Monday, September 14, 2009

Almost An Addiction

If  it is food, it's sweet indulgence. But no! I am talking about my love for blogging and am starting to develop an unusual addiction to it.

More often than not, I would be in deep slumber already but my thoughts and subconscious seem to be writing a post. I would have to wake up and pen my thoughts in a piece of paper, lest i forget those beautiful lines for a poem and ideas for any ordinary post, and when I will have the luxury of time, encode it in my laptop, save it as draft and post it at an appointed time.

Almost an addiction. Sweet indulgence not on food but in blogging. I won't let a day pass by without visiting bloggerville and see my followers of their new posts. I would also be excited to see comments of my followers over my post that are really encouraging and very inspiring.

Comments are a variety. Some comments uplift spirits. Others encourage me to keep on and still others are just amazed of my new posts. 

Some followers became good friends while others are simply there to support my neophyte effort at blogville. Whatever it is, I am developing a certain kind of addiction that's soooo.....good i would always want to whet this appetite. Well, it's not a bad addiction, though. It's something that gives positive things in life.  It gives one an encouraging thought that out in this world, blogging transcends race. You meet friends, make new ones and the best high it could give you? You can always pour out your feelings, thoughts, emotions, dreams and illusions through your written output. And I bet, nothing can beat that certain kind of high!


  1. Hi Amity,

    Thanks for this post ..:)

    Well, i agree with you that its not a bad addiction..:)..keep it up .. u have very good skills and ur comments in my always make magic ..:)

    Sooo sweet of you ...i liked ur attitude towards the blogger world ..:) keep it up!


  2. Very well said Amity..!

    It ins't a bad addiction for sure as you said..:)

    You are very pasisonate and dynamic lady with a big heart Dear ..:) I always love to read your thoughts here..and you are kinda Perosn whom i would love to make friends with, outside blogger space too..:)

    You never fail to amaze me with your refrshing posts and lovely dedications..!

    Keep sharing your lovely thoughts ..!

    To me blog reading is travelling in time machine and experiencing things that i may never experinece in life..! So i have many avatars to this real world through blogger world as a reader..:) That makes my journey exciting..! Every post made by the author is new experience in new avatar..! (Lil complicated comparison i guess, but i really mean it)

    :) Wish your a roller coaster journey ahead..!


  3. Sorry for all typos..:( Please be kind..!

    PS:Hiding my screen frm Manager and,late in office struggling to finish deadlines..:( But,nothing stopped me commenting for this post Dearie..:)

  4. To Prams,

    thank you, thank you...

    sure, i'll make myself even better!

    have a great day ahead:-)

  5. To Vyshu,

    Ha ha ha, we're on the same boat. I often do that in office and more often than not, have to bring my own laptop there so they wouldn't mind what am doing online, coz i'd be sick without seeing everybody online.

    Thanks Vyshu, sure we can be very good friends even outside of blogger may send me mails to this add ( when your manager is not looking at you, he he he...'re one of my best inspirations, you know!

    hence i have to keep up to your blogging standards, he he he.

    Tight Hugs:-)