Thursday, March 25, 2010


Deprived stratum
nuzzles in a poor makeshift
hunger makes them brazen

Written for 3WW (Brazen, Hunger, Nuzzle)


  1. Such sad state. Very well done Amity.

  2. In our country is no poverty !!
    It pains me when I see it :(
    I just wanted something to eat but my hunger is suddenly gone !!

    I wish I could help.
    If I give money to poor people than I always think,
    I hope my gift would be arriving at the right place.
    I have sometimes my doubts that it not always arrive !!
    you let us see the reality.
    Let us never forget.

    For those people we are all rich
    only because we have food every day....

  3. It makes you realise how lucky we are!

    Nicely portrayed!

  4. Bluemist;

    Yes, it is! My heart breaks.

  5. Anya;

    I am amazed to know that you live in a country where there is no poverty. How I wish everyone should live in a country like Netherlands...

    This is not a perfect world Anya...some are very rich, a lot are very poor.

  6. Andy;

    That's true n we must be thankful to God!

  7. Sahana;

    Yes dear, very sad, indeed!

  8. Dee;

    If we could only do something, but like what Anya said, she wished to help but should be assured that any help given by her should reach the real beneficiary.

    Extending help is even a struggle as we don't know if the assistance really would reach them.

  9. I think my english was not good :(

    They are also rich and poor people in The Netherlands but not so poor !!
    Everyone can eat and almost nobody lives on the street... !!!!
    And everyone has a roof over his head ;)
    Unemployed people get a benefit for rent and food etc ...

  10. KP;

    It has touched you I guess...


  11. Anya;

    No, Anya, what you said is is just sad that most parts of the world are suffering like this and it pains me to see people like these.

    I want to live in Netherlands to spare of the pain of being subjected to such scenario...

    Thanks dear!