Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Best Friend

When I am down and feeling low
He gives me His shoulder to cry on

When I am hopeless and discouraged
He gives me hope and courage

When problems arise manifold
He shows me answers untold

When I am hurt and in pain
He pacifies me without fail

When I feel like giving up
He encourages me never to let up 

When the road ahead seems dark
He shows light and a beautiful spark

When friends seem to ignore and leave one by one
He gives new ones to provide genuine fun

When I am subdued by my fears
He calms me like a child so dear

He is there like a sun during the day
When I am happy and gay

Like a moon in the night
When I am low and in fright

Till the stars, moon and sun
No longer shine and warm the sky

He is my all in all
Through thick and thin

In joys and in tears
One can never surpass

Willing ever to listen when I talk
Pat me to move on when I baulk

And He could make wonders
In this mess of a life I have!

All my sins forgiven and become weightless
I will in His eyes be spotless

I will love Him till the end
My best friend, my all in all!

My best ever-friend!

Written for Three Word Wednesday (Prompts: ignore, fear, weightless)
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  1. Admire and envy a bit your faith :)


  2. So so lovely written
    It comes straight from your heart ♥

    Sometimes in life,
    you find a special friend.
    Someone who changes your life
    just by being part of it.
    Someone who makes you laugh
    until you can't stop.
    Someone who makes you believe
    that there really is good in the world.
    Someone who convinces you
    that there really is an unlocked door
    just waiting for you to open it .....


    Kareltje send you cuddles

  3. Your faith speaks volumes. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A wonderful post but what else can a mom expect from her
    A beautiful poem which was a pleasure to read.

    Take care.

  5. Lovely images of faith and comfort.

  6. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    I am so happy,you have the special friend,
    To bring that sunshine smile,
    To wipe away the tear drops,
    To see that you are in high spirits,
    And to encourage you to go creative,
    Blessed you are, my dear,
    You have the strong shoulder to lean on!
    Praise the Lord,that he remains,
    Forever with you!
    Love you dear,
    Hugs and Prayers,

  7. Woww!!!!!!!! No Words To Tell, How Liked This Poem.....Its Measureless, Its Value is Priceless.......

    Excellent Beautiful, Fantastic, Fabulous Write Up Dear :) :)

    Lovely & Touching :) :)

    Dear, Visit My Blog To Collect A Small Gift :) :)

  8. really a very special friendship. well said Amity..

  9. What a lovely expression of your belief. Good 3WW.

    My 3WW: Red Alert

  10. Your faith is inspiring...your expressing of that faith well done.

  11. The peace that passes all understanding!

    This is beyond our dreams!!


  12. Hi Pia;

    You can have the same faith Pia..:)

    Welcome to's your first I guess!

    Hope you will come back again!

    Thanks so much!

  13. Amity this is a wonderful psalm to Him! A heart revealed, clothed with sincerity. I too envy your faith and closeness. One day I'll get there.

    Though the world may abandon you He will never leave nor forsake. :)

    You are an inspiration.

  14. Hi Anya;

    You amazed me shared a very beautiful poem itself....:)

    Anya...keep writing such thoughts you have and share it with us!

    HUgs dear and hugs to kareltje! ^.^

  15. nicely written...btw i gifted a big teddy to my best frnd some day before hehe :)!!

  16. Once I had a visit/vision where my BFF (God) sat on my bed in tears and said "I feel your pain and will never leave you" as he held me. This poem was AWESOME.

  17. Hi Mommy Yvonne;

    Thank you so much Mom!

    Yeah you are right!

    Good morning....:)

  18. Hi Carina;

    Yeah, it is! And all of us should!

    Thanks so much! :)

  19. Hi Anu;

    Yes, you said it right! He is really everything to me! No one can ever surpass...:)

    Do you have a friend such as mine?

    Thanks dear for your wonderful comments!


  20. Hello Sahana;

    Hmmm...u mesmerize me with your comments...:) I am drowning with so much compliments from you!

    Yeah, the gift? I will claim it soonest and will add in my awards archive...:)

    Thanks dear...:) Hugs! ^.^

  21. Hello Leo;

    It is indeed, a very special friendship!

    Thank you so much! :)

  22. Hi Grandma,

    Welcome to Dreams.... :)

    Yes, it is! Thank you so much...:)

    I will soon visit yours...:)

    Good morning!

  23. Hi Radio Nowhere;

    Thanks so much! Glad you appreciated it!

  24. Hi Andy;

    Shall keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus...whatsoever things are true!......I know that song! :)

    Thanks so much! Glad you like it!

  25. Hi Sharla;

    I could only smile...:) for such a wonderful comment from you dear!

    Get there soon my dear, don't delay, and it will be pure bliss with Him! Worries and burdens He will carry for you, that's how He loves us, unconditionally even!

    Thanks so much! Hugs!

  26. Hi Paramveer;

    Welcome to Dreams...:)

    That teddy bear you gifted will be a treasure for the receiver...:)

    That is, if she is really your bestest of friend! (BFF)...:)

    Thanks for dropping by...:) Hope you will come back!

    Good morning!

  27. Hi Tammy;

    I know that feeling, been into it and like you, I really felt His wonderful presence! Nothing can compare, isn't it!

    Thank you so much! You, too are AWESOME!

  28. Hi Stan;

    Yes, in Him it is! Unquestionable!

    Thanks so much!

  29. Sandy;

    Oh really? I am glad it did help you in a way!

    Thanks dear! Let us not waver in our faith and love with Him!

    He is the best, right?

  30. Hey - very beautifully painted...i think your words were quite visual...they flow nicely. quite liked it.

  31. Hi Jingle;

    Thanks so much! Glad you like it! :)

  32. Hi Gyanban;

    Thanks a ton! Glad you liked it completely!

    Have a nice day!

  33. May God help me be a friend like that..Thanks Amity.. I learnt what kind of a friend one need to be..will follow you form hereon.. and thanks for visiting me.. it inspires..

  34. Hi Ramesh;

    Thanks Ramesh, will return the compliment, I will follow you through OSI...:)

    Thanks again!

  35. Wow. This is beautiful writing. I truly enjoyed it...:)
    I am your newest follower. Have a good day.

  36. Mr. Stupid;

    Hi! Welcome to Dreams...:) Hope your name does not mean a stupid you... :)

    Thanks for following and I am glad you liked my poem.. :)

    Have a nice day!

  37. A most wonderful read.... and the message just came accross very very well... i know, you had a wonderful time writin' this poem... very well dedicated...!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)


  38. What a beautiful piece! Very powerful.


  39. This is beautiful Amity! Well done!

    Thank you also for the comment on my page!

  40. Hi Kelvin;

    Yes, I did have a great time and enjoyed writing it, it just flows from the heart...:)

    Thanks son, for following! :)

  41. Tim;

    Hi! Thank you so much. Glad you liked it! :)

  42. Hello Jay;

    Thanks a ton! Glad you like it!

    Oh sure, don't mention it, I am also grateful for you for reading my piece!

    Good morning!

  43. Hi Amity,
    Guess this is my first visit on ur blog....Its lovely i must say..

    Loved this piece...m glad u have a friend like that.
    Have a nice time...C u around on 3WW. :)

  44. Lovely - the way you incorporated the three word wednesday words in a poem that seems to have written itself through a sacred conversation, absolutely lovely.

    Read my Three Word Wednesday offering here.

  45. it is wonderful to read the praises and worship of your faith... reminds me of that song what a friend we have in jesus

  46. Hi Songofsea;

    Welcome to Dreams and thank you so much for coming by...:)

    Yeah, I am a regular at 3WW...thanks to Leo for introducing me there!

    See you again today at 3WW!

    Have a nice day!

  47. Hi Julie;

    Thank you so much...:) Incorporating the three words in a poem is quite a challenge but I do enjoy doing it! Also, I have done it in short stories for a couple of times now...:)

    Glad you like! Have a nice day...:)

  48. Hi Pieceofpie;

    Thank you so much dear...yeah, true of what you said!

    Friends like that are rare! In the mortal world I mean!

    See you at 3WW...:)