Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seasons of Love

Love is like an autumn
Dark, dreary and solemn
You wish it to be over soon
Yet it uneasily dwells
Loving to linger longer in us

Love is like winter
Cold, dull, lifeless and bitter
You wish it will never come
Yet it comes to test us
Our limits of endurance

Love is like a spring
Colorful, happy and blooming
You wish to savor every bit of it
Wanting it to be unending
Yet it is not lasting

Love is like summer
Warm, amusing, full of fun
You wish it stays eternal
But like all other seasons in life
It gives happiness though ephemeral

Seasons of love
They come and go
To usher in a new love
Another challenge
Another victory
A new beginning
A new failure
A new heartache
A new hope
A cycle reflecting the changing seasons 
Of our existence in this mortal world!

Written for One Single Impression (Prompt: Love)
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  1. Your poem is so well done. Love has many shapes and seasons and effects.

  2. ...A cycle reflecting the changing seasons
    Of our existence in this mortal world!.. Amity, it's so beutifully depicted.. Loved it..

  3. Excellent.The poem is very sweet and the choice of words apt.Keep them coming at greater regularity

  4. of love..!! beautifully u said every thing about luv with seasons...!!

  5. Yessss...
    Love is all we need in all seasons
    We cannot without it ....
    its like breathing
    (love as much as you breathe :)

    Very well written
    so straight from your heart :-)


  6. An excellent poem Amity, loved the season content, A joy to read.


  7. Hi Sandy;

    Thank you so much for your inspiring comments!


  8. Hi Ramesh;

    Thanks a lot! Happy to note you like it! :)

  9. Hi Kp;

    Glad you like it! Thanks so much!

  10. Hi Vidisha;

    Thanks so much...yeah, the seasons of love...:)

  11. Hello Anya;

    Wow...i could feel your heartbeat in your comments...:) Lols...:)

    Hugs...let there be love in the air..:)

  12. Hi Mommy Yvonne;

    Am happy to note you love it!

    Thanks so much and hugs! :)

  13. The seasons of love. Excellently crafted.

  14. Wonderful.. the collection of verses and photos overwhelm. Thank you for sharing!

  15. "Seasons of love
    They come and go"

    and life goes on.....

  16. Hi Anthony;

    Thanks so much for such an inspiring comment!


  17. Hi DarkLord;

    Oh, thanks so much! Glad you like it! :)

  18. Hi Harshad;

    Yes, that's true...:)

    Thank you so much!

  19. hehe, this is love alright, every season, unchanging... omnipresent. good one...

  20. Hello Leo;

    :) he he he...;)

    thanks, it's not oppressive... :)
    yeah, omnipresent, unchanging, love that is! :)

    thanks so much!

  21. Hi Sahana;

    Yeah, thanks so much dear!

  22. This is very beautiful. Love is so very special. Nice writing, Amity.

  23. Hi Amity, I like the way you compare the moods of love to the seasons. Love can be all these things, including fickle. Yet we try and try again.

    Have a good day. My best, Rob.

  24. Amity, You are right, mine is an autumn. (happy it's past tense, too!)
    Clever take on the prompt. I love the season connection. Nicely done!

  25. Dear Amity,
    Good Evening!
    Lovely lines on Love and so touching!When each season gets over we have the pains and pleasures!
    Without love,we can't exist!
    In Kerala,there is rainy season too.We call it Monsoon Season.
    When the raindrops fall,
    The nature is at its best!
    The green plants flourish and grow,
    And love grows in each mind!
    Wishing you a beautiful and lovely night,

  26. What a wonderful take on the prompt...summer's love is my favorite one. :~)

  27. Oh, yes, the many faces of love - nicely done!

  28. Dear Mommy Amity,

    Wow... adorable... lovely words and photos... you've weaved all those words in such a way your readers would love to read it again and again... loved it!!!:)

    Take care!!!:)


  29. @ Amity

    So true...
    I vouch each and every word reflected upon the rhyme!Beautifully expressed:)

    Bwt: Thankyou so-so much for the wonderful comment your left on the Soul-Punch post...You indeed brought me and my instincts in recollecting the calmness and scattered thoughts to rest!

    I have left my much expression my post-comment list:) DO check!
    ~ And continue bringing smile on our face with your words...!
    Luv yeah Always:):)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  30. Mmmmm
    Loving to linger longer in us

    I've been rolling that line round my tongue.

    Happy to have my limits of endurance stretched and pushed by the testing...mostly:P

  31. LOve is indeed like the seasons, i know how it blossomed like a spring flower, warmed me like the winter sun, rained for months, and slipped away like fallen leaves but it is still carefully presevered between the pages of memories... like the most beautiul rose...

    Very nicely pictured Amity :)

  32. wonderful how you share the seasons of love, there are so many. And love can be quite complex.

  33. Hi Darklord;

    Thank you so much, I very glad you like it!

  34. Hi Harshad;


    Yes, it is and thanks so much...!

  35. Hi Mr. Stupid;

    Yes, you said so! Thanks a ton, and glad you like it!

  36. You know Amity, I find all seasons are worth living. Has its own charm.
    I mean all seasons of life.. of love..

    And to be aware that seasons keep changing. It is in their nature....

  37. Hi Rob;

    Thanks so much for liking what I did, except that I forgot about love being fickle-minded...:)

    Good afternoon!

  38. Hi Brenda;

    yeah, i read urs hence i told you..:)

    Thank you so much, happy to note you like it!

    have a nice day!

  39. Hi Brenda;

    yeah, i read urs hence i told you..:)

    Thank you so much, happy to note you like it!

    have a nice day!

  40. Hi Anu;

    Thanks so much and I am amazed how you appreciate and compare nature with...:)

  41. Hi Sweetest;

    Thank you...glad u like it...:) and yeah, summer is the best but why oftentimes it is autumn and winter?

    Maybe it is just normal...:)

  42. Hi Sue;

    Yes, the many seasons and faces, thanks so much, glad u liked it!

  43. Hi Kelvin;

    Is it? Wow...i feel elated with your comment...:) I wish all my posts would feel like that, I mean, as good as this one...:)

    Thanks son,


    Mommy Amity

  44. Hi Rach;

    Hello dear...:) Let me call you my virtual sis...:) Would you like it? I would love to!

    Thank you so are helping me keep the spark alive.. :)

    And glad you like my comments in your Soul-Punch...:) Thanks to you too for dropping by again...yeah I feel closer to you now...:)

    Have a nice day dear sis!

  45. Hi Sister Julia;

    Some lines to keep by really...:)

    I salute you for having such patience and endurance, if only for love to survive...:)

    Thanks so much dear!

  46. Hi Samik;

    Welcome to Dreams...:)

    You wrote something as good a post itself in reaction to my poem...:)

    Thank you so much, glad you liked it!

  47. Hi Tammie;

    You are right dear, so many but that's the reality, I did equate it with the seasons and done in simple presentation!

    happy to note you like it!

    Thanks so much Tammie!

  48. Hi Harshad;

    yes, you are right!

    thanks so much!

    have a nice day!

  49. Several interesting and creative ways to look at a time-worn theme.

  50. Amity
    Love does change like the seasons!

  51. Hi Carina;

    Thank you so much you saw it that way...:)

    Good morning...:)

  52. Hi Pamela;

    Thank you so much...:)

    Glad you like it! Good morning...:)

  53. Enjoyed the pictures and the verses.

    Best regards.

  54. Dearest Amity,
    Your poem is excellent and speaks volumes truths of reality, and I love it so interweaving with mother earth and our true nature.

  55. Hi Carlos;

    Thank you so much!

    Glad you enjoyed it.

    My best regards, too!

  56. Hi Ana;

    Thanks so much for seeing it that way, I know my readers would...:)

    And I am happy to see you around again!

    Good night!

  57. Hi Amity ~~ I like your seasons of love. They are most descriptive.
    I wasn't happy to read of the cycles part (I am on my second). I'd rather just one--from spring through autumn. :)
    I did finish mine. It is a non-, wanna be-, poem.

  58. Hi Jim;

    What do you mean you are on your second? And why not happy on the cycles part?

    You don't want summer?

    Thanks Jim for your violent reactions.... :) Peace!!!

    Sure, will be reading your take too though not a wanna be as you said!

  59. Love has her seasons. Why cling to eternal summer, when the cycle is so invigorating. Beautiful observations!

  60. loving it Amity!

    you are too good..

  61. There is much wisdom in your words! Well done.