Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It hurts me like crazy 
Nothing can compare the pain 
Seems to my heart so heavy
Even in my sleep it
Creates a nightmare so hazy
Until I can no longer compare
Real from dreamy 


  1. A very good attempt, dear. Insecurity can really hit hard and prevent us from being who we are. It is always better to know for sure, to feel for sure, to be sure...

  2. I think at sometimes in all of our lives we suffer with insecurity at one time or another. The trick is to never allow it to defeat you.

    Welcome to Acrostic Only. This is a very good attempt. Glad you joined the fun.

  3. Hi Amity,
    this was very good..! yeah, we all go down to insecurity at times, but thing is, we always get back up! :) don't lose hope, thats the key to me! :)

    Btw, it was I who shared this acrostic link at Acrostic Only. i hope you didn't mind. Apologies if i did somethin out of hand, just thought it was very nice! :)

  4. HI AMity,

    Very nice attempt ..

    Yaa..its indeed wrenches the heart ..Feel secures alwaysss...

    Have nice time ..

  5. To Lena,

    Thanks Lena, even if some things get out of hand, but the best is, overcome the pain...


  6. Hi Amias,

    thank you so much...i was able to pen this thoughts because i am into it...and thanks i did it...

    there's no better way to write i guess than when into such a dilemma...

    promise, i will continue to join the and am glad you're welcoming...

    nice day Amias!!!

  7. hello Leo,

    how will i thank you? as i said, you're my silent mentor and then here comes Amias, another friend who will surely teach me silently about acrostics...

    thank you Leo,


  8. Hi Prams,

    thank you, thank you....

    i will try to write some more of this kind...promise!

    HUGS dear!:)

  9. u visiting my blog such a lot and commenting on most of my posts, encouraging me on is thanks enough i guess! :)

    thank u Amity!

  10. yes LEO,

    an am learning a lot from you...

    nice day son!:)