Wednesday, March 03, 2010


She was panting, catching her breath
As if she has climbed hills and mountains
She tried to fly to escape her predator
Yet she can't launch her wings
And remained a helpless prey

Run, run, she told herself
But she felt immobile
And can't even make a single move
She's about to be devoured
Crying for help from somewhere

They seemed not to hear
They seemed to be ignoring her pleas
And her predator was just a few steps away
She's stony terrified
And remained a vulnerable prey

Gathering all her last wits
She ran so fast, stumbled on a boulder
Then saw blood oozing from her thighs
Awakened by the pain
Thank God, it's just a dream.

Please Don't Run 

My mind seems empty
My pen is just as lazy
Why do you have to run away from me
When I have so much to express
Of the many things I regret

Please don't run away from me
Help me convey what is real
Let me share what I feel
To ease me of the pain
To keep me always sane

Don't run away from me
Though you always seem not to come easy to me
Just please don't totally run away from me

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Running)


  1. ohhh.. this was a scary dream, the first one.. running from someone chasing her, yet the pace whatever she does seems slow and unable to go anywhere.. nicely done!!

    for the second one of course, i can easily relate to it.. thoughts running away when the pen seems eager to write it down.. its happened to me, and i guess to many others too.. loved it.. a double runner this one!

    ur thoughts seem in ur head itself Amity, they dont want to leave ur creative mind! :D keep them close.. u've a great March to look forward to i think! :)

  2. Disturbing dream.
    Words often escape us.
    Great post.

  3. thats a scary dream yikes...i loved the other poem it was great

  4. Yes ,Dreams are often scary....
    the other poem is really nice..

  5. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    Are you disturbed?If we pray sincerely at night before sleeping,if you listen to soft music you will not have bad dreams.
    The second poem is very good;touching.Cheer up dear;After the sunset,the sun rises.
    This is spring season.Search for the blooms.
    Love N hugs,

  6. "Just please don't totally run away from me."

    For some reason this really jumped out at me. Not for the same reasons I think you've written here, but still very like in my face kind of thing.

  7. You always touch my heart with your poignancy. Glad the first one was a dream....and it's obvious that many of us don't run away from you--only towards you!


  8. Sometimes dreams seem so real. Are they ever a reflection of something going on in our lives? Why do we wake up just before the real trouble? You describe this terrible dream so well in "Run....".

    Your second poem lets me think about running away from others, or running away from ourselves. I think we should never run away from something, we are better served to run "towards" something.

    I enjoyed both of your poems, Amity. My best, Rob.

  9. both are wonderful poems for this prompt. Each are full of feeling and depth.

  10. It happens everytime...:)nightmares...i told you!

    I am glad that you liked my work...second poem speaks well for me, i always suffer...wordlessly..huh!

    Now i dunno what to say...but just the same, thanks so much!

  11. Melissa;

    Thank you so much dear! Nightmares are really yikes...!!! Ha ha ha

  12. Geeta;

    yeah, true, no one is spared of having nightmares!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  13. My Dear Anu;

    Yeah, more often than not...but as you said, prayers will help!

    Thank you so much, you are always an encouragement and I always feel uplifted once you speak to me!

    I love you Anu!!!

  14. Gavin;

    Ouchhh...sorry about that if I've touched a sensitive chord in you!

    I was imparting that words usually escape me. I wish to write or say something and it's already in my head, at the tip of my tongue but can't catch it, seems I said, please don't totally run away from me.

    Thanks Gavin!

  15. Hello Beth;

    Don't you know? You made me smile on your touched me, i was touched..."you running towards me"...i feel i am loved!

    Thank you so much dear!

  16. Rob;

    You hit it right Rob!

    The first and the second poem...but for the second poem, i am talking about how words seem elusive to me sometimes, hence I am like kinda asking that they should not run away from me...:)

    Thanks Rob for your wonderful comments!!!

  17. Hi.

    Thanks for your visit.and yeah i guess its too dark.i'll search for another template soon. :)

  18. A couple of excellent interpretations of the prompt there. Enjoyed them both.

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  20. Fear and then emptiness....two difficult experiences, to be sure. Sometimes I think bad dreams clear the slate for new ones; we have only to wait a little.

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  22. writer's block :-) sometimes it can be a muse :-)

  23. A very scary dream :(
    (I prefer a romantic ...... LOL)
    And that poem is very touching !!!!
    Wonderful written :-)

    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog and yes take a pet its good for you (You have always something to cuddle ...... LOL) and NO MORE
    stress ;-)
    When I have stress
    i put kareltje on my lap
    he purrrrrrrssssss.... al away
    For my work I had take classes stress tolerance !!!!
    I know now how to deal with stress....(I think I know ?!?! :-)
    Its not always easy ....
    Please think positive
    life is too short ENJOY :-)
    Special Hugs for you from
    Kareltje =^.^=

  24. Hi Sunakshi;

    Yeah, it was a kind suggestion...and hopefully any changes you will make will result into a reader-friendly one na.

    Thanks dear!

  25. Sandy;

    A rendition on the so many realities in life, and glad you like them!

    Have a great weekend dear!

  26. Totomai;

    Yeah, true! You got it right!

    Magandang araw sa yo!

  27. Hello Anya;

    I wish to write a romantic one...but I don't feel like it... :)

    Thanks a lot and Kareltje's presence in my blog give sunshine to me always...:)

    Hugs to both of you!!!

  28. Dear AD;

    Hey, what's wrong?

    Oh, don't be! Be strong enough!

  29. I love your 'Please Don't Run' poem. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Amity, I love these two. The first was scary, thank goodness it was only a dream.
    Your second? Seems your poet is talking to mine ("You can come along or I'll go alone"). Or is mine talking to yours? :)
    I'm glad you had a nice holiday. It isn't real good when the kids are away, is it? One of mine is probably leaving the country along with our youngest granddaughter. ;)
    I am sorry it took me so long to get here. I have a list of all who used the prompt and am going to visit all. Some will be still later.
    BTW, I've posted for tonight, 'hesitation.'

  31. Hi The Lly Dilettante;

    Thanks for dropping by and glad you like my poem!


  32. Hey Jim;

    I told you, better late than never...:)

    Thank you so much you liked my poems...:) See, I wrote two for your prompt...nope, but I was just playing my thoughts on the second poem while inside a running bus going home from the i thought that would suffice...:)

    But when I reached home and had a deep slumber after a tiring trip, I had a nightmare, and again, I wrote it, so it was a double poem for your prompt...:)

    Thank you so much JIm for your kind comments!