Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Magic of Song

A song is but a little thing
But many wonders it may bring
A good song heals a sick king
By an Adarna bird that sings

A string of some easy notes
And done in lyrical quotes
Accompanied by a flute
Played by a friend so astute

In the coldest of nights
When the cold seems to bite
My favorite song leads me to heights
Heights that I can see beautiful sights

Some songs give happy feelings
Still others with sad meanings
Some others with slow and fast beatings
And yet what joy it is to sing!

Written for Carry On Tuesday
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  1. This is one of your best poems !!!
    I love it :-)
    So friendly and lovely...

    Success is not the key to happiness !!!
    Happiness is the key to success!!! If you love what you are doing, you will be successful........
    please go one with your poems :-)


  2. Hi Anya;

    Thank you so much for your inspiring comment! What you said is true! Nothing more!

    I love to write and I will keep on writing! Thanks for the encouragement...:)

    Hugs to you and Kareltje...:)


  3. @ Amity

    Indeed, sometimes songs are hear and feel as if they are singing in the words of your heart and touches your soul string!

    Perhaps that what your poem also did..simply Awesome :)

    Also the picture of the young cheerful boy wearing the ornage and hodling the flute in his hands...posing like Lord amazing combination! In all a delight to read and watch!!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  4. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    Today we are eclebrating the Birthday of Lord Sree Rama,an important and auspicious day!
    Devotional songs are sung in the temples.It is so nice.I am listening to a beautiful bhajan on Sree Rama now.
    Music,the lines and the tune can capture our hearts,bringing the spirits high,bringing back the memories,making us sad,reminding us someone who has gone far away.
    Amity,it is a beautiful poem,so touching lines.
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  5. Yes yes :-).

    I have been singing songs lately. Thinking about the same things :-)

  6. Rachana;

    You are right dear...I love to listen to songs that means a lot to me..and at times, attempts to sing the gives a wonderful feeling and what more, it inspires us, isn't it!

    Re: the pic, I was attracted to that little boy with his innocence and maturity combined...:)

    Thanks a lot dear!

  7. Hi Anu;

    I believe that songs are part of any celebration in whatever race or nationality or country...that even in the olden times, David loved to sing with the accompaniment of his harp!

    Thanks dear!

  8. Raaji;

    You made me smile...yes, songs either make us happy or always does the trick!

    I am happy for you are singing songs lately...keep on dear!



  9. Woww :) :) So Superb :) :) Fantastic :) :) Dear, Excellent Beautiful Write up :) :)

  10. Sahana;

    Thanks my dearest!

    You also write very good acrostics!!!

    Keep up! :)

  11. Hi...

    That was a good one...Simple and meaningful...and above all the rhyming part was great...Hope to see more in the line...

    Thanks for your comments...and hey I am much older than ur daughter...So maybe we can be sisters...Right???

  12. Music has tremendous effect on the soul and it can be varied.It can soothe an agitated mind,enliven a person even making him wild, bring raptures or depression depending on the type of song,its loudness and the content.The magic of a song lies in its awesome power to move the people positively or negatively.
    Amity's verse touches upon the wondrous effect that a song well played would have on us.A very nicely written poem.

  13. Hello Anamika;

    So you are here in my space? But I was wondering how come you know my daughter is younger than you? I didn't remember telling you about it, but anyways, am happy you knew it, whatever way it has come to your attention....

    Yeah, call me Big Sis and you, my Little Sis! I could feel some commonalities in us and that would make us like each other I guess!

    Of course you will read more of me, I assure you, but nothing sort of personal...I write in the lines of just "GP" General Patronage...lols...:))

    Thanks Anamika, have a nice day!


    Big Sis Amity

  14. KP;

    You said it well, but I did not say on that line of thoughts in my poem!

    Thanks so much!

  15. No matter what emotion is stirred up by your song, it brings joy in some way. Not necessarily happiness, but joy.

  16. Hi Carina;

    You're right Carina...thanks so much!

    Good evening...:))

  17. Good write Amity. enjoyed reading yours.

  18. Swapna;

    Thanks you enjoyed reading it...:))