Sunday, May 09, 2010

Morning Thoughts 1

"To let your heart reign over your head, it's pure bliss. To let your head rule over your heart, think it over again"!


What is your take on this? Please share me! Thanks...:)

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Reign)
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  1. Wonderful thought Amity :))
    My heart is full of love today
    (almost everyday ...)



    Hope Mother's Day
    is just like you ...


    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Nicely said. Sometimes that's the way.

  3. Aha! it depends on who rules our heart :)

  4. Hi Amity,

    Well, this is a tough one for me. Being an engineer, analytical type, it is easy for the head to rule in most matters. Though in matters of love and relationships I believe the heart should rule, not the head.

    Good morning from Ohio.


  5. hello Anya;

    Wow...nice dear...:)) I could only smile for you and be happy for you!

    yeah, mother's day is great with kids calling over the phone greeting me with lots of love!

  6. Anthony;

    I guess so, Anthony, me too am not sure!


  7. Hi Yvonne;

    Thanks dear...:)

    Same to you!



  8. Readers dais;

    Of course, who rules depends, if someone we love or don't love...

    Thanks to you again for dropping by!

  9. Hi Rob;

    Sounds like it didn't go tough on you sharing your ideas...:)

    Thanks Rob, Engineers are engineers, and mind matters a lot! Without a head, then what can numbers do with you?

    And letting mind work with you gives ultimate happiness for you being an engineer! That's another take!

  10. a coalition government makes more sense for something as complex as a romance. all the voices of the heart heard, the body's many members of parliament and the head advisory committee. if there's conflict, take a recess, collect more information until one can come to a consensus among the pining and the whining and the sober minded.

  11. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    Happy Mother's Day!
    For those whose hearts rule over head life will be more of hurts and pains.Still I prefer that.:)
    Thanks dear for sharing the thought provoking question.
    Wishing you a wonderful and lovely night,

  12. Trust me, I have always thought from heart.. very rarely head take over.. indeed exception would be examination where you have to think from heart.. In professional life they say I lack Practical Intelligence.. but you can't write poems thinking with your head.. well written Amity..

  13. Well my dear Amity, personally I think the heart is fickle yet passionate. The mind will calculate and forecast possible outcomes. Heart thinkers (much like myself) delve into what attracts the pleasure center of the soul and will jump into the fray. The mind will say, "Wait a minute, let's think about this before we do anything irrational." My heart wants to live in Kyoto or Shibuya, Japan or go to Temple University (an American college) in Tokyo. But my mind says, "What if you die in an airplane crash?" or "What if you are not accepted in Japan because you're black?" Sometimes the mind holds us back and deposits fear or anger or whatever into the heart. The heart is passionate but the mind is defiant. It can save us from disasters but block us from moving forward. Hope this helps. This is just my opinion :) I could be wrong.

  14. Hi Pearl;

    Wow...I didn't know that you would share your take in such an interesting way!

    Thank you so much for your visit!

    Good morning!

  15. Hello Anu;

    It will always be a tough matter for the human frailty!

    But for hopeless romantics like us? Our heart rules over the head...:)

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

    Good morning!

  16. Hi Ramesh;

    Welcome to Dreams...

    You shared another view which is equally worth your explanation.

    True! A poet cannot write from the head but from the heart! The head is just an assistant to make the writing prospers!

    Thanks Ramesh!

  17. Hi Sharla;

    Good morning...:)

    I kept on smiling reading your take, because I could simply see the me in you...:)

    And true to what you say, my heart says, "go this place, it's a very beautiful place", and mind says, "aren't you afraid of plane crash"?

    Before I was able to set foot in Singapore for a holiday last February, I was literally crying out of own fears I might die of plane crash and all other fears. Then I shared that fear in a blogger friend - he instead told me to unpack and stay home! Arghhh...I thought he'd say, "Oh, those are normal feelings, you will survive!" And further said, "I can't afford Amity to die just that without seeing me seeing her personally first!" He didn't think I would just the same need to board a plane to reach their place...lols...:)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and some more things about you Sharla..I enjoyed reading your comment!

    Have a wonderful week ahead! HUgs!!!

  18. Follow your heart, most always. Yes, this was my first OSI visit. :)

  19. Dear Amity,

    In its simplicity and the joyful way you wrote it , it SOFTENED the EDGE of the message! BRAVO!
    I am TOTALLY THAT WAY too...
    with my first marriage then ..
    I fall in love with DH and
    remarried.He has WON and CAPTURED my heart, mind and soul.
    It is PURE BLISS but I am 45 and you are still far too young!

  20. Nice thought.Head always acts as a speed breaker to heart warning of the dangers ahead.Heart thrills,while head cautions.Where they work in unison, there is a calculated bliss.

  21. Hi Brenda;


    Thanks for dropping by...see you again next week at OSI!

  22. Hi Shakira;

    Wow...but am not really that young as you thought just three years your junior...:)

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful comment!

    See you again at OSI next Sunday!

  23. KP;

    Is it! Then head should not be left out where decisions are to be made but must be in tandem with heart?

    Let it be!

  24. If the head rules the heart..there is no heart!

  25. I have let my heart rule and it turned our badly. Maybe a little of both!!

  26. Hi rallentada;

    yes, you are right!

    thanks to you...;)

  27. Hello Alexis;

    Yes, maybe a li'l of both to make the result excellent!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Good morning!

  28. Provocative piece - of course, we know the answer. :) Nicely done.

  29. Hi Sue;

    Yes...and thank you so much!

    Good morning...:)

  30. absolutely!!! a pinch of thought tho not too much makes for good morning romance...

  31. Hi pieceofpie;

    Wow..thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Good morning!

  32. Hello Tammy;



  33. SO true Amity, great thought for the day!

  34. Aayushi;

    Hello there...;)

    Thanks so much!

  35. Hi! SO hard to decide...head or heart- always a tough one! Well written! Thanks!

  36. Hi Patti;

    Yeah, you are right!

    Thanks dear!