Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Quirk of Destiny

“Here comes the bride, all dress in white…, tan ta ra ran…tara…ran..ta ra ran…”came those lines from a bridal song in her mind. She had been waiting to hear it this hot summer month and be called a June bride. There was  one more  reason to have the wedding early as her Dad had been keeping indifferent health.

The garden was well adorned with beautiful flowers, of roses and chrysanthemums…of lilies and dahlias, pink, red, white, yellow, colors galore! Chairs were laid on several rows properly covered with white lacy cloth…a gazebo as the center of the decorations did the duty of a  platform for the wedding ceremonies, adorned with flowers and hanging plants…a perfect setting  for a garden wedding!

A very private affair! All were properly planned from the wedding motif of blue to the invitations sent out, everything and every detail was not amiss.

A dream comes true! An elegant but solemn ceremony was all what Anne wanted. Jake did not fail her. It was all perfect. An hour before the ceremony, Anne’s Dad looking cheerful, was seated in a separate chair in a corner of that garden. He will walk her down the aisle. He was happiest that Anne had found the dream man of his life. His heart swelled with pride that Anne will be well settled for good having found her soul mate in Jake, a co-doctor.

The ceremony started on time when all eyes were on Anne as she went to take her father’s hand who was seated in a solitary chair. As she happily held his hand to make him get up, she let out a heart-rending cry when the cold hand fell down from her hold. "Dad…….noooooo”, she shrieked even as Jake ran towards her. The cheery spirit had flown away content that Anne would be happily married...

Written for Thursday Tales (Tale No. 5)
Photo Courtesy: PORG 


  1. Absolutely wonderful a sting in the tail ending.


  2. Man proposes and God disposes is amply proved here.The story has been narrated well without giving away the end

  3. Hi Yvonne;

    Thanks so much, glad you liked it!

  4. it is really nicely written
    a sad ending unfortunately

  5. HaRy!!!


    thanks! :)

  6. KP;

    Thanks for your wonderful comments!

  7. Sandy;

    yes, it is my dear!

    thanks a muchooooo!!!

  8. Leo;

    This time yeah, tis' a sad ending...:P


  9. I liked the way your story ended--it's not the fact that it was tragic, or anything; it was more the fact that you had my heart leap in that one second of the read! And the way you strung those words together at the end made it a story that ended both happily and tragically.

  10. Soooooooooo
    wonderful written :)))))

  11. Hi Kuyerjudd;

    Glad ur here...:))

    Is it so? Thank you so much!

    Yeah, both a happy and sad ending...!

  12. Hi Anya;

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  13. What a beautiful short story. The ending is sad and beautiful at the same time. It was a lovely and captivating read.

  14. The Write Girl;

    Thank you so much dear! Glad you like it!