Sunday, March 07, 2010

My 50th Poem....

With much hesitation, I ventured into this blog world
Like a lost stranger, I wondered what to do
I attempted to pour my feelings and my thoughts
Hoping somebody would listen and care

I dauntlessly scribbled what came to heart and mind
To ease myself of boredom, some physical pains
And tough emotional struggles I tried to conquer
With the help of my pen and paper

And in this wonderful blog space
Little by little I gained virtual friends
I was acknowledged, admired and thanked
For sharing my dreams and my realities

I grew up, matured and won awards
But in between were much hesitation
At times I wished to just vanish away
Thinking I am doing no better way

But thank you all my dear blogging buddies
As I wrote my 50th poem
You all inspired me to write and share
To express and be part of a wonderful world
What I am now, I owe it to you all!

More notes on this poem:

Hey buddies, this is my 50th poem (click on this link to read more of my poems), since I started blogging sometime in November 2008. I would like to consider this as a milestone. And yes, in between then and now, I oftentimes wanted to stop the whole exciting thing, but thanks a lot, many of you my buddies would dare me not to stop, and have instead pushed and encouraged me to go on and would often tell me that I should not hesitate because I enjoy writing. Thanks buddies... ;) 

I hope to write some more and hopefully gain more friends and readers...Yes, I truly love this world, a silent and at the same time noisy world where there is a unique meeting of the minds. There are no borders, no boundaries, no discriminations, in spite of the fact that we come from different worlds. What a beautiful world, isn't it? 

No fighting, whatsoever, but only just the sharing of wonderful minds, great ideas,  beautiful thoughts and unique feelings and emotions.

Thanks to all of you...:) Have a blessed Sunday........... :)

P.S. Thanks for the Badge that I won last February at Acrostic Only, on my work COMETS.

With much love,

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Hesitation)


  1. Congrats! :D 50 is a big number. Thank you for continuing to share all your wonderful thoughts with us. (:

  2. Hearty Congratulations!!
    It is a milestone indeed and the way you have traversed is studded with gems of poems of much charm.Your blog has given us readers as much pleasure as you derived in writing for it.Please continue to regale us with your ,acrostics and articles.You richly deserve the many awards you have won.Thank you, Amity, for the wonderful blog you are maintaining.

  3. Dear Amity,
    Good Morning!
    Hearty Congrtulations,dear on recahing half century!You do write quality stuff and we enjoy your writings.I must tell you,when we write straight from our heart,it is more appealing!
    Happy Women's Day!It is tomorrow on 8th,March.You are the proud woman.Be Happy!It's day to celebrate and enjoy our achievements.
    Make it special;so,let your man know tomorrow is your special day.:)
    Wishing you warmth and happiness,

  4. Hi Dear Amity,
    Hearty Congratulations On Reaching 50Th Poem.......Obviously Its A Milestone Dear :) :)

    Keep Blogging......Come Up With Many More Poems.....Your Acros Really Please Me & Also Encourage Me To Compose Acro's

    Dear, Please Don't Do, What U Have Said In These Two Lines....."At times I wished to just vanish away
    Thinking I am doing no better way"

    You Are An Excellent Blogger......Your Pen & Paper Are Loving Objects To Your Readers As Well.....Don't Think YOu Are No Better Way.....Infact, I Too Feel Sometimes, But, I Giveup Such NO BETTER WAY THOUGHTS & Share Whatever Comes To My Mind.....

    Each Individual Will Have Some Or The Other Talent. Our Talent Is Of PEN & PAPER.....So Don't Try To "Giveup, THINKING NO BETTER WAY"

    According To Me, Blogging Is A Kind Of Inherent Talent, Ability, A Spirit & Enthu To Compose Different Varieties Of Poem & Share With Others.

    You Are Excellent In All Sorts Of Poems........Even The Prose......

    Amity, Stay In Blogosphere Forever & Ever. Hope, I Have Not Hurt Your Feelings.....Just Said, What I Really Felt!!!!

    Wish You All The Very Best Success :) :)

    Take Care.


  5. Congrats dear:).... for 50th and the badges:)..

  6. Here's to the next 50... and the next.

    Keep it up ............
    until 100th poem !!!
    And maybe more ..... LOL
    I love it to read your BEAUTIFUL poems !!!

  8. Amity,
    Congratulations on your 50th poem. I enjoy reading your work. Nothing like a few awards and feedback from others to inspire you to continue! I also appreciate your comments on my work. You take the time to say something meaningful, which I appreciate very much.

    Never have doubts, just express yourself.

  9. Happy anniversary! Keep going without hesitation...

  10. Gavin;

    Thanks to you too for reading my thoughts...:)

  11. KP;

    Thanks to you too for being a constant follower in spite of the fact that I don't follow much of your blogs!


  12. My Dearest Anu;

    I am so grateful for your constant support in my blogs...though I am not always present in space...and yeah, hope you read my comment already on "Who is Your Woman?"...thanks for that lovely post.

    May you and I continue to write without hesitation!

    Again, thanks for gracing this milestone in my blogging life!

    I love you dear! Hugs...



  13. Dear Sahana;

    Thank you sooooooooooo very inspire with the comments you always share in my blog...yes, everything you said here now are true!

    Of course, you've never hurt my always you are one precious friend to me and yes, please don't forget to collect your award from me...:)

    I will stay, promise!!!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!



  14. Congratulations! I am glad you are among us, enriching our lives and sharing the road.

  15. It is a beautiful blog world, isn't it? I'm glad you're still here, and your poem was wonderful!

  16. heyy..Heartiest Congratulations..on reaching this mile stone..n wish u achieve many more such..really a great very happy for you n always want you to keep going..nice dear..!!!

  17. Congratulations, Amity! You are a good poet, very good!
    Isn't it nice to have blogging, virtual, friends!
    You have a multitude.
    And what makes it possible are the little groups, like OSI, Haiku Bones, Acrostic Only, and the various meme's. There gets to be a pattern of cross commenting folk.
    Plus some good writes. I sure can feel it when a poem is a total flop. Quite a few of mine just aren't too great.
    But we have fun and enjoy the writing as well as the compliments, don't we?

  18. Congrats! (I can relate--just started blogging sometime in Jan...though not nearly as much as you do. Wish I had more time for it.) Keep it up!

  19. such a sweet poem ... blogging is
    altering ...emotions and mind...and you meet the coolest
    and warmest people.

  20. Hi Yello Tulip;

    Thanks so much dear for being around on this one important milestone in my blogging life!

  21. Anthony;

    Sure I will and thank you so much!

  22. Hello Anya;

    Yeah, i will try to a 100th and you will grace it with a guest post!

    Thanks for always being there for me!

  23. Hi Rob;

    Thanks for always reading my works...:)

    You made me smile...and you're one writer at OSI that I admire! A true poet and not a hesitant one like me!

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  24. Steerforth;

    Thanks for dropping by! Glad u liked it!

  25. Hello Sandy;

    Thank you so much and I am more than glad I found you and this OSI...and I wish to grow and learn more and improve my craft!

    You will surely be great help to me!

    As long as OSI will be there, I will be there, too!

  26. Sweetest;

    Yeah, such a wonderful world where you and I are part of it!

    We will stay for as long as we live!

    Blogging will remain my silent and wonderful world!

  27. Maddy;

    I am so happy dear you are around to give me good wishes in spite of your busy working life now...:)

    Please do write in between your busy life...set aside FV for a while and don't just leave blogging like now.

    I miss your awesome posts!

  28. Jim;

    Yeah, you are right! We know ourselves if our poems are a flop! But like what you said, whatever, at least we enjoy writing them.

    I am convinced there's no rules either, but the thing is, if we love what we are doing and there are a handful of virtual friends who appreciate our simply good poems, then it's a wonderful world...!

    Thanks Jim for being one of them!

    Of course your poems are as good as mine! And better than mine... :)

  29. Robin;

    When we love what we are doing, we always have time! That was my feelings before, I felt like stopping all at once but through the encouragement of few very good virtual friends, I was able to go this far!

    You do it, and find time! It's always satisfying!

  30. MIa;

    I just came from your blog and you are one of the best that I came across here at OSI!

    Keep on writing and thanks for sharing your thoughts in my blogs!

    Have a great week ahead!

  31. nice write and congratulations!!:)keep going...

  32. Congratulations on the milestone...your blog is quite amazing and I always enjoy my visits here. Thanks for sharing your inspiring words and poetry.

  33. Congratulations on your wonderful milestone! Thank you for sharing your lovely words.

  34. Hi AAyushi;

    Thanks for your kind comments!

  35. I'm so glad you are at OSI! Congratulations! I know what that feeling is in the beginning of blogging. It was exactly the same for me with photography and blogging. Now I'm moving out to haiku, also, and I have the same hesitation. That was a wonderful poem!

    Andree's OSI: Hesitation

  36. The Write Girl;

    Thank you sooooooo much!

    Me, too, you write so well! We always see each other at OSI and AO...:)

    Have a nice day!

  37. AAyushi;

    Thank you so much dear!


  38. Sue (Tumblewords);

    Thanks Mom...:)

    I wish to be with OSI for as long as I am here at blog world.


  39. Andree;

    As much as you are happy, yes I am more than happy I found OSI and all you great people there...:)

    I will stay for as long as I can, and with no hesitations anymore...:)

    Thank you so much for your encouraging comments.... :)

    Have done some haikus also but in the next few weeks, i will try some other forms of poetry!

  40. Happy Fifty, Amity!
    Why the hesitation?
    Just hang some words on a line,
    Watch them twirl in the wind.

  41. A very happy 50th poem my friend and well done. Keep posting.


  42. lovely, lovely, lovely... so well spoken a reflection of thoughts i am sure we can relate so well

  43. congrats! I think it's rather hard to just write one poem so 50 is a lot, so I hope more happy writing for you

  44. Hello Natalie;

    Thank you so much dear and thanks for the encouragement...:)

    Sure, I will stay in spite of some hesitations, I fell in love with this blog world already!


  45. Hi Melanie;

    Thanks so much my friend...:)

    Yes, I will keep on posting, promise!



  46. Hi Pieceofpie;

    Thanks dear and glad you also know the feelings...:)

    Your poems are as lovely, too!

    Have a nice day!

  47. Hi Lissa;

    Yeah, you are right, especially with someone like me whose struggling with what right words am gonna use...)

    But, thank God, I did 50 in more than a year and hopefully write some more!

    Thanks so much dear!

    Wishing you the same... :)

  48. Oh and I think I am the 50th comment on your post! Congrats~ I feel the same way- so many good thing about blogging. And since last Feb. I have NOT missed 1 OSI prompt! Yay us!!!

  49. Hello Patti;

    Good morning!

    yeah, you completed my day today for making the 50th comment...:)

    Thank you so much and I sure would not want to miss any prompt from OSi from now on... :)

    I am happy to be part of OSI and through OSI I could really write poems...though not ornately done...:)

    The thing is I can put in paper my thoughts and feelings...:)

    I have not missed your posts too at OSI!


    Almost weekend and am excited to pen the next prompt... "MURMUR"... :)

    Yeyyy... :)

  50. Amity you are a very nice person and a very good Poetess and blogger. You should soon cross your 100th Poem as well and continue to enthrall your friends and admirers. Looking forward to the pleasure of reading MORE from you.

  51. Good.. 50 poems is a wonderful achievement Amity, don't ever hesitate to share again! :)

    hope to see ur 100th poem soon :)

  52. Saras;

    Thank you so much...:)

    Yes, like all the others' wishes...i wish to write some more and even surpass a hundred... :)

    Thanks for your wonderful comment!

  53. Leo;

    Thank you so much...yeah, sure, i wish to write some more.... :)

    And hope that you will continue to follow... :)

  54. Lovely poem and congrats!

  55. Hi Julie;

    Good morning...:)

    Thank you so much for your visit...and glad you liked it!

  56. Congratulations on your 50th poem! You are not alone in your hesitation - writing is such an introspective endeavor, it is bound to stir up self doubt. So happy you have persevered. Your posts are so full of heart!

  57. Hi Gabrielle;

    Thanks a lots dear...:)

    And I wish to write more, hence to set aside hesitation and be persevering...:)

  58. Congrats Kabayan!

    I think every blogger started with hesitation as we never know how will the others would react :-)

    But I think the most important thing really is you were able to express your thoughts to every one. its such a satisfying moment :-)

    your poem summarizes your milestone!

  59. Totomai;

    Thanks so much for gracing this milestone in my blogging life!

    You made it to the 60th comment! Kudos!

    Hopefully I will stay here for good and without hesitation as well as you do!

  60. Totomai;

    Thanks so much for gracing this milestone in my blogging life!

    You made it to the 60th comment! Kudos!

    Hopefully I will stay here for good and without hesitation as well as you do!