Thursday, March 18, 2010


Paid by government fairly
On services that will
Look after people's welfare
It's but disheartening, they're
Culprits of social unrest
Evils and multifarious brutalities

Beastly they have become
Ruthless and very abusive
Using their guns recklessly
Trying to threaten innocent
And helpless, poor victims
Like they are demigods
Insidiously clad in uniforms
To project deceptive power
You truly would despise

Written for Amias' Acrostic Only
Photo Courtesy


  1. That's sad. Well done, but the concept is a sad one. It happens more often then it should.

  2. Gavin;

    Yes, it's true. A dear child and relative of mine who is deaf and mute, suffered from the hands of one law-enforcer, in spite his being innocent!

    I believe in karma!

  3. A few do behave badly but it is the beasts they have to subdue that make them like that.
    The police have a great deal to put up with, sometimes they like all the rest of us do not get it right. We are all human.

  4. Glennis;

    I am sure you are new here in my space and am glad you came... :)

    Thanks Glennis, please come back again...I guess I met you at 3WW? Is it?

  5. I could see how you hurt, in those beautifully expressed words. Good job Amity.

  6. Saras;

    Yes, it is indeed! I just had a very bad experience lately through a relative!

    Thank you so much!

  7. We know there is good and bad in all things, but here we speak openly about the bad side of "many" policeman, as such Amity, you did well. The first stanza may need a little work, but the last one takes it home!

    What is sad in these days and time is, without the technology of cell phones, etc. a lot of Police Brutality is not brought to light. As such, without the Internet, we could not share our common knowledge of how bad Police brutality is around world.

  8. Amias;

    Thank you so much...I could sense so many things in your comment!

    Though for some observations, am happy you like it!