Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Sunny Days Can Bring

One late afternoon
after arriving from office
I went outside the house
and saw children happily playing
with their jumping rope
though it was not as sunny a day
the temperature was so cold
the cool breeze brought a chill to the bones

And with a strong desire to get warm
I prodded these three lovely lil' girls
that I play and have fun with them
so I jumped and jumped as two
held the rope on both ends
and the youngest aged two
joined with me in jumping

What a lovely sight to behold
an old Mom like me
trying to have much fun with the
lovely and cute little girls
all were giggling and shouting with glee
as they see me jumped, jumped and jumped

Oh how happy it is
to feel like a child once again
it gives a calming effect
to frayed nerves after a day's work
it relaxes and stretches muscles
to my real great comfort

"We will do it again"
I promised these three little girls
and they jumped with much glee
with such a promise I made.

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Sunny Days)


  1. Beautiful. I don't think we're truly adult unless we retain that inner child.

  2. Wonderful experience to be a child again amongst children.It makes us pure, guileless and joyful as kids are.Thank you Amity for sharing the happiness you enjoyed in skipping the rope

  3. It's wonderful that kids let us back into their world to be among them in a genuine way.

  4. i never wanna grow up!!! i guess i never did! otherwise i'd be posting a matured comment as usual!... count me in the jumping

  5. I love how you show the beauty of youthful feelings in this poem! So exuberant! Makes me want to jump rope, too!

  6. You captured a moment that was so joyful...what a wonderful take on the prompt!

  7. lovely and sweet poem,
    wonderful to remember that we can be as children if we wish.

  8. It's fun to just let loose once in awhile and bring out your inner child. (:

  9. woww..Amityy..yr post was so refreshing for me..such luvly thoughts..i second yr feelings n m feelin the sunshine..:)

  10. How I remember those days playing with the kids. Such vivid memories and thoughts of times gone by. I really liked your poem, it goes so well with the picture. You describe the moment so well.

  11. When you put it like that, I'm hard pressed to think of a sunnier point of view! :o)

  12. I loved playing as a child and teaching games to my children.

    It was Great when I was able to watch my Great-grandchildren playing some of the same games.

    This was an enjoyable read.

  13. such a tender moment painted on your poem. and yeah, we all have that childlike attitude within us :-)

  14. Amity--
    Beautiful-what a joy to be pulled into play on a sunny day!

    And when you come to visit the Virtual Tea House, make sure you're putting your URL in correctly--sometimes the link doesn't work, and I want people to come visit you!

  15. beautiful post dear :) could feel your happiness in all lines :)

  16. Kids like sunny days are so very precious. I so enjoyed this Amity.

  17. How much fun this is! Sunny days, for sure!

  18. Ami, I like this a lot. I especially like the lines,
    "Oh how happy it is
    to feel like a child once again
    it gives a calming effect
    to frayed nerves ...

    Yes, let's do it again!

  19. Beautiful words. Ah, I am never growing up. Use to be pretty good at double dutch.


  20. What fun! Spontaneous moments are the best aren't they?! Here's to sunny days and equally sunny moments!

  21. oh yes, sunny days can get that "we'll do it again" feeling too :)