Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Miss Preety Made My Site this Pretty!

She’s Preetilata and she’s got a unique name that appears even in her mails and in her profile in her blogsite. She owns “My White Window”, one of the best in bloggerville. 
I love the first design of her site, it was so beautiful. A lovely girl perched on a white window and looking outside said window, looks like she’s having some deep musings, wishful thinking. Maybe she’s thinking of somebody from far away. I was enticed to go back every now and then but quite hesitant to let her know of my presence there. I feel I didn’t belong to her group of elite writers.

When Lena was just too friendly to be one of my followers, I took the courage to say, follow her site and there I am as one of her followers.

And then, this girl, Miss Preety suddenly became my follower and in one of my blogs “What A Headache”, she posted a comment and asked me if I want that she will make a new template for my site. Hey, I didn’t have second thoughts and I readily answered, “yes, of course”.

So, here my dear followers, is the new template design of my site. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it pretty like the artist behind it?

I will forever be indebted to you my dear young lady. I know you have a good heart as manifested in your voluntary will to design a site for me. We have some few chats while she’s working on my new template and I told her she’s already like a daughter to me but she prefers I am a big sister to her.

Miss Pree, words are not enough to express my gratitude to you. With this new template you’ve made for me, I will surely treasure it and use it forever as a design of my site, not unless you have again a new one in mind for me. He he he…:)

I tip my hats off to you, Ms. Preety Artist. May your tribe increase!!!
God bless!


  1. Wowwww..:) its really really beautiful..:)

    I liked this new look Amity..!

    Yeah ..i remember preeti's first design ..White Window..It was like Calming Moonlight to me.:) An escape route to Soul .!!

    And your blog design is also unique one..ALl over the stars are vibrant and giving a fresh look ..!


  2. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. i posted a comment and it disappeared...
    anyways... i love your new template.
    Preeti is a sweetheart, isn't she?
    and you should never ever hesitate to comment on someone's blog. You are as important as everyone else :) And there is nothing like elite readers/writers group :)

  3. a beautiful new look! :) preeti di is fantastic! :)

  4. Incredible effort.. the template is soo nice and ver nice slection of colors ..:)Good one amity..and i liked the way u have shown ur gratitude..:) keep it up

  5. umm...i dont knw wat to say sis.. all i can say is that i am deeply touched.

    i am sooo very glad that u loved d template. it proves that i am successful in my effort and both the facts fills my heart with immense happiness.

    the next thing i wanted to tell u is already told by lena here. thr is no elite class or such. we all r here to learn, share and grow. :)

    n d (black)template on my blog u r tlking abt was so beautiful i agree. but the full credit to that one goes to LENA. :)

    @ all.. thnks a lot :)

    take care sis :)

  6. what a nice blogsite,...I am really impressed on how it was done so great. You got a precious friend like Preetilata who knows how to share her talents to someone who are not yet seen in person, her kindness should be recognized and be given a plaques as a symbol of recognition of friendship.

  7. To Indrajit,

    Hi! New to my site, isn't it? Thanks for dropping by...

    Have a nice day..just added you in my blog list.


  8. Hello Vyshu,

    yah, i like the first design of her template, i was wondering if I can have it for my own site, he he he. But she made me a new one and it looks really pretty.

    and yes, thanks for your email, hope you already read my reply.

    nice day to you dear:-)

  9. Hey Lena,

    thanks for being visible again in my site,
    yes, i attest, Preety is really a darling and an artist...but she said that she credits you for the older template she has had. T'was very beautiful you know, I like it...

    like you, you have a beautiful template, too: The Colors Magazine and also The Colors of My Soul.

    Hugs dear:-)

  10. Hi Leo,
    ..at last, you're here...thanks so much for taking the time and thank you, too for being a new follower of mine.

    ...i'd be more than inspired to better my writing skills...

    nice day ahead.:-)

  11. Dear Prams,

    yeah, very nice, i just told Pree that i like the blue and green colors because they are my fave color...and she did it just quite well...i was amazed, you know!

    Hugs dear!:-)

  12. Hi Miss Preety,

    ...i will remain to be the last one indebted to you...for giving new life to my site...so cool you know...

    ...long live the innate talent in you my dear!

    Tight Hugs!:-)

  13. Hello Windel,

    ...you've been out in my site for quite some time, but thanks your here again...

    ...yes, it's really beautiful and thanks, like the others, you were just as amazed, too.

    ...really, we should share our talents to nice people like me, hmmm... he he he...peace!

    nice day to you...:-)

  14. gr8 new look...dear..
    pree n lena doing lots of social work these dys :P:P

  15. Hey..

    You have been awarded..! Please collect the award from my place..:)