" my blogging-buddy told me..:(  i saw shooting stars right before my eyes...lolzz...!
2. I learned some few Tamil words...'NAAN UNNE KAADALIKKIREN"....and mailed it to my friend...:P
3. I was watching all day a photo of my friend on his FB account...the only photo that exists in his account, compliment of a relative....yeyyyy...:)
4. I went on a fasting spree....then....*tears*...then
5. I got dizzy and almost passed-out...poor me...:(
6. I want to sleep but can't get one.....*sigh*...and again...*sigh*....:)
7. I bloghopped, planted sunflowers, bought a coins which was almost 1M has been lessened....:)...addicted to FV...yayyy!!!
8. I expanded my Island Paradise, through the prodding of my sweet daughter...lolz...!

8 Things I Love About Winter

1. It must be freezin' cold?
2. I might be wearing a pair of boots, a thick jacket?
3. I could touch snow?
4. Eat snow? wahahahahah...:P
5. Cook snow.....yeyyyy...:XD
6. Walk in the park hand in hand with my beloved? and both die of hypothermia...nyayyyy....ha ha ha...
7. Think like snow....cold...yayyy...!
8. Feel like snow...cold...again...P
   But sorry guys, there's no winter in the Philippines...:P

8 Things on my Wishlist

1. Good health
2. Good heart
3. Happy Family
4. Good friends
5. Financial stability
6. Promotion...again? stop it! (it's a wishlist, duh!)
7. More blogs to write
8. More friends and followers of my blog

8 Things I Am Passionate About

1. Blogging...blogging...and blogging...*wink*...*wink*
2. Farmvilling....IP, CW...all at FB...thus...facebooking...:P
3. Sleeping....sleeping and sleeping....ha ha ha...:P
4. Listening to Music, my fave songs, of course! (How Did You Know, by Gary V.)
5. Eating ice cream and chocolates (my best friend loves to eat both...:)
6. Writing Acrostics (Yousei told me am Queen of the Acrostic...:)..thanks Yousei! Give me a badge for that!
7. Watching movies, love stories...(the more I watch, the more I can't remember any, not even the title, duh!)
8. Being hooked with the net (my day is not complete without peeking into my blogsite and my FB account! now....lately)

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use

1. Imagine?
2. Oh really?
3. Oh my gosh!
4. Yeah....
5. Duh!
6. Ahmmm....
7. Yayyyy...
8. Seri!!!

8 Things I Learnt from the Past

1. It's not healthy to easily trust someone
2. Some people are really insensitive to the feelings of others
3. Don't love for the sake of loving
4. Friends are precious, virtual or real
5. A true friend is worth more than a thousand relatives
6. I should have seen the writings on the wall, but it's too late now
7. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing
8. Wish I could take the wind out of his sails

8 Places I would love to go/visit/see

1. a good friend there, a high school friend who's encouraging me to visit their place
2. Boracay...and spend some few nights there with family
3. Europe....Schengen Visa is needed
4. The Caribbean Islands, to see for  myself what my hubby is talking all about
5. Bermuda Island....where Loch Ness is...according to legends...hubby have been there also...
6. Guam...many Filipinos work there
7. of the cleanest country in the world
8. Indonesia....because some friends are there...(secret)

8 Things I Currently Need/Want

1. Sleeping pills so I can stop blogging for sometime, he he he...:) and farmvilling, too!
2. Ice cream....*hmmmm*
3. A new comforter, it's damn cold here now...:P
4. Big sleeping companions...*wink*
5. I want my best friend...;) where are you now?
6. A good lull me to sleep...:)
7. A new hairdo...:P
8. A new spectacles...this need is long overdue now...:(

8 Blogging Buddies I want to tag....


  1. Amity,
    Silly, you write well, and will write better the more you write. One thing I've had to work on is my unwillingness to revise. Sometimes, rarely, a poem is just the way I want it when first written. Most of the time, I can make it much better if I am just willing to revise. You have a wonderful, glorious day too.

    Yousei Hime

  2. Yousei,

    I feel that, too, the unwillingness to revise, I often feel that what came first in my mind, is really just the best...but reworking on it is a promise of a better output...:)

    Maybe, we have to overcome such laziness, to come up with an amazing work...:)

    Anyways, thanks for dropping by...wish I could have tagged you here but I was having second thoughts you might not like it!

    Have a happy Sunday!

  3. Interesting and intelligent replies.You hv a knack of keeping your readers happy with your writing.Best wishes.

  4. Dear Amity,
    you helped the readers to know you more in a better way!May all your dreams come true in the New Year!
    I too miss my best friend right now.he used to eb always with me when I publish my new post.:)
    Hope you know the meaning of the Tamil sentence-'I LOVE YOU'.
    wishing you a realxing Sunday,

  5. Have always enjoyed going through your blog. Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year! :-)

  6. Sorry I'm so late
    little lazy the last days ;)
    Its here almost snow world
    we have received so many snow today its not normal for
    The Netherlands :(
    I have this afternoon worked with the shovel to remove the snow for my door !!!

    Your answers are very funny :-)
    Thanks for tagging me
    its diffecult for me but I try it in English !!


  7. nice to see yr take on this..rlly gud to kno u more..luvd yr do u think i can do take this tag..i mean ,givin 8 eminent ans for each..oh god..m sooo vry lazyy..u it rlly required?? lolzzz...:) will try dear..luvv ya..!!!

  8. Amity,
    Congratulations. I left you a note on the acrostic link site.

    Yousei Hime

  9. Kp;

    thank u so much for saying so...i wish to keep my reader's interest at my own expense...:)

  10. Anu;

    thanks for the good wishes...:)

    re: your friend, I pray that he will soon be with you...:)

    friends are really precious!

  11. Ellen;

    thank you so much...and I wish you the same...:)

    g'evening...God bless...!

  12. Hi Anya;

    thanks I made u smile and maybe even laugh...i enjoyed answering it, that' why!

    Snow? Oh well, haven't seen one actually, it does not snow here in the Philippines

    and yes, try to rework on the tag, that would be fun, like the way I did...:)

    i dunno what time is it there but i wish you g'evening as it is here..:)

  13. Hey Madhu dear,

    thanks for loving my replies, i was like in good mood when i i answered the tag, hence the outcome!

    please do write, do answer the tag, okay? would be glad to read it the way you read mine!

    hugs dear!

  14. Hi Yousei,

    thanks so much, I read your comment already at AO, so now, I've proven I'm worth it now? Peace!


  15. Some pretty interesting revelations..

    Thanks for the tag..

    Tag Accepted..will soon write a post about it...


  16. Dev,

    thanks you're back, thought u'd be hibernating again...:)

    Yeah, the tag, am waiting till it will be up in your excited to read it!

  17. Refreshing thoughts...great insight to ur inner self...keep up da gud suggestions 4 my blog? Its not as gud as urs....take care:)

  18. Thanks so much Globe Trotter..:)

    Re ur site, I had just visited it, and yes, it needs some redesigning to make it more appealing to your followers, believe me, sometimes it pays to have an attractive looking template...I've done it so many times already, complements of some few good blogging friends...:)

    Have a nice day dear! I'll bookmark you!

  19. thanks for tagging me :) :) :) :) :)
    nice tag!

  20. wow i been tagged :)...i will do it as soon as my fever will be gone..thanks once again amity :)..


  21. Roshni dear;

    ...yes, I did, please work on it!


  22. Hemu;

    Yes, please do and get well soon...:)

    Lucky must be taking well care of you...:)

    Good morning!

  23. congragulations on your tag.
    Its actually give an insight about you...we can know you more now.. and yes about the tamil thing.. may I know which genuis taught you that haha.....well that person said it well :) love fashion tv no wonders and its bad that you dont want to travel to India :( :(

    nice tag

  24. Hi Ste;

    Thanks for dropping by here. That Tamil thing...oh it's somebody who was just too patient with me whenever i disturb him while writing...he he he...:)

    of course, i've memorized that already...:)

    friends told me am having fun...:)


  25. Mommy, nice to know abt you :))

    I read this earlier, but, didn't comment.. :( Sowie!

    Now I did!! :D

    Hawaii, Me wanna go thr too! :))

  26. Hi Princess;

    Oh you've got a new profile pic...quite similar to Amias?

    Let's go there (Hawaii) baby...:)

    Thanks sweetie for visiting!


  27. And yeah, me too, got a new profile pic...:)