Monday, September 07, 2009

Hi! Am Back!!!

I'm done with two posts and it's only now that I realized am back again writing blogs.

Was my blogging vacation too short? The truth is, I was really tired and exhausted with the past week's event in my life but I can't wait another day without logging in to my blogsite and post some few thoughts. I also have to read the latest posts from my fellow bloggers. and sure enough, I am here, I am back, tired but excited to tap the keyboard of my machine and share my thoughts online. 

Thank God, my vacation didn't take too long. I was really expecting that I will be out for a couple of weeks but events were really good to me. My hubby's hospitalization was cut short because the surgery done  to him was just minor. And the doctor was too good to tell us that he will have his next check up after ten days and that would be on the 14th of the month.

Well, my hubby is sparing me the burden of accompanying him for his next check-up. He said, by that time he can manage to go alone. I was more than happy because I will also be spared of another week's absence from my work. And from my blogging spree. 


  1. yeeehh, Idol is back. well, I'm glad that the operation of your hubby doesn't takes it too long that makes you back in blogging and expressing some thoughts from what you think is prety good and nice.

  2. yes, i am and thanks for dropping by my site...

  3. it's really a goodnews amity dear that ur husband's operation was just a minor one and he is recovering too. please pass on my 'get well soon' wishes to him. :)

    the post reflects ur happiness to be back at the bloggerville.

    stay happy and blessed always. :)

    p.s: sorry for not dropping by before. these days blogging is the last thing on my mind coz of hectic schedule plus poor net connection. moreover my writer's block is not leaving me. :(

  4. Hey,

    Thanks allotttt for ur heartful wishes and words in my blog..I'm very happy to have met you.

    I'm glad that u r back by the time i click on ur space. Actually, when u did write the last comment in my blog, i had checked for ur profile, but i could not have traced it ou. I didnt understand then, but today, luckily i could have done it and could have read the real admirer.

    I read ut previous posts too, thanks for being soo kind to me and to my lay out. And take good care when u change ur template..

    WIll keep following u, keep expressing urself, it makes u feel happy for urself.

    And my best wishes for ur husbby to get well soon, definetly hw will recover fast and u will stay happily.

    ALl the very best for urblogging, lets stay in touch.


  5. Hi Pram!
    Thanks for showing up again in my site. Maybe the last time you tried to see my site was the time I was busy redesigning for a new template. I really lost some, but recovered most.

    The idea of redesigning came in my mind after my last visit on your site because I was in awe with the simplicity and unique character of the design.

    Well, well, well, thank you for being a new follower of my site.

    Please always keep i touch.

    And thanks for your wishes that my husband will get well soon.

    Have a nice day ahead!

  6. Welcome back welcome back :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my site.

    To make it work in your blogroll you need to do the following:
    remove The Colors Magazine as it is there now, then click on add, choose add by url and add this link

    This should do the trick I hope :)

    Have a lovely day!

  7. i commented in this 1 also sis. whrs my commnt?

  8. To Lena, sure, i will try it now...

    thank you so much for being here again on my site, like Ms. Pretty and Pram, you inspire me a lot...:)

  9. Oh, really? sorry again Ms. Pretty that I was not able to publish your comment immediately. Gonna knock my head on the wall... he he he

    I just don't know how to go about of not needing comment moderation anymore so that whenever anyone posts a comment, it will just immediately pop up here.

    have a great day ahead, my dear...:)

  10. your so lucky you have a lot of friends now that might support your dreams become in reality my idol,..

  11. yes windel, i am starting to realize am a bit lucky because i have great followers already...

    but of course, i will never forget that you were the first one who kept on hanging on to me and waiting for new posts from does inspire me really for what you've done... and that's the reason why i continued to write one post after the other until i conceived of writing my short story because you pushed me to go for it...! thank you so much...

    i hope you will not get tired of dropping by my site every now and then...

    have a nice day, keep safe:)

  12. I always drop by at your blogsite and see what is new and what is the outcome of your dreams,..Idol. Actually, you first inspired me on how to be involved in blogging until I realized that blogging is good in expressing thoughts and ideas.

  13. don't worry my dear, i will also help you get to bloggerville in due time, promise!

    just continue your love for blogging, being popular and having much follower all at the same time don't happen overnight, okay?

    see yah:)