Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Sunshine Award.....

I am happy today...:) Though quite a bit late of claiming this award/gift from Riya of My Mind, My Thoughts, My Feelings still, it gave me much sunshine and happiness today!!! Thank you so much Riya!!!..:) 

Dear Riya;

Since I don't have the luxury of time reworking on the Rules of this award, can I just keep it to myself? Of course, I will also disable comments...:) I am posting it here just to tell all other blogger-friends that I got this special award from you! I love you Riya... tango much!!!  :)

You gave me sunshine today! I love yah! Hugs dear!!


P.S. I will enable comments now as suggested by a dear friend...sorry folks, am kinda fickle-minded these days!


  1. Thanks for enabling comments :)

    It is all my pleasure to pass this award to you. You deserved it really. Thanks for your suggestions for my blog. I am grateful to you :)

  2. Hello;

    Sorry Riya, am just really fickle-minded...:)

    Thank you again for this award! I will forever treasure it!