Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Not Perfect...

I'm not perfect, that's what I am. But despite of my imperfections, 
I wish you could love me, 
would love me 
and still love me. 

It hurts so much when I see you creating a world of yours. 
But can't you feel that I'm trying my best 
to bring you also into my own world? 

that's how I love you,
that's how I adore you,
that's how I respect you,
that's how I care for you,
that's how I give importance yo you.

Though I am not perfect, love me for what I am, 
for who I am, for who I am when I am with you...
Because imperfections should not be a hindrance 
in loving someone truly, honestly and sincerely...
Instead, let imperfections be the reason to learn 
to love and care for me, because...

In spite of your imperfections,
I am trying my best to love you, too,
I am teaching my heart to love your imperfections, too
Because I believe...

that if you can take me for what I am
And I can take you for who you are,
Then our love for each other will flourish and grow
And mature to a level where nothing can destroy us  at all, till the end! 

And because I am not perfect, and because you are not perfect,
yet you still love me for what I am and I still love you for who you are,
then that is ...

If in the end you find me imperfect for you, just let me know so that I can prepare myself and try my best to let my love for you die a natural death...
But not for now...because...

I still want to love and care for you
I still wish our plans and dreams to come true
I still pray that in the end...

I will grow old with you
Spend my lifetime loving you
Till our last breath and even after death...


  1. The last three lines were fabulous...enjoyed reading this post...

  2. ahhhh..tat ws so amazing....hey anwesa i felt the same too abt those lines :):)

  3. Amitty... :) u r so beautiful poet! amazing read..! super!

  4. Beautiful lines, dear :)
    I believe love is the only condition when we see all the imperfections as perfect :)

  5. Hi ANWESA,

    you're new to my site and thanks for droppin' by...hope this is the start of a good friendship with you at bloggerville.

    yes, it's nice to grow old with the one you truly love.:)

  6. Leo,

    for every comment you make on my post, i am more than inspired to write better posts one after the're my silent trying to study how you could write so well...

    thanks son!

  7. Hello there Priya,

    yes...isn't it wonderful spending your lifetime loving the one who loves you, too?

    thanks dear!

  8. Dear Lena,

    thanks for your support! like Leo, you are also one of my silent mentor...and i guess i am really learning, in a slow pace... he he he.

    love you dear.:)

  9. how sweet and how trully love each other if until the end of their breath they still holding thier hands to shows that they still love each other..... I wished it would be happen in my real life too.

  10. hey, you're back...

    isn't it? if you are a good person, good karma will come to you and your wishes will come true...

    have a nice day ahead!

  11. thats a beauty amity ....i wish i cd write poems once again =))

  12. hello Solitary Writer,

    of course you can...once a writer, always a writer, you know!

    thank you dear for penning your thoughts on my works...