Sunday, May 16, 2010


I am trembling at the thought that
Why should I write a poem about you
I am trembling at the thought that
You will know that you occupy
A special spot in my heart

I am trembling at the thought 
That you will soon leave me
I am trembling at the thought
That leaving me would cause
Immeasurable pain and heartaches in me

I am trembling at the thought
Why I have met you and
Became good friends with you
I am trembling at the thought that
Once you leave me I would cry...

If you see me no more
If you talk to me no more
If you cheer me up no more
If you will ease the pain no more
If you leg-pull with me no more
If you push me to write no more many, many ifs...
And if this is an exaggeration of feelings
Let me live and get drunk with it
And let me tremble at the thought!


P.S. Just some thoughts and not pertaining to anyone...:P Truth is, I am not in any mood to write this time but the thought behind of not writing is "rude and hurtful"...:) :P, hence I have to....:P Just bear with Amity's silly thoughts, you're not gonna tremble anyway...:))

Written for One Single Impression (Thought: Trembling)
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  1. But Amity, this came out GREAT! I marvel at your creativity.
    On the other hand I had troubles too. It must be me, last week I was rude and didn't write anything. I thought like you but acted so differently. You are very nice. :)

  2. Hey Dear, You Too Shared About A Kind of A Sad Feeling And Fear of Leaving A Loved One :) :)

    Excellent Beautiful Write Up Dear :) :) Enjoyed Reading.......

  3. Lovely poetry as always. You have a way of making written words go to the heart.

    I have a flirt (romance) entry in the flirt blogfest today. You might like to check it out, Roland

  4. There are many if in life, but I guess we are responsible for our own actions.
    I did like your poem whether you felt like writing or not you turned out an excellent pice of work.

    Peaceful Sunday to you,


  5. If someone even imaginary one does all the things mentioned in the poem and is leaving, one should really tremble at the thought.
    A lovely poem indeed

  6. Hi Jim;

    Oh it is really rude not writing anything I am sure! But despite that feelings, I just penned some silly thoughts just to keep up with today's prompt!

    My week isn't complete without doing OSI you know!

    Stop being rude, come back and write...:)

    Thank you so much for your nice comments!

  7. Hi Sahana;

    Thanks so much you enjoyed my silly thoughts na....:)

  8. Hi Roland;

    Thanks so like what I have written, though just some silly thoughts...:)

    yeah, i will visit your romance post soon..:)

    thanks for coming back again! :)

  9. Hello Mommy Yvonne;

    Thanks so much Mom...I am so glad you told me it came out well though I was not in the mood to write!

    yes, we are responsible for all our own actions!

    Love you Mom!

  10. Today
    Silly girl
    silly thoughts....... LOL

    Why not !!
    Write always what you want ...
    Be yourself always ...
    Its today lazy sunday

  11. This is lovely poetry, Amity. I liked it very much. Beautiful writing with nice thoughts...:)


  12. Oh, but i'm tremblin' with the thought if you're fine.... i hope all is well in your world... just keep the thoughts goin'... i simply liked the freedom of your words...

    Good day!!!:)



  13. oh... life's what if's. they are never ending. as soon as you find one answer, another question arises.

    this is thought provoking kabayan

  14. I enjoyed this. To write about another is to be wide open, to be vulnerable. And it isn't always easy to do that.

  15. Amity, this is quite, quite wonderful. You've truly encapsulated the delicate and fragile state one finds oneself in when hopelessly in love and you've expressed an eternal truth - love, although beautiful, is also very dangerous, for you are giving your heart to another person. Brilliant poem :)

  16. I trembled and perhpas shivered too with the thought that what it would have been had you been in real mood to write..perhaps after writing you too were pleased the way we are to read..

  17. mailed this piece of work of yours to my guy Amity... Sorry for doing that without your permission :(

  18. This is a lot of FUN and you are always a joy to read, Amity..
    chin did well...

  19. I especially love the last, " many, many ifs...
    And if this is an exaggeration of feelings
    Let me live and get drunk with it
    And let me tremble at the thought!"

    Very nice ending. I too love your carefree attitude. Not many people can let go and just let the words flow as they may. Hold on to that gift.

  20. If that's you not in the mood to write, can't wait to see what you create when you are in the mood.

  21. Dear Amity,
    Wow, what powerful words.
    I appreciate you stopping by and your gratefulness in your mother days share. You are truly delightful and I appreciate your light.

  22. Hi Kp;

    Thanks a lot. Glad you like it!

  23. Hi Anthony;

    Yes, it is, maybe from another heart!

    Thank you so much...:)

  24. Hello Anyah;'re right, Amity the silly girl could only have silly thoughts this time...:)

    But I love being silly at other times...:))

    Thanks so much and hugs to you and Kareltje! ^.^

  25. Hi Mr. Stupid;

    Thank you so much! Glad you like it!


  26. Hi Totomai;

    Yes, so many ifs...and more often than not, they hurt us....:)

    Thanks Kabayan, glad you like it! :)

  27. Hi Kelvin;

    Yeah, I am fine and I told you they are just some thoughts and not pertaining to anyone!

    Glad you like it kelvin! Thanks a ton!

  28. Hi Sandy;

    Good morning!

    Yeah, you are right! Thanks you enjoyed my silly thoughts! :)

  29. Hello Sam;

    Oh, oh....I could smile at you that you know how it feels to be hopelessly in love...:)

    Thanks a ton! And thanks for your wonderful comments...:)

  30. Hi Ramesh;

    Maybe it's better if I was in the mood, but I am just sour graping or just a scape goat you know, I could not write any better than this...and yeah, it may also depend on the mood!

    Thanks so much. Glad you like it!

  31. Hello Meow;


    No big deal dear...and I wonder if what was his reaction after reading it!

    Thanks for coming again! I Missed yah! Hugssssssss... :)

  32. Hi Shakira;

    Thank you so much dear! Glad you had some fun reading me...:)

    Hugssssss, too! :)

  33. Hi Sharla;

    Hmmm...I could only smile for noticing my carefree attitude, which I seldom do when I write...:)

    Thanks so much dear, and glad you like my poem!

    And yeah, will try to hold on to that gift! :)

  34. Hi Alex;

    Wewwww...:) Just some silly thoughts you know!

    But try to see when I write in good mood... lols... :)

  35. Hi Ana;

    Oh here you are my dear! You are most welcome...:)

    And thanks for stopping by again! Glad you like it! Thanks for the nice comments, too!


  36. Hi Mommy Sue;

    Thanks so much! Glad you like it! :)


  37. Thanks for sharing your "ifs", Amity.

    Good wishes.


  38. Thanks to you, too Carlos, for finding the time to come!

  39. maybe a goodbye is imminent, maybe its not. one can only hope.. and yes, lot of ifs :P

    good effort...

  40. So many ifs....and your thoughts are perfectly in sync with where so many of us are in Life! Have a wonderful week~

  41. Sometimes we find wonderful stuff waiting when we just move on auto-pilot. I love this one!

  42. I wish my scribblings and thoughts read like this. :)

  43. Well, you have imagined up a harsh seperation and written about it perfectly!

  44. Hi Leo;

    Imminent? The more she will cry... :(

    And maybe not, that could bring a smile on her lips... :)

    Thanks Leo, you recognized the effort! :)

  45. Hi Patti;

    yeah, the many ifs? that's just a handful, there are still many ifs...:)

    thanks a lot Patti...:)

  46. Hi Carina;

    Yeah, you are so right!

    Thanks so much!

  47. Hi Tammy;

    I could only smile...:) You could do it too, why not? Just try to put yourself in the shoes of others...and words will flow as if you are the one feeling it!

    Good morning!

  48. Hi Kathie;

    It's just a small portion of reality, coz there could be some more of it, the pain of separation I mean!

    Thanks so much!

  49. beautiful dear heart wrenching

    you don't need anyone but you, and you rock. So there.

  50. Hi Brenda;

    hmmm...maybe, I don't need really...:)

    thanks so much!

  51. Hi Rallentanda;

    Lols...maybe, i need one...:)

    You made me think something of good thing to have...:)

  52. Hi...

    May be trembling is one of the prerequisites to evolve and discover the unknown avenues of life..
    Impacting post

  53. Oh, do I know the feeling of "hitting the wall" and not being able to get the words to line up right!

    I think you nailed it down perfectly in the last verse. Living in the moment requires guts. Thriving in the moment requires enlightenment.

  54. My dear Amity, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a wonderful comment :D I simply loved the poem you left. See I told you, you have freedom in your words. Even if you don't see it that way.



  55. you have captured common fears in a wonderfully raw way~

  56. yr post is a carefree lovely floating ballon that somehow got away imagining...

  57. This is beautiful and heartfelt. Your words flow effortlessly. Sweet poem Amity.

  58. Hi Mahesh;

    Maybe you are right!

    Thanks so much for dropping by...:)

  59. Hi Mojo;

    Thanks for sharing your opinion on my post!

    You are right, sometimes we feel like groping in the dark for the right words to pen and end up so helpless, but still, too good, we could express it simply, the feelings!

  60. Hi Sharls;

    I could only smile...:)

    Thank you so much for seeing me that way!

  61. Hi Pieceofpie;

    Thanks so much! Glad you like it!

  62. Dear Amity!
    Good Morning!
    It's the one of the best poems that I have read recently!
    Now, I am trembling...
    Don't think of future.We can't stop that from happening,nah?
    Let anyone go,dear;I will be with you!You are so much in my thoughts!
    Everything happens for a reason.God has a plan for each one of us!God knows better!
    Life is simply beautiful and loving hearts wait for us!:)
    Love and Hugs,
    Wishing you all smiles and a wonderful day,
    Love you dear,

  63. Hi Anu;

    Being always in your thoughts is such a privilege dear! And I feel happy to note that!

    Thank you so much for being always with me! And thanks for sharing your thoughts in my poem!

    Hugs...have a wonderful time in your place! Enjoy!!! :)

  64. Hi Amity
    I have no email adres from you

    Look its Dutch fun



  65. Great read Amity. Oh to love and be loved like this. Your words left me in memories.....


  66. Written with passion & verve! Awesome :)

  67. Hi Anya, will give you my email if you wish to, check ur mail today, but I am now busy watching what you sent...:)

    Thanks for sharing dear!

  68. Hi Melanie;

    Thank you so much dear!

    Glad you liked it!

  69. Hi Julie;

    Hmmm...I wish I did...:)

    Thanks a ton, glad you liked it!

  70. The thoughts of loosing someone special can be emotional thoughts. Through our minds runs all those things done together. Joys and sorrows intertwined.

  71. Thanks ROb, thought you're busy and not coming anymore...think ur last this time, but better late than never...:)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Joys and sorrows shared make friendship more memorable, isn't it?