Sunday, May 02, 2010

An Enigma

Ships lost without a trace
Planes vanish without a hint
Humans in boats disappear
without a trail in the watery grave

No distinct signs of wreckage
there is no single clue left behind
to reveal what occurred
In the matter of a second

Scientists made the greatest quest
to resolve in vain  the mystery
That has become a history
vested with super natural quality

Experts make frequent theory
That do not stand rigorous scrutiny
Man’s ingenuity is of little avail
To break the long worrying  riddle

A mystery beyond man's comprehension
partly explained in scientific diction
and mostly in popular myths
God only knows its cruel tricks

Over dinner with my three kids the other week, discussions on the mystery of the Bermuda triangle suddenly popped up. They gave so many facts/myths they’ve learned in college, but what remained is the fact that the lessons I’ve learnt way back in college, some 25 years ago, have not changed much! Meaning to say, man was still not able to explain the mystery over the imaginary Bermuda Triangle.

Now I can’t answer any of your queries, should you think of throwing back anything at me, and if you are interested, I would like you to see the net about it and you may just click on the link here about BERMUDA TRIANGLE.

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Enigma)
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  1. I've written about this myself. If you're interested, I've got an essay here:

    Bermuda Triangle

  2. A great poem about some of life's mysteries. well penned.


  3. Bermuda Triangle is one of the many inexplicable things like UFOs that many have seen but unable to throw convincing explanation.
    The nicely written poem highlights the mystery and the human helplessness in finding an answer to the queer phenomenon.
    Thanks Amity for the admirable poem.

  4. Liked this. Many such enigmas exist in this universe, which even man cannot resolve.

  5. Many of my students are from Puerto Rico, and they are fascinated by this thing. Your poem is wonderful. Thanks.

  6. Hi Amity. Over the years, I have read several books on the Bermuda Triangle. All with very interesting theories, but nothing conclusive at all. An enigma for sure. I have also put my toes within the waters of the "Triangle" with no ill effects. Imagine that! I enjoyed your poem very much. Rob.

  7. excellent topic of intrigue that has no answers...

  8. Never an answer, always a mystery! Lovely descriptive poem...

  9. Wonderful poem Amity
    (as usual ....... ;)
    You are very good keep writing !!

    (sorry i'm late I had internet troubles almost no internet last weekend :(

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  10. I love unexplained things like this. Delightful

  11. HI Anthony;

    Thanks for being first again, and yeah, I read your scholarly essay about Bermuda Triangle through the link you gave me!

    I hope my poem gave justice to such an enigma about the Bermuda Triangle, much like you did to your essay, you've written way back in 2007.

    Good morning!

  12. Hello Yvonne;

    Thank you so muchoooooo... :))

    Glad you like it!

  13. Hi KP;

    Yes, and I am pretty sure it will remain a mystery!!!

  14. Hi Aayushi;

    Yes, it is and it only proves that God is omniscient above man's ingenuity!

    Thanks dear!

  15. HI Sandy:

    Is it? Oh wow...that's really great and you would learn from them firsthand info about it! Do they know some mysteries themselves?

    Thanks Sandy! Good morning!

  16. Hi Rob;

    Oh good for you, but after all those great reads, Bermuda Triangle remains an enigma till now!

    Dipping your toes yourself? Incidentally, no coincidence happened the moment you dipped your toes within its waters... lols...:))

    Thanks so much!

  17. PIeceofpie;

    Yeah, you are right!

    Thanks a lot!

  18. Hi Sue;

    Yes it is! Thanks so much Mom!

  19. Hi Anya;

    Thanks so mucho dear!

    Net troubles? Oh that would give me a throbbing head!

    Hugs to Kareltje...:)) ^.^

  20. Tammy;


    Yeah, me, too I am fascinated like you and all others!

    Thanks a lot!

  21. What a perfect enigma- I am fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle and all it's lore and history. Great interpretation!

  22. Hi Patti;

    Thanks so much! Me, too! And even my three teenage kids...;)

  23. Dear Amity,
    Your poem is delightful and the stories of the world regarding whether it be myth or truth, are always here with us giving us the opportunity to ponder over them.
    It's amazing what the world brings us, and at the same time what we give meaning to.
    I am grateful for you passing by my blog and finding me.
    Have a very blessed day indeed.