Friday, May 21, 2010

A Lasting Love

“Nicoleeeeee……what have you done with yourself again? Do you need to always punish yourself like that? Turning yourself into a zombie you have lost interest in your favorite TV programmes, you hardly eat and you stay confined to your room? And will you stop using that attire, it irritates me!”. Her Mom was fuming mad over Nicole’s attitude and appearance.
When Nicole looked impassively at her, her mom was visibly upset. “Could you change yourself” her Mom added. “You irritate me thinking of the past. It’s over and done with Nicole, you can’t change the turn of events. We have an appointment with a psychiatrist. He will make you return to your bubbly old self.” Nicole answered in a pout to signify disinterest in her Mom's announcement as she does always. 
Nicole and Greg after a ballet rehearsal for a school program joined in some drinking spree. Greg was a bit tipsy with the wine. While driving home to drop Nicole, she too seemed in high spirits after several gulps of the drink and started caressing him by putting her hand on his lap. He tried to stop her as he was behind the wheel. But she snuggled closer and planted a kiss on his cheek. When she turned naughty, Greg was unable to resist the urge to pull her towards him for a wild kiss.
In a split second he lost control and a big collision against a tree took place. She escaped with minor injuries but with a trauma. Her parents did not divulge what had  happened to Greg lest it upsets her more. She feared he was dead and the guilt feeling oppressed her so much.
“Nicole, you are not responsible for the accident. It is not unusual for couples to kiss while driving. The accident occurred as he was drunk. You are in no way reponsible for his present condition” said the psychiatrist.
“Nooooo! Had I not turned foolishly romantic he would be living today and we would have been married”, she cried.
The doctor replied softly. "No, we didn't confide in you about Greg’s true condition". "What about it!"? Nicole shot back. "That was a mistake. His right hand and leg had to be amputated. He will soon have artificial limbs and may be able to lead a normal life. You can meet him presently”, the doctor added reassuringly. 
As he made a gesture, the nurse wheeled him from the adjacent room. Nicole was shocked to see him in such a condition with stumps in place of limbs. But he smiled at her bravely which did the magic. 
“Greg, I am with you through thick and thin. I will be there for you for ever. This is a promise that I will make” announced Nicole. And she hugged Greg in a tight embrace as tears rolled down her cheeks. 

Written for Thursday Tales (Prompt No. 8)
Photo by: KatjaFaith


  1. tale at its best loved urs and vinay's...

    now i am tempted to write one :)..


  2. Dear Mommy Amity,

    Oh, a most heart rending tale of love... the story started with a flashback down to a very emotional and tragic climax.... i pity both of them, Greg and nicole, for what had happened to them though i can't blame them either co'z both had made mistakes that brought them in a very tough situation... in just a short narration, i'm proud to say that i was blown away by the emotions raised in here... amazing reads!!!:D

    BTW, hey mom, you said you envy me on your last visit... well, plz. don't be... i'm not worth of such envy... i'm just a li'l thing in this world and have so much to prove before be considered worthy of such compliment... you're awesome mom... thanks for bein' supportive on my works!!!:)

    Great day!!!:)


  3. Hi hemz,

    thank you so much! glad you like it!

    and yeah, don't be just tempted, you should write and have fun doing it!

    happy weekend...wish it to be saturday na!

  4. An emotional story well narrated with a message for safe driving.

  5. Hi Kelvin;

    Hmmm..I feel blown away with your comments, too!

    But I know kids speak the truth...lols...:)

    Please join us at Thursday Tales, will you?

    I know you will enjoy writing your stories based on pic prompt given every Thursday, so come and join the fun my dear!

    Thanks so much, have a happy weekend!


    Mommy Amity

  6. Hi Kp;

    Yes, it is! Young people should be aware of the bitter consequences if driving with an influence of alcohol!

    Thanks so much!

  7. Lovely story with a message ...Loved the emotions wrapped in words :)

  8. A very heart wrenching story Amity,
    very well written and I really enjoyed the read.

    Enjoy your day.
    Mommy Yvonne.

  9. "Greg, I am with you through thick and thin. I will be there for you for ever," the line says it all. Beautifully weaved.. accidents happen, but what happens after accidents is exceedingly important.. perhaps Nicole and Greg might not have had closer bond had the accident not happened.. may be ending would be different.. may be.. and that's what story telling is all about.. and you have captured the spirit..

    Do visit me Amity for Tears, stars and Flowers..

    God bless and Thank you!

  10. Hi dreamygal;

    Thank you so much, glad you liked it!

  11. a lovely story... it was beautifully woven

  12. @ Amity

    Nicole rolled few tears over her cheeks and so as I did..So touched with your narration!
    ~Simple and Beautiful :)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  13. Hi Sis, Story Is Too Good :) :) Tempted To Write One......Will Give A Shot After My Exams :) :) 2More Exams Left :) :) Take Care!!!!!

  14. gosh that was a great story...keep it up!

  15. Story with a Message! Good Job Amity.

  16. Truly GREEEEEAAAAATTTTT Amity :) Indeed its a lasting love :):)

    Love you,
    sowmiya (meow) :D

  17. A tragic tale that, in the end, uplifts one's soul with its timeless message. Great piece.

  18. Hi Mommy Yvonne;

    Thanks Mom that you enjoyed my story. Sometimes I wonder if I am really writing a good story. The emotions I try to put in it, I could not feel myself. But glad my readerss do!

  19. Hi Ramesh;

    Thanks so much for your nice comments.

    But to tell you, I really get nosebleeds when I write short stories. I could hardly put the needed emotions in it! I try hard but that's all I can give na.

    I have visited your Tears, Stars and Flowers and it is a lovely poem!

    Thanks for sharing!:)

  20. Hi Rachana;

    Thanks a ton you felt the emotions I wish to impart!

    Keep coming back Rach! Your comments are inspiring!

  21. Hi Sahana;

    Oh sure, you come after the exams and join us at Thursday Tales, it's fun dear, I tell you!

    But prioritize, okay? Exams first and when done, you are free to let your thoughts flow and pen them down...:)

    Thanks so much dear, I missed you here really!

  22. Melissa;

    Oh really? Thank you so much! I missed you for quite a time here!

    Have a great weekend. Hugs to Greg!

    Oh, I suddenly remember, my other character in the story is Greg!

  23. Saras;

    Oh here you are...where have you been? You were absent for quite a long time at AO!

    Thanks for dropping by again! Glad you like my story!

  24. Hi Miya;

    Oh, greatttttttt too you are here! I am smiling with your presence here...:)

    I have missed you and happy to note you love my story...:)

    Thanks so muchooooo!!! Mwah!

    have a great weekend!

  25. Hi Sam;

    Yes, it is, but this time I want my story to have a happy ending, unlike before, all sad!

    Thanks Sam! Have a great and fun-filled weekend!!!

  26. Hi Sam;

    Yes, it is, but this time I want my story to have a happy ending, unlike before, all sad!

    Thanks Sam! Have a great and fun-filled weekend!!!

  27. Hi Sam;

    Yes, it is, but this time I want my story to have a happy ending, unlike before, all sad!

    Thanks Sam! Have a great and fun-filled weekend!!!

  28. Dear Amity,
    Good Morning!
    I am so happy that your story has a happy ening this time!True love never fails!
    Romance can take a backseat while driving the vehicles!:)
    The guilt feeling is unbearable.
    Wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

  29. A very beautiful tale. Even though it was tragic and sad, it had a lovely ending...:)

  30. Amity this story pulled my heart strings! I loved it and the end was magically unforgettable.

  31. Hi Anu;

    Thanks for your comments...:) Glad you like it!

    Have a nice day!

  32. Hi Mr. Stupid!

    Yes it is!

    Thank you so much!

  33. Hi Sharla;

    Oh, oh...I am happy to note of how u felt for my story!

    Thanks so muchooooo...:)

  34. Hi Amity,

    The best of luck to you with your piece. You'll have the Muses smiling with your win.

    Take care and God bless.

  35. So romantic story
    with a very important message ...
    I hope you will win

  36. Hi Ellen;

    Thanks for your warm wishes...:)

    And thanks for your visit, too!

    God bless you and your family...:)

  37. Hi Anya;

    Hmmm..thanks for the good wishes...:)

    Win? ahmmm...dunno? I am just trying to join but not so hopeful in winning na!!! :P

    Thank you, thank you dear!!!

    Good night!