Saturday, March 06, 2010

Now I Pass this Award To.....

This award from Yousei, I decided not to pass it....but seems am quite fickle-minded these days and I  finally made up my mind to pass this award... (thanks Priya for askin' me so...:) ....and so here my buddies who are most deserving, I give you this award...keep it as a living testament...yeyyy...that you are one among my great blogging buddies....:) in the blogworld full of mysteries... :)

So here they are... ( I have to break some rules as I want to pass this to more than 10 blogging buddies so close to me... :)...:)

1.   Priya of Journeying Through Life Alone
2.   Leo of Symphony (Soul Words)
3.   Anumapa of Sincerely Yours
4.   Anya of Kareltje en ikke
5.   Arsahana of Creativity
6.   Melissa of The Lotus Pages
7.   Raaji of Writing for Life
8.   HaRy of Cartoonist
9.   Madhu of For U...From Me
10. Miya of Enigmatic Rantings
11. Hemanth of Me, Myself and the World
12. Shraddha of the Self-Love Project
13. Yellow Tulip of My Heart's Rhyme
14. Princess Nuchu of A New Beginning
15. Riya of My Minds, My Thoughts, My Feelings 

PLEASE PASS THIS AWARD... Thanks so much... :)


  1. Hi Dear :) :)

    Thanks A Lot For The Award. Will Link In My Blog :) :)

    Hearty Congratulations To You For Receiving This Award :) :)

  2. Congratulations to you and Thanks a lot for passing it to me :)

  3. thnkiyuuuuuuuuuu :):)thnx a lot dearrrieeee :)))

    hugzzzzzz muahhhh :P:P

  4. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    Thanks a unch,my dear for passing
    the award to your buddies.You are so generous and kind hearted.
    ''God picked up a flower
    And dipped it in a dew,
    Lovngly touched it,
    Which turned into u,
    And then he gifted to me and said,
    Hugs and Love,

  5. congrats and thank you! hope you have a great weekend

  6. Hey Amity :) Love you and thank you so much :) feels great to share the award with you...

  7. Congratulations on your award
    and thank you for give it to us :-)

    Yeahhhhh......We are so happy !!!
    Thanks Amity :)

    thanks .... meow
    meow ..meow...
    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

    Have a nice sunday
    Anya :-)

  8. hiiiie..dear..m hre..i kno after a long tyme..m so srry dear..was goin lil bsyy..i kno its a silly excuse..but..neways..nice 2 b here..Congratulationsss to u for winnin such a b'ful award..nd thnx a biollions for considering me for sweet of ya..thnku so much..luv n hugs..2 u..:):)

  9. Congrats :)... thank u dear:)...sorry have been missing out here lately...keep up the good work.. its always a treat to be here:)...

  10. Riya;

    You became one of my best blogger buddy lately...:) hence, you deserve it, too!

  11. Priya;

    If you didn't say it so, I would not have passed it to anyone...:)

    Thanks dear! You're a gem!

  12. Hi Anu;

    Wow, thanks for the poem that came with your comment...:)

    You seem to have written it as easy as abc...:)

    Thanks for being a light to me always!



  13. Melissa;

    Same to you dear and I gave it to you coz u are always here with me!


  14. Hi Anya;

    To you also Kareltje...:)

    You both deserve this award. And it's a treat for award for two buddies...Anya & Kareltje...:)

    Am contemplating of adopting a Kareltje, too!

    Hoping soon!

  15. Meow;

    Thanks for coming by in spite of a busy working life you have now...:)

    You deserve it really...and I am more than happy to pass it onto you!!!


  16. Maddu;

    Am surprised! You surprised me...:)

    Thanks a lot dear... I missed you too!

    Hopefully this award made you happy!

    Love and tight hugs!!!


  17. Yellow Tulip;

    And I wish to tell you, too that it's also always a treat to be in your place...:)

    Have I told you lately that I loke your template a lot? The lavender color is awesome!

    You deserve this award so please claim it soon!