Saturday, May 29, 2010

Morning Thoughts 3

Dreams and illusions are fine and they try to satiate our inner struggles, and to continuously live with them is synonymous to escaping reality...BUT I LOVE FAIRY TALES!


  1. the fact is sometimes u just need them!


  2. yeah...:)

    thanks a lot dear!

    hugs and you take care, too!



  3. Dear Amity,
    Good Morning!
    I am always in a dream world!But,I realise that I want to escape realities!
    The previous post was my dearest Amma's poem in my blog.I missed yu.
    Hey,it is not fair;you didn't let me know you are on holidays!:(
    Enjoy dear!Love and Hugs!
    Wishing you a wonderful vacation,

  4. Dreams are only preludes to reality.Great things are wrought only when begun as dreams and pursued.To live always on dreams without necessary follow up will be a wasted life.
    A good thought

  5. Hi Anu;

    Good morning! Thanks so much dear for visiting!

    Well, I am not on vacation? I am wondering who told you such wrong info..:(

    I will soon drop by your blog, okay? Am busy as of now catching up with some works in my blog, but promise, I will be there soon!

    Have a beautiful weekend...:)

  6. Hi KP;

    Yes, maybe wasted life, but sometimes it's better to dream than being dull!

    Not bad wasting though!

    Thanks so much!

  7. I love fairy tales too..always Happy Ending :))

    but i saw them only in my dreams...I know reality of life when m awake :)

  8. That's the real fact... liked it!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)


  9. Very Much True Dear :) :) I Too Love Fairy Tales :) :)

  10. every woman does, my dear. And that is the cause of our demise - sigh.

  11. Hi Riya;

    You love too? We both love and that's great...:)

    Thanks dear, glad ur here again! :)

  12. Hi Sahana;

    Hmmm..girls love fairy tales...:)

    Thanks dear, glad you like it! :)

  13. Hi Raaji;

    Demise? Lols..:)

    Let it not be, but let us enjoy these fairy tales!

    Have a nice day!

  14. hmm, very interesing thoughts Amity..
    good to see u bak.

    Amity said me she was on vacation, but i think she meant a blogging break. sorry for the confusion.

  15. Sometimes it's our dreams that keep us going in life.
    Hope you're feeling better.

    Take care and enjoy your week-end.


  16. Hello Leo;

    yeah, am back...halfheartedly...:(

    Thanks for enlightening Anu's confusion...:)

    Have a nice day! :)

  17. Hi Mommy Yvonne;

    Yes, thank you and I wish to be well soon...:)

    Dreams? Yeah, you're right, they inspire us and keep us going...:)

    Thanks Mom...:) I missed yah after some days of blogging break!

  18. Dreams are always the nice part. Making them a reality is better. I love Fairy Tales too. Always with the Happy endings...:)

  19. Hi Mr. Stupid;

    Everyone loves to dream and yes, it's hypocrisy when one would say he doesn't want fairy tales. and yes, all fairy tales have happy ending i guess!

    Thanks to you! :) Glad you like it!

  20. Hi Preety; gave me smiles for being here...I missed you so much!

    Thanks for coming and I am happy to note we both love fairy tales! :)

    Good night!!! :)

    And a tight hugs my dear!

  21. Hi Amity
    Nice to see you back after a short break , I hope all is well !!
    We have missed you very much.

    I am also a dreamer ....
    I was always a dreamer .....
    And I will be always a dreamer ...

    I think " EVERYBODY " is a dreamer
    but not everyone
    is honest to tell it hahaha....

    Enjoy your weekend
    hugs from us
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  22. Hi Anya;

    I was about to sulk I could not wait for you...:)

    But thanks you're here...:)

    I disabled my blog to have a short break or a break for good but then I realized I could not leave friends like are one of my bestest friends here because we both came from Venus...lols..:)You remember that?

    And I found out you're also a dreamer like me huh! So many things we have in common my dear, except one, I don't have one like your contemplating of adopting one but my frequent absences might get him sick na!

    Once a dreamer, always a dreamer, right?

    Hugs to you and Kareltje!

  23. I am late because I was working in my garden ..... Many work !!!
    But I like it very much :-)
    I have tooooooo many strawberries
    I had a few plants and here is always sun and rain and sun and rain and they love that,
    they are big soft and yummie haha..
    I made marmalade, strawberry cake and now I go eat with my family

    I_C_E_C_R_E_A_M_ with plenty

    strawberries :)))))))))

    If you want it also come .......


  24. Ha ha're a temptress my dear!

    I wish to come, soooooonnnn...!!!

    And enjoy everything that's in your garden, strawberries and all and indulge in your ice cream and cake!

    Life seems so good in your place my dear!

    Love you! Hugssssss!!! ^.^

  25. Oh I am always lost, in my own world of dreams, Every minute all the time,Oh, what would have happened, had dreaming also been considered a crime..

    I wrote it few years ago.. I have always believed that both the worlds run parrallel and happiness is comfort in both.. Fairy Tales have to be liked what else one can do with such happy endings.. sorry I flowed but you inspired..

  26. Hi Ramesh;

    Thank God it was not a crime and never will be a crime!

    No, don't be sorry, I feel elated!

    Thank you so much for your nice comments!

  27. blissful mornin thought..nice read..gudd 2 c ya ya..:):)

  28. i have seen many people asking u to come down to earth, but what's life without flight of fantasies.... i love fairy tales too... lovely line...


  29. Hi Madhu;

    How's my dearest friend? I have missed you, don;t you know that?

    Yeah, am back, was just silly, kinda losing my senses out of stupidity...:) Too bad!

    Thanks dear for taking time to be here, i am so grateful for the visit...and I missed your posts, too? Why, not writing anymore?

    Hugs to you...:)

  30. Hi Alex;

    Hmmm.. are you...:) That's fine....:)

    Thanks so much for the visit!

  31. Hi Samik;

    Nice knowing you love fairy tales too and would love some flight of fantasies!

    Thank you so much!

  32. These bits of flights of fantasy is required to keep our sanity intact :)
    I love fairy tales...let me create my own and live it too...sounds like a dream na :)

  33. Nice notation, and it's true in every way. I think that dreams and illusions are part of what we are in this world, constantly creating.