Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Heavenly Fantasy

I dreamed I was floating
On a wondrous space wafting
I saw a place enchanting  
A garden with flowers so adoring
I drifted close by touching
Their delicate, colorful petals worth admiring
while still wet with the dews of the morning

I flapped my wings as I fly
And saw multi-colored butterflies
Sitting on  buds of flowers that lie
Trying to suck all the nectar like spies
And like hungry li'l babies that cry
Only the flowers' nectar could pacify

I tilted my head a little
Lo, I saw a handsome knight from a castle
Clad in shining armor with some sinewy muscle
He beckoned me with  a motion to nestle
And to clasp his manly hands tired from a battle
I did with strange emotions and was shy a little
I felt a thrill for his being so gentle
As we flew into a space ornamental 
With feelings alien and sentimental

Like angels we happily floated
Hand in hand we innocently gloated
Over  glances that were stolen
and that were done too often
Yes, with sweet and mesmerizing smile
Our warm arms entwined in a while

I tried to utter a word to confer
Wishing to ask where we were
But he tenderly silenced me with a glee
Touching my quivering lips with fingers free
His gentle act sent me thrills and shiver
I knew, heaven it is, must be the answer...

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Floating)
Photo Courtesy


  1. Dear Amity,
    Good Morning!
    Oh,Dear,I can relate so well.Just today morning when I was plucking flowers,I was so excited looking at the different fragrant flowers!Daily three butterflies and small tiny chirpy birds sit on the flowers to drink the nectar!It is a lovely sight that I enoy!
    You are so romantic,dear!And I enjoyed each and every word of the poem;so beautifully written!
    Silence is wonderful when lips are selaed!:)
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,

  2. A wonderful poem Amity, the words are so beautiful.

    Have a happy Sunday.


  3. A beautiful floating dream buoyed up by waves of vision and desire.

  4. A beautiful poem.You invest rare charm in your words to bring a wholesome effect.Keep it up

  5. Amity, this seems to be a place that dreams are made of. You paint a beautiful picture. I liked this a lot. Thanks for writing such a nice piece for my prompt.

  6. What a wonderful poem Amity !
    Loved it.

    Hope to see you in my blog too :)

  7. wowww...wht a luvlyy dream..amazingly b' sweet..nice readin u..hw hav u been..??

  8. Hi Anu;

    Thank you so much dear, I am happy you could relate so well, the flowers, the butterflies, the birds sipping nectar of flowers!

    And yes, silence is poetic!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  9. Hello Gemma;

    What a beautiful comment you've made!

    Thanks a lot dear!

  10. hello Mommy Yvonne;

    Thanks a ton! Happy to note you liked my poem!

    Guess, I am being influenced by you already!

    Good evening!

  11. Hi Anthony;

    Thank you so very much!


  12. Hi KP;

    Thanks so much! Glad you like it! :)

  13. Wow!!
    A Heavenly Fantasy
    I have it everyday .......... LOL
    So so lovely words :-)
    Sometimes I think
    I want wings
    than I could fly
    and I was
    so free like a bird :-)
    Unique Poem Amity !!!!

    About the asparagus
    Yes they are VERY expensive !!!
    Its 9 euro / or 9 USA dollar
    for one kilo hehe.....
    Its too expensive to eat it in a restaurant !!!
    I eat it at home and its yummie....
    (I buy it cheaper, in my village and I know some asparagus farmers ;)

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  14. Beautiful, romantic, and lovely. Thanks for some magic this morning.

  15. a stunner amity. beautiful and
    so inspiring.

  16. not only the first picture is worth mesmerizing but also words u played!! nice one! :)

  17. A beautiful and magically romantic poem, Amity, each line is so wonderfully woven. This piece has a mystical and fairytale-like quality to it, which is brilliantly effective.

  18. Hi Rob;

    Thank you so much! The word is just inspiring that helped me pen this poem...:)

    Thanks to you too!

  19. A sweet romance - magical, for sure!

  20. Hi Amity - what a sweet, romantic rhyme and story. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Amity you have as ususal waeved the magic.. good to have wings if these can help having such beautiful flights of fantasies.. may your wings continue to grow in strength, Amity..loved every word, every expression.. and the rhyme.. what a poem this!

  22. Wow. This is a beautiful poem. The words are all so sweet to read.

  23. Hi Romeo;

    Thank you, glad you liked it!

  24. Amity~ What a beautiful floating kind of dream...just delightful!

  25. Wonderful Amity. Beautiful thoughts woven on strands of reverie. I always enjoy stopping by your place.

    What happened? You had your blog on lock down. I couldn't access it :( Now I need to catch up on your posts.

  26. a beautiful post with lovely words tht flowed effortlessly. i could get lost in the pics that u chose too, for those pics of nature are so very beautiful. good one ma'am. :)

  27. Hey Amity... sweet as a rose... well if i start writing lyk this , only way i can get readers is to pull them and sit and read... but yu!! omg :)!

  28. Absolutely beautiful and so eloquent.

  29. What a truly lifting poem!
    I loved your words, as I elevated through them when I read where they took me next.
    Pretty photographs. Whereabouts were they taken?
    Thanks for stopping by-always lovely to hear from you on expressiveworld. :)
    Hope you are well and having a nice week.

  30. Great blog you have here!
    Check out mine:

  31. Hi Maddy;

    Sorry, I read your message to me at FB just this morning...:)

    I am not fine, yet trying to be one! Can't give up blogging...:(

    Thanks for your wonderful comments and I am so glad you liked it! :)

    Good morning!

  32. HI Anya;

    I lost my senses for a week, but I am now better...:)

    I love your comments here and that's what makes me come back blogging in spite of the so many attempts at stopping to blog! Thanks dear, hugs!!!

    Have a happy weekend, and hugs to Kareltje, too!

    P.S. send me some white asparagus, lols...:)

  33. Hello Sandy;

    Oh I am glad for the magic my poem gave you!

    Good morning, have a happy weekend!

  34. Hi Toi;

    Welcome to Dreams...:)

    Thanks so much for your inspiring comments!

    Good morning!

  35. Hi Paramveer;

    Thank you so much! Glad you liked it!

  36. Hi Sweetest;

    Thank you so much! Glad you like it!

  37. Hello Sam;

    I am in awe with your comments...:)

    Thank you so much...and wish I could write some more of this kind!

    Good morning!

  38. HI Carina;

    Yes, it is and thanks so much dear!

    Have a happy weekend!

  39. Hi Sue;

    yeah, it is! thanks so much! :)

  40. Hi Linda;

    Welcome to Dreams...:)

    Thanks for your wonderful comments, glad you liked it!

    Good morning!

  41. Hi Ramesh;

    Thank you so much...:) Weaving magic is hard to do but glad you found that magic...:)

    Again, my thanks!

  42. Hi AD;

    Thanks so much...:) Glad you like it! :)

  43. Hi Mr Stupid;

    Thanks for the appreciation...gave me smiles...:)

  44. Hi Patti;

    I am so glad you love my poem...:)

    Thanks a ton dear! Wish to write some more like this! :)

  45. Hi Sharla;

    Thanks so much, I am happy to note you are enjoying your visit!

    Yeah, I locked my blog for more than 3 days I guess, wishing to stop blogging but then I realized I can't give up my friends like you because of losing my right senses?

    Hope to be back for good!

  46. HI Leo;

    Thank you so much, glad u like it, but don't get lost, they are just beautiful pics..;)

  47. Hi HaRy' made me laugh! Why even in your comments ur a ribtickler!

    Why not try to write one and see if you really are going to pull and let readers sit down and get engrossed with your poem?

    Now, I would be the one to say, OMG..;)

  48. Hi Jane;

    Thanks a ton for your wonderful comments..:)

  49. Hi Ana;

    Oh really? I am so glad to note of your wonderful comments...:)

    Photos are from my dear!

    I am better now than since Monday afternoon!

    Thanks so much dear!

  50. Hi You Did What;

    Welcome to Dreams...:)

    Sure, I'll check out your blog soon!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  51. Hi Mommy Amity,

    I think this piece is really enchanting and full of musings... definitely a pleasure to read... i just arrived from a vacation too... hope you're enjoying your stay there... blessings!!!:)

    Good day!!!:)


  52. Hi Kelvin;

    Thank you so much, u found it enchanting...:)

    Have a nice day dear!

  53. Amity, I floated every inch with the poet. She was having such an enjoyable swim in this enchanting place.
    Your rhyme scheme was enjoyable too. Nicely done.
    Sorry I am so late, I have had a very busy week. I did have a chance for a little haiku poem which I posted for OSI just yesterday.

  54. Trying to suck all the nectar like spies.....
    this line is quite new perspective of nectar.

  55. so so soooooooooo beautiful. loved it to the core.

  56. Hi Jim;'re here, I thought you'll gonna boycott me again this time. But I am so glad u still tried to catch up!

    Comments aren't late in any way. What matters is ur here still in spite of your busy week.

    Thanks Jim, glad you were also floating like with the poet!

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  57. Mahesh hello;

    Well, I dunno what you mean either. But thanks for dropping by...:)

    have a nice day!

  58. Hello Preety;

    Oh I am so glad to hear you loved my poem to the core!

    But I love and missed you too! Don't you know that? Please come back and be active in your White Window...:)

    I fell in love suddenly with your last post...:)

    Keep on sharing some more husky voice...lols...:)

  59. Hello! This is my first visit to your blog and I think it's wonderful.

    Refreshing perspective and very romantic. Love :)

  60. The last stanza was really really mesmerising!!! Thank u so much for that awesome treat... "heaven it is" ... unspoken words do speak a lot sometimes.... u are really right...

  61. Hi Fabrika;


    Thank you so much! Glad you like it and yes, a warm welcome to Dreams...:)

    Wish you come back again!

    Good morning!

  62. Samik;

    Hello...and welcome to Dreams...:)

    Thanks so much for your comments, glad you like!

    Hope to see you again soon in my space!