Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beneath the Veil

O thou, amiable, innocent princess,
Showest thou thy charms and pretty graces,
Let not thine veil hide thy face and beauty,
For all the world to admire, adore, see
What made thou cling to that unwholesome mask?
Will it modify such an horrible dark past?
Yet be not discouraged, never falter
Tis' a beautiful world, that's what matters,
Be obedient, hold your head up high,
Show great courage, let not thine good heart cry;
Thou knowest afterall, life is beautiful
Now go, unmask thyself, and thee be whole.


  1. really lovely poetry amity! :) it gives one so many images to picture in our mind!

    nice way of using the three words! :)

  2. Thanks Leo...:)

    I have not linked it yet to 3WW... :)

    More coming... :)

  3. You are really a wordsmith using to great advantage your poetic skill in churning out a lovely and soothing poem on three words.

  4. Great piece querying are fears, and the 3 words slot in nicely.

  5. Hi KP;

    Thanks so much for the praise, but I feel like I don't deserve it all...hence I am more challenged to burn more candles at night!

  6. Hi Stan;

    Yes, it may mean also that way, but this piece can mean a lot of things, though!

    Thanks're a fellow writer at OSI,, too!


  7. AMAZING poem
    my compliments Amity :-)


  8. Hello;

    Thanks so much that's an encouraging adjective for me!!!



  9. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    This is a different poem and very well written!How blessed you are and a beautiful creation here!
    Really nice and enjoyed reading the lines!
    Too busy with office work!
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  10. Woww :) :) Dear, You Are A Fantastic Poetess :) :)

  11. First, welcome to 3WW and I hope you'll find it a place to exercise your muse each Wednesday.
    While I do poetry from time and again, I find the form tough to write. You make it look easy. I like the sing-song nature of this.

  12. Hello Anu;

    Good morning!

    Am up very early to rehearse on a speech that am gonna deliver today in my son's school, as president of the federation of homeroom parents, teachers and employees association.

    But while trying to open my gmail account, I wonder why I can't log in. I made several futile attempts and till now I cant. Somebody must have hacked my account.

    Thanks for you wonderful comments. You are all my inspirations to keep on writing. Yeah, there are really many times when we are so busy with our office work, but that is part of our life already!

    Have a nice day!



  13. Hi Sahana;

    Good morning...:) made me smile of your fantastic comment...:)

    Thank you so much!

  14. Hi ThomG;

    Thanks for the warm welcome at 3WW...

    This work, well, I am trying to school myself...and I found it very exciting...with the help of some notes from the net...:) After all, lessons in high school and college had long left my head and only some bits and pieces have survived, that's why!

    Hope my muse won't falter me a bit!

    I have one very good friend who encouraged me to take part at 3WW...and hopefully both of us will stay there for good...:)

  15. Hiya, I like the way this sounds and the high/cry rhyme too!!

  16. Good morning Andy;

    Thanks so much, glad you like it!

  17. A superb piece! I like the style and format of this one.

  18. I love the old world feel of this. I can picture the gallant knight reciting to his lady. Gorgeous!

  19. Such a way with words--thanks for sharing your verses.


  20. A haiku inspired by "Beneath the Veil"--for Michiko...

    masquerade ball
    a princess mask
    for a princess


  21. Hi Sue;

    Thank you so much. You inspire me here!

  22. Hi Dee;

    Nice! What an imagination you have...but yeah,, it can be that way!


    Thanks so much!

  23. Hi Carlos;

    Thank you so much. Glad you like it!

    And yes thanks for the bonus haiku! You made me smile here...Michiko is my daughter and that's another blog of me which has been forsaken for some months hard up managing both...:)